Re: FW: Chemtrails Environmentalism and The New World Order


Date: 2009-01-20 18:04:48

Diane Harvey entertainment.websho… warned us almost a decade ago that : “If we fail to make this next step, starting with learning to think, we will not survive. And that will be that, and that will have been us, a promising and wondrous species who managed to die of willful ignorance, raging emotions, and the refusal to become wise” The people who the God above all gods molded from the clay and  breathed Spirit into calls us to receive all that has been given.  Pick up the free lunch of free energy for all.  Choose life … in the words of Dr. Paul Laviolette “It was not meant to be this way.” Dark Forces must know that their plans have been revealed to all those who are thinking, adapting,discerning, and who’s ways are cooperating with God to reign on this earth. We are not alone. Help is here now and much more help is on it way. We think with objectivity, see with our heart, are protected, and strengthened by the God in whom we live, move, and have our being.. In Peace, Love, and Justice, Frank —–Original Message—– From: Andrew Johnson To: ad.johnson@ntlworld…. Sent: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 4:27 am Subject: [Cognoscence] FW: Chemtrails Environmentalism and The New World Order This is a good reminder to think about the evidence before drawing any conclusions – which, for the chemtrail issue, we don’t really have at the moment. Chemtrails Environmentalism and The New World Order
By Diane Harvey 7-11-00    http://www.rense. com/general2/ envi.htm   The following idea, or permutations thereof, is delivered here and there on the internet with solemn certainty: “Chemtrails are part of a seriously sneaky mass-murder program. The UN is planning to depopulate large sections of this country for the sake of returning the land to its original pristine condition, as pleasure grounds for the remaining few. And all environmental activists are poor deluded tools of the evil forces of the New World Order.”   That there is no conclusive evidence for this particularly convoluted conception is apparently an unwelcome and therefore unnoticed fact. Emails from friends of friends “in the know”, or the existence of a few badly spelled, ungrammatical, ill-written documents of dubious origin, are quite sufficient “proof” for the unwary. It does not seem to occur to anyone involved in such an unexamined mental pastiche as this is, that the dark forces are extremely intelligent. They lack love, but not intellectual power. They can speak and write perfectly well. The only reason the forces of evil would bother to promulgate poor examples of human thinking is for the sake of sowing confusion. And it seems to be working quite well. If a significant portion of those who sense the encroaching darkness can be derailed into believing whatever odd bundle of conspiratorial mishmash comes down the pike, then much of their work is done for them.   People who promote such unexamined ideas as if they were proven truth have conveniently been avoiding the labor of rigorous thinking, and do a great disservice to the chemtrail investigation through sheer gullibility. Chemtrails are factual, and they are causing illness. Something very harmful to our immediate health is being done to us without our consent. This is the root evil we have to deal with, and it is quite bad enough. Speculations as to the actual purpose of chemtrails, are simply that: a very useful and evocative ongoing guessing game. Refusing to use the discriminative faculty of the mind is only adding insult to injury in this already murky matter. Substituting the panacea of a ready-made belief-wad for the uncomfortable uncertainties surrounding this issue is understandable, but it is certainly not useful. Offering unsubstantiated clumps of belief as if they were gospel truth is no contribution towards any solution, but quite the opposite.   However obvious it is that all morass-born data needs to be handled with utmost care, many people still prefer the immediate gratifications of sheer belief. Belief is simple: it is self-generated, self-sustaining, and requires no tedious intellectual processing. Patiently thinking things through takes time, effort, and the willingness to employ the unprejudiced mind. True believers in the area of conspiracy theory are overlooking the fundamental structure of consciousness itself. Consciousness is dual, and subject to being moved by both mental and emotional impacts. We have emotional reactions, and we have thoughts, which are designed to be the result of ratiocination. Not knowing the difference between the results of emotional reaction and the products of reasoning is fatal to reason. The unconscious substitution of emotion-generated “ideas” for the results of reasoning is the single most dangerous and self-defeating aspect of all serious investigation into the dark secrets surrounding us. Whoever does not yet have the capacity to distinguish between the kind of thought caused by a subjective cluster of strong emotions, and the kind of thought which has been arrived at through objective reasoning, has a responsibility to themselves and others to be aware of this.   Each of us who cares about what is happening on this planet at this time and desires to be of use in this battle, has first of all to set aside all self-delusion as best we can. We are all more or less prone to irrational conclusions, but we can at the very least be willing to observe this phenomena, and therefore manage it more responsibly. To refuse to do so, and to stubbornly cling to unconscious emotional reaction, is to remain part of the overall problem. It is our responsibility as homo sapiens to at least make an effort to achieve true sapience, which by definition is “discerning, sagacious, and wise.” In the very definition of our species there is no reference to any relation between wisdom and emotional states. This is not a mistake in nomenclature. The most advanced emotional states we know of are dispassion and compassion, both of which are informed by highly evolved intelligence as well as a fully developed heart.   Anyone who wishes to take the time to investigate the facts which are actually known about chemtrails will eventually realize that so far the evidence does not allow for any ironclad conclusions. We collect every scrap of data, we analyze, speculate, mull it over, wonder and try on theories for size. But there is no smoking gun yet connected to the dark hand of purpose. The assumption that this is a deliberate mass murder is simply one of the less likely models born of (perfectly understandable) fears. It may be true, of course: as rational observers, we cannot say we know for certain it isn’t true. But neither can we say it is. This is the difference between actual thinking and unthinking belief. We can all agree that this country is now dangerous to us all, but the details are another story altogether. Therefore to sell one’s beliefs as dead certainties is foolish and harmful to all who genuinely strive to find the correct answers to this puzzle. All groups dedicated primarily to searching for truth are, by definition, harmed by unthinking true believers. Unquestioned belief is not a functioning substitute for scientific investigation, but its worst enemy.   Consider the meaning of the word “environmentalism” , for example. This concept is suddenly being tarred with a wide conspiracy belief-brush, and being assigned willy-nilly to the dark forces. Although such an astonishing belief requires breathtakingly willful ignorance of earthly facts of life and basic common sense, this is being managed effortlessly. Such is the nature of easy belief: it is protean and capable of leaping tall dimensions at a single bound. For the sake of sanity, the thinking apparatus is vital piece of equipment which needs to be taken down from the shelf and put to good use at all times.   The definition of “environment” is: “All the conditions, circumstances, and influences surrounding, and affecting the development of, an organism or group of organisms.”   In short, our entire complex multidimensional world, the only one we have, constitutes our environment. It isn’t something outside or apart from our lives: it is the practical and miraculous ground of our being. To sell the idea that all those who are deeply concerned about the degradation of our natural world are dupes of totalitarian forces is unconscionable, irresponsible and an outrage to common sense. To blithely call environmental concern a tool of totalitarianism is an insult and an affront to the human soul itself. It is, of course, totalitarianism which has notoriously and consistently, throughout history, deliberately and with great glee, destroyed as much of the natural world as possible. The dark forces hate nature, and all forms of natural life. Pure unadulterated nature is their everlasting enemy, because it is the exact reflection, corollary, cohort, and helpmeet of higher consciousness. Nature contains the secrets of right living and harmony which lead directly to higher states of awareness. Unsubdued nature is one of the greatest remaining hindrances to the dark forces on this planet, and they will not rest until this planet is paved over and penned in once and for all. They have always feared and hated all forms of natural life, and they always will. And they are right. In order to effect their desired end for a perfectly controlled human population, it is absolutely necessary for them to erase the last vestiges of nature itself.   The dark forces are doing frighteningly well in their plan to demolish every last acre of unregulated territory on this planet, both inwardly and outwardly. They know they must succeed in separating mankind from all the strengthening powers of natural life, and they are succeeding. A human being still in close contact with the forces of the natural world has a better chance to be strong, independent, awake, healthy, clear-thinking, fearless, and empowered by the dynamo of life itself. A human being successfully removed from nature is likelier to become subjectively dependent on the ruling paradigm, physically weakened, easily frightened, easily confused, disconnected from the ground of reality, readily manipulated, unhealthy, and ripe for plucking. This is not a strictly a matter of physical placement either. There are people in cities whose surroundings are pure concrete and noise, yet whose organisms nevertheless make desperate efforts to remain tuned to the primary realities, even under the onslaught of massively chaotic vibrations. And there are likewise many people living out in the country, surrounded by the beauty and wisdom of nature, who do not see it, feel it, or benefit in the least from the potential expansion and vivification of their lifes. A living connection to nature is created by an awakened consciousness and sensitivity, and is so strong that it can persist for a time even in the absence of all palpable natural surroundings. Similarly, a lack of depth-perception and an insensitive unawakened consciousness can effortlessly persist for a lifetime, even while the physical body lives in a paradise of ineffable earthly beauty.   Human consciousness is designed to reveal the depths and heights of our innate interconnectivity to the entire many-dimensioned web of life, the “Loom of Creation”. But no one will force us to partake of this divine gift of realization. We are free to accept asphalt as the ground of our being, and the house ceiling as the perceptual roof of our universe. We are free to act as if animals are merely objects, trees are just potential paper towels, water is our global sewer, the air is our planetary chimney stack, and the earth in general is nothing but the dead material from which we extract our foodstuff and our all-important toys. No one can force us to comprehend who we are, or where we are, or what any of this means. Divine life is everywhere, within and without, permeating all we are and all that is, yet we are free to dismiss and ignore every last particle of the infinite meaning with which all life is imbued. We are not obliged to make the slightest effort to comprehend any of this. If we prefer to buy and sell our unexamined, shabbiest and most ignoble illusions as high-quality goods, rather than humble ourselves and question our own capacities for rational thought, then so be it.   Environmentalists are merely those who have not yet been separated from their senses. Those who care deeply about the natural world are those who have not yet been dumbed down and out of their own actual existence altogether. The dry dictionary definition is useful enough here: “environmentalist: a person working to solve environmental problems, such as air and water pollution, the exhaustion of natural resources, uncontrolled population growth, etc.”   To anyone still harboring the strange illusion that these are not extremely serious problems, nothing further can be said. A mind so removed from the facts of earthly life cannot be reasoned with in any case. What remains to be considered is the difference between the way NWO forces of totalitarianism plan on using these facts of life, and the way the forces of light approach these issues. And these two ways are, as always, poles apart. The dark forces are bent on destroying every vestige of nature, and the forces of light are determined not to allow this final elimination of the ground of our existence. When dealing with the death of our environment, our world itself, the motives impelling the opposing forces of light and dark are as different as night and day. We live in a dying world at the moment, and how we perceive this is critical to whatever future we might still have as free human souls. Once we no longer see any relationship between our own independence and the natural world which supports this, then we are truly finished as a viable species. If consciousness can be finally and permanently unhinged from natural common sense, the synthesis of all our senses and source of all sanity, then the war for the soul of humanity will be over.   A chilling example of just such a phenomena is one of the most dismaying aspects of the chemtrail puzzle. This is the inability of so many people to even perceive the existence of these exceedingly blatant marks in the sky. Of all the sobering aspects of this story, this is one of the most alarming. To stand outside somewhere on a day when the sky is covered with grids, X’s, blobs, blots, and weirdly patterned “clouds”, and to point this out to person after person, who then look up and literally do not see it, is an appalling experience. How has it happened that people have been weaned from their senses to such an amazing extent as this? And what does it mean? One can only wonder what further confusion may be sown among people incapable of registering the most obvious distortions in their visual field. For some of us, even the fact that we are being subjected without our consent to some sort of bizarre and sick-making clandestine operation pales in comparison to the revelation that we are surrounded by people who no longer are able to directly perceive reality.   Having said all this, is it also possible that the dark minds of corporate totalitarianism are reaching out to deliberately distort and infect the environmental movement? Of course they are. They are not stupid. They will fund and fund and fund again, in order to buy goodwill, make deals, dilute all purity of motive, and slowly wear down the strength of the opposition. Are there then environmental organizations who are succumbing, allowing themselves to become invaded by the corporate virus, and who are refusing to admit their increasingly compromised position? Of course this is happening, just as fast as the corporations can buy their way in. But to imagine for one moment that this so-typical organizational infection-via- money has anything to do with the ultimate meaning and necessity of living in a natural world is quite mistaken. To imagine that environmentalism itself is a tool of darkness is a fatal error in rudimentary understanding. The effort to paint environmentalists as deluded would be funny, except for the fact that we are about to lose our world to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual darkness. This makes it entirely and profoundly unamusing.   Human organizations come and go, and the people who run them may or may not be susceptible to corruption at any given time. The real and multidimensional world of nature remains distinct from the contorted displays of human nonsense. The unfathomable necessity, beauty, livingness, meaning and inherent spiritual and material value of nature is still for the most part nearly unrealized. What nature might turn out to be, what meaning and knowledge may lie hid in the simplest natural forms, is barely comprehended by the human species as a whole. And at this rate, it may well be gone before the majority of us ever even begin to understand what it was. If we decline to learn to think objectively, we will forfeit the opportunity to advance to next stage in human evolution. And this is the stage which has the power to save us from ourselves: a direct connection to intuitive levels of consciousness, the fountain of wisdom. If we fail to make this next step, starting with learning to think, we will not survive. And that will be that, and that will have been us, a promising and wondrous species who managed to die of willful ignorance, raging emotions, and the refusal to become wise.     #ygrps-yiv-1021392417 #ygrps-yiv-1021392417AOLMsgPart_2_15913f6e-5fdd-42d9-9816-9a9b9da40f3b #ygrps-yiv-1021392417ygrp-mkp{border:1px solid #d8d8d8;font-family:Arial;margin:14px 0px;padding:0px 14px;}#ygrps-yiv-1021392417 #ygrps-yiv-1021392417AOLMsgPart_2_15913f6e-5fdd-42d9-9816-9a9b9da40f3b #ygrps-yiv-1021392417ygrp-mkp hr{border:1px solid #d8d8d8;}#ygrps-yiv-1021392417 #ygrps-yiv-1021392417AOLMsgPart_2_15913f6e-5fdd-42d9-9816-9a9b9da40f3b #ygrps-yiv-1021392417ygrp-mkp #ygrps-yiv-1021392417hd{color:#628c2a;font-size:85%;font-weight:bold;line-height:122%;margin:10px 0px;}#ygrps-yiv-1021392417 #ygrps-yiv-1021392417AOLMsgPart_2_15913f6e-5fdd-42d9-9816-9a9b9da40f3b #ygrps-yiv-1021392417ygrp-mkp #ygrps-yiv-1021392417ads{margin-bottom:10px;}#ygrps-yiv-1021392417 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#ygrps-yiv-1021392417ov li{list-style-type:square;padding:6px 0;font-size:77%;}#ygrps-yiv-1021392417 #ygrps-yiv-1021392417AOLMsgPart_2_15913f6e-5fdd-42d9-9816-9a9b9da40f3b #ygrps-yiv-1021392417ygrp-sponsor #ygrps-yiv-1021392417ov li a{text-decoration:none;font-size:130%;}#ygrps-yiv-1021392417 #ygrps-yiv-1021392417AOLMsgPart_2_15913f6e-5fdd-42d9-9816-9a9b9da40f3b #ygrps-yiv-1021392417ygrp-sponsor #ygrps-yiv-1021392417nc{background-color:#eee;margin-bottom:20px;padding:0 8px;}#ygrps-yiv-1021392417 #ygrps-yiv-1021392417AOLMsgPart_2_15913f6e-5fdd-42d9-9816-9a9b9da40f3b #ygrps-yiv-1021392417ygrp-sponsor .ygrps-yiv-1021392417ad{padding:8px 0;}#ygrps-yiv-1021392417 #ygrps-yiv-1021392417AOLMsgPart_2_15913f6e-5fdd-42d9-9816-9a9b9da40f3b #ygrps-yiv-1021392417ygrp-sponsor .ygrps-yiv-1021392417ad #ygrps-yiv-1021392417hd1{font-family:Arial;font-weight:bold;color:#628c2a;font-size:100%;line-height:122%;}#ygrps-yiv-1021392417 #ygrps-yiv-1021392417AOLMsgPart_2_15913f6e-5fdd-42d9-9816-9a9b9da40f3b #ygrps-yiv-1021392417ygrp-sponsor .ygrps-yiv-1021392417ad a{text-decoration:none;}#ygrps-yiv-1021392417 #ygrps-yiv-1021392417AOLMsgPart_2_15913f6e-5fdd-42d9-9816-9a9b9da40f3b #ygrps-yiv-1021392417ygrp-sponsor .ygrps-yiv-1021392417ad a:hover{text-decoration:underline;}#ygrps-yiv-1021392417 #ygrps-yiv-1021392417AOLMsgPart_2_15913f6e-5fdd-42d9-9816-9a9b9da40f3b #ygrps-yiv-1021392417ygrp-sponsor .ygrps-yiv-1021392417ad p{margin:0;}#ygrps-yiv-1021392417 #ygrps-yiv-1021392417AOLMsgPart_2_15913f6e-5fdd-42d9-9816-9a9b9da40f3b o{font-size:0;}#ygrps-yiv-1021392417 #ygrps-yiv-1021392417AOLMsgPart_2_15913f6e-5fdd-42d9-9816-9a9b9da40f3b .ygrps-yiv-1021392417MsoNormal{margin:0 0 0 0;}#ygrps-yiv-1021392417 #ygrps-yiv-1021392417AOLMsgPart_2_15913f6e-5fdd-42d9-9816-9a9b9da40f3b #ygrps-yiv-1021392417ygrp-text tt{font-size:120%;}#ygrps-yiv-1021392417 #ygrps-yiv-1021392417AOLMsgPart_2_15913f6e-5fdd-42d9-9816-9a9b9da40f3b blockquote{margin:0 0 0 4px;}#ygrps-yiv-1021392417 #ygrps-yiv-1021392417AOLMsgPart_2_15913f6e-5fdd-42d9-9816-9a9b9da40f3b .ygrps-yiv-1021392417replbq{margin:4;} A Good Credit Score is 700 or Above. 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