FW: BREAKING NEWS: The Head of State today asked for statement on An

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-01-22 22:54:04

 #ygrps-yiv-1484230682 P { MARGIN:0px;} In the very interesting article that Colin Andrews has compiled, I found this:   Nick Pope states: “I was quizzed by several crop circle researchers who asked for details of what the MoD  knew about the phenomenon.  Some demanded that we take action to investigate matters, while others clearly  thought we knew all about it, and were covering up.  New theories and allegations abounded and I was often  on the defensive.  I had to refute the bizarre idea that the formations were caused by the testing of space- based laser or directed-energy weapons, and dispel suggestions that media coverage of the issue had been  stifled by the use of D notices.”      Why it interested me is because I have a particular interest in Directed Energy Weapons in relation to 9/11 – and also I have an interest in Nick Pope’s position on 9/11 (and I wrote to him about this, following this broadcast in 2007):   Annie Machon-Nick Pope-Tim Sparke-Ian Henshall-9-11-James Whale – Talksport – 05 Apr 2007.mp3 (21.2 MB) (Modified: Apr 09 2007 06:00:39 PM) —–Original Message—–From: cprandrews@comcast.n… [mailto:cprandrews@comcast.n…]Sent: 22 January 2009 21:21To: cprandrews@comcast.n…Subject: BREAKING NEWS: The Head of State today asked for statement on Andrews Report/UFOs Crop Circles BREAKING NEWS. Crop Circles and UFOs – Head of State asked for statement today.   To inform you, especially those living in the United Kingdom, that a major article is being published by The Sun Newspaper tomorrow January 23, 2009.   Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth (head of state) and the Duke of Edinburgh are today being asked for a statement regarding my latest report: www.colinandrews.net…   In the last 24 hours I have been instructed to remove one of the many documents posted on my site in that article.  I stand by the complete contents of my allegation that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the Queen and the public were lied to with regards Crop Circles and UFOs.  I also stand by my commitment to lobby for a new period of openness and honesty regarding such topics as the UFO and crop circles. No government has the right to control the growth of human consciousness.  My article was written and support documents have been released for the first time to support this new era and to see to it that the peoples business really does bring in the tide of change that we all deserve.   The Sun Newspaper will syndicate worldwide and also have copy of part of this article tomorrow on their website: www.thesun.co.uk/sol…     Check into the website from time to time for the next stage of releases from the ‘private sector’.  The aim of myself and many others is that some day real soon it will be the turn of the United States Government to release what they know on both subjects.   Colin Andrews – January 22, 2009. www.ColinAndrews.net

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