FW: Two very good health tips, personally vetted

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-01-07 10:51:56

From a friend of mine.    A few months ago by means not germaine at the moment, someone informed me that Diatomaceous Earth, a food grade flour made of fossil shells contained about 80% silica and other minerals, was used on farms to make sure certain animals were in optimum health. Also, many people in the know took it as a matter of course to keep their bodies functioning at optimum efficiency.   Well, you can imagine how this struck me, probably much like it’s striking you, but I investigated it and found it was true. So I ordered some for myself and my mother and sister. I am in good health, but neither of them were, especially my mother, who suffered tremendous pains in her back from the degeneration of her spine caused by advanced osteoporosis. She had absolutely nothing to lose, nor did my sister, who suffered from various kinds of colitis, so both started taking it every day.   Within a few days both of them felt they were being impacted by it. Within two weeks they were sure of it. My sister’s colitis was clearing up, while my mother’s back pain seemed to be diminishing. Now, three months later, I just returned from a family gathering where my mother, at 82, was down on the floor playing with her great grandaughter, 15 months. This was astounding for a woman who a few short months ago could hardly get up and down out of a chair, certainly not without a struggle and much pain in her back and hips. Now that pain is virtually gone, and her latest bone density test staggered her doctors. She has clearly GAINED substantial density in her bones, and her joints are lubricated now in a way they haven’t been in years.   This is an incredible success story that I have watched unfold with my own eyes, so I pass this information on for the benefit of those who might need it among the people I know, and certainly among the people that all of you know. It’s wonderful stuff and it is dirt cheap and easy to acquire in great volume (more than enough to share–I bought four large containers of it and shared them out). One 2.5 gallon jug costs about $12 and four costs about $40. Extremely well worth it and a heck of a lot of product for the money. Contact this link if you’re interested: www.earthworkshealth….   The other thing I can recommend is a mixture of honey and cinnamon taken daily as a kind of tea. It’s one of those small “miracle” cures, just like the diatomaceous earth, that doctors won’t tell you about but which is a great rejuvenating “tonic” of sorts. Mix two tablespoons of any good (preferably organic) honey and one level teaspoon of cinnamon powder together in a cup. Pour in hot water to make a kind of tea. Or, if you prefer taking it in a different way, spread the honey-cinnamon mixture on a piece of whole grain toast or muffin as you would normal jam and consume it in that fashion.   However you manage it, one or two daily doses of the honey and cinnamon is good for a very wide range of what ails you, or might ail you, and it’s simple and cheap and easy to administer. Anything from heart problems to arthritis to colds and flu and even bad skin. It’s effective over a wide range of issues because it’s just a good old fashioned tonic, the kind that works and so is never really trumpeted by the medical profession. Remember, they are typically more interested in making maximum money from repeating and ongoing illnesses than maintaining everyone’s optimum health. I’m interested in that.   Take these two tips for what they might be worth to you, or to people you know. I can’t imagine that we all don’t know one or more people who need to know about it. Thanks for giving me this much of your time. I appreciate it, and I think you will, too.    

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