Something in The Aero?

The Disclosure Project, Seaspower, Aero2012 and the Orion Project

Andrew Johnson, Jan 2009



In this article, I will be trying to examine Dr. Steven Greer’s Free Energy Initiatives and question why they do not seem to have yielded anything of practical value.

"We have got to get it together, We have got to get it together, now" are the words in the song “Something in the Air” by Thunderclap Newman and perhaps they were never more applicable than now – especially as this song mentions “a revolution”. But how can we truly “get it together” when there are seemingly so many varied and effective tactics to “divide” us?

For many years, we have heard of "miracle" energy technologies which could end our dependence on fossil fuels and how they would be truly "environmentally friendly" in nature – because they would not damage the environment in any way. We have all heard "stories" of "perpetual motion" machines, super efficient engines which either run on water alone or they act as some kind of add-on to petrol (gasoline) engines to improve efficiency. These stories usually end in the same way – the inventions or devices rarely see the light of day and the inventors or organisations involved seem to fade into obscurity. Collectively, we don’t get any real access to the promised benefits of these devices or inventions. As a direct result, the wider public perception is that these devices don’t work or the inventors/companies are frauds because they fail to deliver the benefits described. A good collection of examples of free energy devices can be seen in this video “Free Energy – The Race to Zero Point”:……

Here, I will attempt to analyse what seems to be yet another chapter in the ongoing cover up and muddle up of free energy devices and technology and how subtle tactics are employed to keep the cover up in place. It seems to be the case that the muddle-up is sometimes unwittingly furthered by good-natured, kind-hearted and well-meaning people – without them realising it. Additionally, I will suggest another reason, which most free energy researchers have not fully considered, as to why we are still burning fossil and nuclear fuels as if there is “no tomorrow”.

In my experience of “volunteering” in the field of 9/11 research, I now see how I was also used to help the muddle up some 9/11 evidence – even though I had good intentions and did not fully realise what I was doing. I volunteered to edit together 2 video clips, which apparently showed hot molten metal dripping from one of the WTC towers. It now seems possible that, if the video clip was real, the metal it showed dripping might not have been hot – so I inadvertently helped to muddle up the picture. I relate the background to my experience in “The New 9/11 Hijackers”.

At this point I would like to suggest that this sort of thing is happening – all the time – in other fields of  “alternative knowledge”, as well as in other areas where people are trying to “do good”. People are unwittingly co-opted or, in some cases “herded” in line with a wider agenda – without realising this. Another example of this is what is happening with the environmental movement. Currently, the environmental movement seems largely pre-occupied with the gas we all exhale – Carbon Dioxide – and man-made global warming and/or “climate change”. The environmental groups I have corresponded with, so far, remain stubborn in their lack of acknowledgement of the evidence that active weather control is in operation – by a covert trans-national group. (It looks like weather control was used, for example, on 9/11 to steer Hurricane Erin towards New York City). They similarly seem blissfully unaware of the evidence of changes occurring throughout the solar system.

My Own Interest in Disclosure and Related Issues

At this point, I would like to briefly describe how I became interested in topics such as Free Energy, UFO’s and ET’s and in finding out what really happened on 9/11. I have always held an interest in documented phenomena which cannot be explained by mainstream science, and in 1997, soon after I got my first dial-up internet access, I used it to find out more information on such things. I even posted a page on Ball Lightning, which generated messages from people who had seen it.

Also, I had always held an interest in “Free Energy” technology and had followed the mysterious and troubling developments in Cold Fusion, which by the mid 90’s seemed to have faded into obscurity – but through internet searches, I learned there was more to the story.

The Disclosure Project

In 2003, I first came across the Disclosure Project, headed by Dr. Steven Greer. He had organised a Press Conference in 2001, which I had heard nothing about at the time. 21 witnesses testified to their knowledge and involvement in the UFO/ET cover up and he had compiled a 500-page document summarising key aspects of their testimony. This was a very interesting document to read!

Crucially, I found his discussion and analysis of the links between the UFO/ET issue and the energy issue to be immediately compelling. He said that it was clear from the way these vehicles performed that they must use some kind of advanced “fuel-less” or extremely fuel-efficient power system. So, if you were to keep the UFO issue as “a matter of public ridicule”, this would, in this context, keep the associated energy question in the realm of ridicule. Interestingly, one other UFO researcher, Stanton Friedman described it as “a mistake” to link the UFO and the Energy Issue. I am still puzzled as to why he said this, because he himself used to work on nuclear rockets (the NERVA programme).

I agreed with Dr. Greer about the energy issue and I was glad that someone was working in this area – presenting this question in public. I felt so strongly that he was correct that I decided I would somehow try to speak out myself, so I downloaded the Press Conference video and bought one of the DVD’s. I organised a small public event to show some portions of these videos. Later, I wrote to local clubs (women’s groups, Probus groups and others) and offered my “services” as a speaker to talk about the Disclosure Project (and at the talks I gave, I usually mentioned the energy issue when there was time) I invested some of my own money in equipment to do the presentations (LCD projector, portable speakers etc). I was even contacted by a man called Brian in London, who wanted to do a Disclosure Project presentation. He later booked a room in London and advertised the event. He invited local reporters and spoke briefly about it on local radio. I took the equipment, which allowed us to show the video. The first event was attended by about 20 people.

Also, for a later event, Brian printed out sheets about free energy technology and we made a kind of “gallery display” at a place called “The Foundry” (a pub/club – also in London). We both wanted to raise awareness of these issues and this information. So we both counted ourselves as supporters of what Dr. Greer and the Disclosure Project were trying to achieve (and I still support its goals today).


Returning to Dr. Greer’s initiatives, I was also interested to hear how he had started his "Seaspower" initiative (and the name was a kind of play on words). Dr. Greer said he was going to run this initiative as a business – to find, develop and market energy technologies which were either "fuel-less", "over unity" (i.e. they output more energy than they consume) or those very much more efficient than any existing technologies. This looked good and I, probably like many others, waited for announcements of positive developments. In 2003, Dr. Greer announced they would be beginning to market a device in the near future – he was in the process of final validation and of making an agreement with the inventor.

Dr. Greer did make it quite clear about the difficulties he was facing. I agreed with what he said – one could not expect the multi-trillion dollar global energy interests to be very pleased about plans to produce clean and free energy which they couldn’t meter – imagine a car that you didn’t have to refill with petrol!

However, time passed and no news appeared – no new device was released. In radio broadcasts that Dr. Greer did in 2004, he mentioned that the project had run into legal difficulties and the inventor had to withdraw from the agreement, apparently due to some confusion of other business agreements, contracts or something similar – so no device would become available – and other details seemed sketchy.

Things all seemed to go rather quiet, with Dr. Greer making occasional radio/web appearances – but mainly to talk about the Disclosure issue rather than Seaspower or the energy issue. It seemed that Seaspower has “seized up”.



Then, somewhat surprisingly in May 2007, Dr. Greer announced a new initiative – “Aero2012”. It was announced with the posting of a video of a presentation he gave. Interestingly, this presentation simply consisted of Dr. Greer talking to an invited audience. Although I agreed with just about everything he said, my concern was that he showed no evidence of any of the developments that had taken place under Seaspower, nor did he go into any details about the problems he had had with getting his previous device into production or general usage. There seem to be 2 separate parts to this presentation:……

In the 2nd part, at 3:00 Dr. Greer says:

And remember every cubic centimetre of space in this room has enough energy to run the earth for a day… I’m understating it’s actually infinite. And the point is, to tap it and to rectify it and to get it to run this house with real power is an engineering and science challenge which has actually been met – by the aggregate people in this room who know how to do it. You’ll be hearing from them. I’m just a country doctor from Virginia…

However, I have not, to date, seen any comments or presentations from any members of the audience – indeed, I am not even sure who was present.


In this 1 or even 2-hour presentation, Dr. Greer did not even show a video, photos or PowerPoint slides of any research or anything relevant to his earlier projects – it was just a discussion of his experience and ideas for the future. We heard from no one else whom he had met or worked with in the previous 6 years or so. As can be seen if you watch the videos, he merely a has large screen TV with a shot of the Aero2012 website on it. Am I being too curmudgeonly in suggesting that even if he showed the “Race to Zero Point” video linked above, he would have provided more specific information to his audience?


The Aero2012 and Seaspower Websites

On closer examination, at the time the Aero2012 website was launched, it could be seen that it had an identical layout and even most of the same content as the Seaspower website, then some 6 years old (and the domain name has even lapsed so does not redirect to the new initiative). The only things that seemed to have changed were the logo and the “colour scheme”. Even at the time of writing this article, even though the Aero2012 layout has been revised, we can still compare the content of some of the pages from the 2 sites. Here are 2 links and their associated content, some of it listed in the WebArchive (…

Why AERO? An Overview for Inventors

An historical overview of over-unity electric generators and other unconventional energy innovations shows that for at least 75 years, human society could have had a replacement for fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine. The fact that such energy breakthroughs are not in use today is ample evidence that the hurdles to the widespread use of such technologies is less about inventing such a system – or even about adequate funding – and primarily about ‘something else’. Since the time of Tesla, inventors have been discovering ways to extract energy from the space around us. And yet we all still drive cars using gasoline, and live in homes powered mostly by coal-fired public utilities.…

Why SEAS? An Overview for Inventors

An historical overview of over-unity electric generators and other unconventional energy innovations shows that for at least 75 years, human society could have had a replacement for fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine. The fact that such energy breakthroughs are not in use today is ample evidence that the hurdles to the widespread use of such technologies is less about inventing such a system – or even about adequate funding – and primarily about ‘something else’. Since the time of Tesla, inventors have been discovering ways to extract energy from the space around us. And yet we all still drive cars using gasoline, and live in homes powered mostly by coal-fired public utilities.…

January 31, 2003Listen here to Dr. Greer on George Noory Radio Show Announcement of promising new energy device found. [Windows Media Player format – about 35 minutes]

Read the full transcript or

Read excerpts from the transcript


Click for Archive Link to page referenced below.

Listen here to Dr. Greer on George Noory Radio Show (01-31-03)

    Announcement of promising new energy device found.

    Archive of 1/30-31/03 program.

    [Windows Media Player format – about 35 minutes]

    Read the transcript here. OR Read excerpts of the transcript here.



So, where are the details of the inventions, projects or devices that Seaspower worked on? Is there nothing to show?

In June 2008, Dr. Greer was interviewed on “The Paracast” ( – scroll down for the list)  and he was asked some similar questions to the ones I am asking here, so there is a chance to hear some of his responses. Use the links below.


“Announcing the Orion Project”

If you go onto the “news” page of Aero2012, there is an entry for 17th March 2008 thus:

Latest News

March 17, 2008Announcing:The Orion Project

Which takes you to this page:…

The Orion Project has announced a $3 million capital fund raising campaign so that these promising clean-technology energy researchers can be brought together in one place to build the initial proof of principle prototype to help solve the energy crisis once and for all. This prototype will be designed to meet all the energy needs of a typical home or business while having a zero-carbon footprint using new electromagnetic and related energy breakthroughs.

Dr. Greer states that, "The world needs an immediate Manhattan-style project to find real energy solutions and deliver them to the people. Now the public can support this quest through a tax-deductible donation. If 100,000 people go to www.TheOrionProject…. and contribute $30 each in the next 60 days, we will be able to open this new energy research facility and bring together some of the best minds on the planet to help solve our critical energy needs. Now is the time to act – the Earth has waited long enough for humanity to come together to find a way to live in harmony with her and with abundance and peace for all of her children. This cannot happen with the zero-sum game of fossil fuel. Only these new energy sciences hold the key to unlocking the wonderful future that awaits us."

For more information on The Orion Project and its specific scientific projects, or to request an interview with Dr. Steven Greer or Dr. Ted Loder, please go to www.TheOrionProject…..

Curiously, back at the Aero2012 we find this posting, lower down the “news” page:

November 1, 2007 – AERO Announces award program offering $200,000 up-front and $5 million minimum two year royalty for working, replicatable device.

Yet, the Orion Project has a “donation” page, where, at the time of writing, they show:


total raised = $663,57, *$250,000 pledged by single donor contingent on public contributions for the remainder of the budget


So, how is that Aero2012 was previously offering a $200,000 but The Orion Project is hoping to raise $3,000,000? Isn’t this strange?

HHO/Browns Gas/Meyer Cell Systems

On “The Orion Project” site, one of the systems listed as “promising” is the “Hydroxy Gas Energy System”. However, there are already a number of commercially available products which can be fitted to cars – one such system is sold at and is made of high quality stainless steel components, thereby preventing one of the main problems with similar systems – corrosion.

In one of its news updates in December 2008, the Orion Project stated it had acquired the Stanley Meyer “materials”, though it did not state it was going to develop or produce a commercial system. Strangely, I first came across the work of Stan Meyer in a UK Documentary “It Runs on Water!” first aired in 1995 – 13 years ago! Does Dr. Greer have a plan for succeeding where Meyer failed? What does Dr. Greer think about the mysterious death of Stanley Meyer, I wonder?

Questions and Comments

In writing articles such as this, it is easy for people to think that I may be “knocking” or disparaging efforts such as those being made by Steven Greer and his associates. This is not my intent, especially because I myself am not in a position to offer to be a large investor in alternative energy technologies, nor do I have the level of practical, design, machine-shop or electronics skills required to build or develop my own system, unless such things are available in kit form.

The criticism I have of Seaspower, Aero2012 and The Orion Project is simply that one thing seems to have “morphed” into the next, and we find no examples of technology that any of these initiatives have either introduced into general use, or even evaluated and discounted.

Critically, as far as I have been able to determine, nowhere on the Aero2012 website does it mention or describe why or how the Seaspower initiative have failed  and neither are the results of any investment of time and research analysed or discussed. Similarly, on the Orion Project Website, we can find no analysis or discussion of the results of Aero2012’s – or its own – projects or initiatives and why they failed or why they were successful (if they were successful).

Some signs on the Orion Project’s website are slightly more interesting, as they do list some specific areas of research, although details of any active projects are decidedly sketchy.

The bottom line is, then, that after 7 years, none of the initiatives that Steven Greer has been involved with have produced any results that have been disclosed to the public. There is no information about projects undertaken, no names of people involved in them (apart from those listed as advisors) and there is no list of specific projects that are being worked on or any information on timescales.

One can easily suggest that the reason for this is to stop the “Powers that Be” from interfering with their efforts, but how long can this go on? Is the interference so great that all that can be done is to re-create a website with a different colour scheme, but the same information after 6 years?

One of the overall results could be that people who had come to consider that Free Energy technologies really were going to become available through initiatives like Aero2012 or Orion Project will “lose faith” and lose interest and begin to doubt that Free Energy technologies even exist or if they can be made viable in general usage.

If a group such as Seaspower, which is against secrecy in government, has taken 7 years and produced nothing – not even a report on how or why its own projects have been “scuppered” by those with vested interests, then what are the rest of us to think? Where has all the money gone? Where is the accountability? If we have no information, then how is the overall result any different from that produced by a Government Funded programme?

Col Tom Bearden

It is interesting to note that one of the people that both Orion Project and Disclosure have consulted is Col Tom Bearden, who has a very interesting website. In 1985, he made a presentation entitled Scalar Technology and Weather Modification a segment of this presentation talks about interferometry, and when I saw this, it struck me that this could be very relevant to how the WTC was destroyed (because interferometry is what John Hutchison uses to generate his effects). However, Tom Bearden doesn’t seem to have spent much time looking at the WTC evidence.

I have to ask – if Tom Bearden knew the truth about what happened at the WTC and how it involved free-energy technology, would he be willing or able to speak out about it?

The Solution?

Perhaps the solution is that we ourselves all have to discover and directly support inventors and gifted craftsmen, designers and engineers when they have developed their own solutions and technology. Perhaps we should encourage them not to be part of organised initiatives, but to work on their own and fund their own activities. Perhaps large scale distribution of very energy efficient or “free energy” devices is currently not possible, because of the extreme corruption and power of vested – both corporate and governmental – interests which are an integral part of the societies we live. Perhaps there are too many people who are afraid of what free energy could give us – a “level playing field”.

Perhaps we will only get a widespread use of free energy technology once it is properly realised that it would not become a threat to National Security but that it is already a threat to global security.  This is because Free Energy technology has already been weaponised – by a covert group – and it was used on 9/11 to destroy most or all of the WTC complex.

Update April 2014


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