FW: Senior judge at the forefront of prosecuting sexual crimes again

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-02-04 12:57:24

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Senior Judge has been Found Dead in the Freezing Waters of a Village Stream.
  www.dailymail.co.uk/… UK Daily Mail ReporterLast updated at 11:07 AM on 03rd February 2009 “A senior judge has been found dead in the freezing waters of a village stream. The body of Judge William Everard, 59, was discovered in Fakenham in Norfolk, near  the holiday home he owned with his wife.
A spokesman for Norfolk police said the death was being treated as ‘unexplained but not suspicious’. (as usual???)
His body was discovered in the early hours of Sunday.
A former colleague paid tribute to a man who had been at the forefront of prosecuting sexual crimes against children….”
  Who was he about to prosecute / expose?  What did he know?   Is this another SAD untimely death of a courageuos man? Yet again orchestrated by the hidden hand?? These are not isolated incidences. Who are these beings – the perpertrators of these henious crimes?   Let’s not forget Princess Diana, David Kelly, Police Chief of Manchester Mike Toddand Police Chief Neil Munro all died in suspicious circumstances etc etc   The Let’s not forget Dunbalne, Hamilton was reported to have been linked to a massive, elite paedophile ring operating in the UK. the files of which have been locked away for 100 YEARS!www.dunblaneunburied… below links to other related subject news articles that have now been buried!   www.tpuc.org/node/34… covering up paedophile scandal?’   www.socialequality.o… Worker No 241, Saturday November 8, 1997 State cover-up of high level paedophile ring   scot-land.blogspot.c…, February 26, 2008 Child Abuse   www.timesonline.co.u… abuse cover-up allegations over top policeman who quit – Times Online.htm   aangirfan.blogspot.c… reporting of the breaking child abuse and murder scandal in Jersey have conspicuously omitted to mention that Governor of the Jersey Home for Boys (Haut de la Garenne)   stuartsyvret.blogspo… Stuart Syvret …..they turned off his microphone   aangirfan.blogspot.c… Child abuse in the UK: Jersey, Kincora, North Wales, Dunblane, Islington, Leicester, Quarriers Homes, Nazareth House, St Ninians, Coatbridge   ARK pedophile and ‘snuff’ ring was well and truly covered over by the criminal rulers in Belgium. The video link below is a brief account of someone’s investigations enquiring into the ARK Schools in England, which uncovers a horrifying connection to Dutroux. The second URL is extensive research into Dutroux. Be prepared to be shocked by the horrifying nature of the activities these disgusting human beings do to little children. This is given for research purposes for your understanding. .   Beyond the Dutroux AffairThe reality of protected child abuse and snuff            

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