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Date: 2009-01-23 20:47:41

Attachments : Good News.   In a message dated 1/23/2009 3:09:25 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, ad.johnson@ntlworld…. writes:     Hacker can challenge extradition 1 hour 45 mins ago Print Story British computer hacker Gary McKinnon has said he was “gobsmacked” after winning the right to launch a fresh High Court challenge against moves to extradite him to America. Skip related content Related photos / videos Hacker can challenge extradition Lawyers for Mr McKinnon, 42, from Wood Green, north London, argued he suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome and would be at real risk of psychosis and suicide if extradited to face charges of hacking into US military networks. Lord Justice Maurice Kay and Mr Justice Simon, sitting at the High Court in London, ruled the claim that his forced removal could infringe his human rights merited “substantive consideration” . The judges granted him permission to seek judicial review of Home Secretary Jacqui Smith’s decision last October that extradition should go ahead. He faces a lifetime in jail if he is found guilty in the US of sabotaging vital defence systems after the September 11 terror attacks. His supporters say he acted through “naivety” as a result of Asperger’s Syndrome – a form of autism – and should not be considered a criminal. Mr McKinnon said of the ruling: “I am gobsmacked. I am really, really pleased that there has been light at the end of the tunnel within our own legal system.” His extreme surprise came against the background of fighting over many years against extradition – losing every step of the way in statutory appeal proceedings. His case was rejected by a district judge, the High Court and then, in July last year, by the House of Lords. The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg also refused to intervene. The latest ruling could become academic if Keir Starmer QC, the new director of public prosecutions, agrees to a request for Mr McKinnon to be prosecuted in Britain rather than the US in any event. The computer expert has signed a statement accepting that his hacking constituted an offence under the UK’s Computer Misuse Act 1990. His judicial review application has been put back to mid-March to give Mr Starmer time to make his decision, expected within the next four weeks. A Good Credit Score is 700 or Above. See yours in just 2 easy steps!

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