Biobank (UK) – Have you Got Your Letter Yet?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-01-31 23:16:25

www.checktheevidence…   Biobank (UK) – Have you Got Your Letter Yet?          This came from someone in the UK – who is on my e-mail list. In my post today, I received an NHS marked envelope – inside were “invitations” to join a “National Medical research project” run by BioBank. There was a bar code at the top of the letter with the words “participant ID” next to it, and my appointment has been set for 5th March 2009 1.20pm. If I do not wish to participate, then I am to notify them in writing, and give reasons.I am timetabled to take part in a 90min examination in which genetic material including blood, urine, are taken and various ‘medical tests’ performed etc. Lifestyle questions will also be asked. Their stated aim is to research into the prevention of cancer, heart disease, strokes etc. Apparently it involves over 500,00 people aged between 40-69. (I’m nearer the 40 than the 69 by the way).There are huge implications to people holding DNA / gene info, and I am not confident that ethical issues would be understood, let alone taken care of. Here’s a great website for those issues…… would of course be used to develop pharmaceuticals – and pharmaceutical companies are not interested in curing people (a cured person is a lost customer). I believe cures for cancer exist – but many are suppressed or even banned as dangerous (in favour of the medical professions’ burn it, poison it, cut it out strategies)! There are more people making a living out of the cancer industry than there are dying from it. We don’t need cancer research, we need to apply the remedies that are currently known and suppressed.If you know anyone who has cancer – and want to try natural remedies, this guy has collected together LOTS of alternatives, that work…… in doubt, start chewing Apricot seeds every day – that’ll give you B17 which is known to attack cancer cells…it’s a start.So what am I gonna do with this pre arranged appointment…Of course I won’t attend, and as a matter of principle (not churlishness) – I will not be filling in any “I do not wish to attend” forms. Since this transaction has been presented as an obligation, and in a sneaky way (under the logo of NHS).Please note the attached pdf – check page 4(3of6) – Dr Helen Wallace wrote the article. I know that recently she had an article / letter published in the Guardian about BioBank – but I never saw it. She’s the Executive Director of genewatch: [Andrew adds:] I also found these references to Dr Helen Wallace and BioBank in the Guardian Newspaper.…… Looks like BioBank has been going for a while… The text of the letter reads: Dear Mr Invitation to join a national medical research project We are writing to ask for your help in studying the prevention and treatment of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, dementia, joint problems, and many other serious diseases. This medical research project, called “UK Biobank”, will involve 500,000 people aged 40-69 from all around the UK. Taking part is not intended to help you directly, but it should give future generations a much better chance of living their lives free of diseases that disable and kill. UK Biobank has been set up by the Department of Health, Medical Research Council and Scottish Government, and by the Wellcome Trust medical charity. It is also supported by the Welsh Assembly Government, by health research charities (such as the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK) and by the National Health Service. People to invite are being identified from contact details in NHS records (without access to any medical information) which have been processed in confidence on behalf of the NHS. These invitation letters are going to millions of people in the UK and sometimes, unfortunately, may arrive at difficult times in people’s lives: if this is the case for you, please accept our sincere apologies. What taking part involves: A single visit of about 90 minutes to the loca! UK Biobank assessment centre (which does not commit you to taking part). At that visit, you would first be told more about the project and have any questions answered. Then, you would be asked about your health and lifestyle; have some standard medical tests; provide small blood and urine samples; and receive key results from your examination. Subsequently, with your permission (and in complete confidence), UK Biobank would follow your health through medical and other health-related records. The enclosed Information Leaflet tells you more, and further details can be obtained by calling free on 0800-0-276-276 or by looking on the project’s website at How you can take part: A provisional appointment has been made for you: Date:Time:Location: If you would like to confirm or change this optional appointment, please reply by telephone or mail within 2 weeks (as indicated on the back of this letter). Participation in UK Biobank is entirely voluntary, and we very much hope that you will want to take part. Many thanks. Yours sincerely Sally DaviesDirector of Research and DevelopmentDepartment of Health Rory CollinsUK Biobank Principal Investigatorand Professor of Medicine & Epidemiology   University of OxfordPlease turn over for details about confirming your UK Biobank appointment     Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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