Exopolitics UK – 2009 – Change or [monkey] Business as Usual?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-01-23 09:59:59

  —–Original Message—–From: UK Exopolitics Node [mailto:webmaster@exopolitic…]Sent: 23 January 2009 01:32To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: Exopolitics United Kingdom: UK Node of the Global Network / MailoutThis is an e-mail from ‘Exopolitics United Kingdom: UK Node of the Global Network’ Message: Exopolitics UK – 2009 – Change or [monkey]Business as Usual? This is a brief update for the start of what will prove to be a very eventful year on the Exopolitics and Disclosure news front. UK and US Based Disclosure Although we aim to represent UK based information and views, we should be under no illusion that it is the USA that holds the ultimate polarities crucial to this field of transition. The US appears to have the deepest and most advanced black projects which interface with the ET issue yet simultaneously has demonstrated huge resistance to human rights and information freedom in the UFO arena. Whilst countries such as the UK are making at least some attempts at opening this area to a wider consensus, the US have, until now, continued the post-Roswell, National Security State, disinformation oriented modus operandi. Although on many levels it looks as if one new President is much like any other – there are signs that Obama could at least initiate a degree of change in policy – even if it’s indirect. Two elements have so far hinted at this. First we have John Podesta who is a core part of the Presidential Transition Team. It’s a not so well known fact outside of UFO and new energy research circles that Podesta worked with the Clinton Whitehouse to promote greater accountability and transparency in this area. You can see him talk on this issue here: www.youtube.com/watc… Now we have Obama working over-time to ensure the US returns to its former identity as a nation with at least some sort of functioning FOIA system. In the UK – the M.o.D. were forced to release UFO files more based on reducing their workload – UFO FOIA requests out-numbered any other forms significantly and were causing a clogged-up system. Given the current high level of exopolitical based research going on in the USA – there is bound to be huge demand for access to any novel areas of government which see the light of day due to this new President’s actions. More here: www.examiner.com/x-2… UK File release: www.exopolitics.org…. Gary McKinnon Countdown – Article and Videos Update :: McKinnon Offers Signed culpability document to avoid trial in USA. In the above video, it was once more highlighted how imbalanced and poorly written extradition agreements have become in this new era of heightened ‘terror threat’. If a US citizen had entered a UK Defence system then prior to extradition here –  the US authorities would be forced to at least investigate and find some sort of probable cause. At present –  UK citizens can be dragged overseas with virtually zero protection and based on the flimsiest evidence.  It’s good to see the media now including the fact Gary has Asperger’s in their reports. Hopefully this legal offer of a signed statement will help speed up the deicison so at least Gary knows something one way or the other. The waiting game must be the worst. Note : McKinnon’s plight is mention for once in a decent context. This amazing account is by a NASA technician but mentions Gary at the end. Gary now has a 4 week stay before a decision is made on his signed statement. His solicitors claim that if it doesn’t go their way this time – Gary could be extradited within 10 days of the hearing. Search our article and media archive on McKinnon here. ExoJournal – Latest Edition The latest edition of the Exopolitics Journal is out and can be downloaded in a variety of formats. You can access the site in full via the link-scroller on the left hand side of the page. Given the increasing interest from mainstream media, educational and public organisations in general the E.J. is moving to a peer review process for submitted articles but will continue to deliver cutting edge and provocative discussion you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. Article here: www.exopolitics.org…. Sent 23rd Jan 2009 – You are free to forward any newsletter or site content to others.

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