FW: Comments on Prison Planet re Australian Bush Fires

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-02-13 22:15:16

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The scene was like I was in another place and time. NEVER before in the 15 years I have lived here have we had a thunder storm or more specifically a dark thunder cloud like that in the early morning. Late afternoons is normal but not at 9 am. It was traveling south, to California , also quite unusual. That day the fires in California starter. About a month later I met a woman in my bank from California who said when the thunder clouds hit there, there was only a few drops of rain but massive lighting strikes…She said: “Like NOTHING I have ever seen before.” The dark, almost black, clouds that pI saw were like nothing I had ever seen before. Now, anyone with more than two brain cells left who can still use them, has to ponder the possibilities the fires were deliberately set as part of getting people into the cities and costing California HUGE amounts of money to put the forest fires out. Who benefits by California going bankrupt? It certainly all goes along with Agenda 21 of reducing the population and no private property. Think. Ask yourself who benefits by this? If the Australian government does want to reduce the population and get people in their cities, this sure was a great way for them to do it, no?Alex, your the best and I thank you for posting this. It is amazing how people are not even questioning the floods in the north and the drought in the south despite the fact Australia has never had such severe long lasting conditions in their recorded history and chemtrails are prevelant there. James Says: February 10th, 2009 at 1:38 pm I drove the legnth of Australia on Sunday and monday and I have to say that I saw something very interesting. Chemtrails being deployed sparadically the legnth of the country in short bursts all along the costal forest regions in linear fashion. What resulted form this is rain running the legnth of the west coast which is a very rare event for drought ridden Australia . So, does Australia have could seeding technology that can create rain on demand 12 hours later? Well the evidence I saw first hand with my own eyes points to yes. And on further reading ( en.wikipedia.org/wik… ) the same technology can also be used to supress cloud and rain formation. If David Icke is correct in his problem reaction solution perspective then these fires were caused by chemtrails deliberately supressing rain for weeks and then magically producing untold amounts of rain 12 hours later. antipodean Reply:February 11th, 2009 at 6:03 am I live in Victoria too. These fires were the most ferocious on record so the normal ‘have a fire plan and stay and fight for your home or leave with plenty of time’ didn’t apply. These fires moved so quickly that they took ‘experts’ by suprise and wiped out whole towns. The recommendations are going to be revisited because of these fires.The temperatures in Victoria over the last three weeks are the highest on records (200 years). Two weeks ago it was 46 degrees for nearly a week. This dried out the forests so when it was nearly as hot the following week with strong winds, well the outcome was extreme. I have spent my life in the Eastern States and have never experienced temperatures as high as I have in the last few weeks.   fulminante Says: February 11th, 2009 at 3:34 am As an expatriate from OZ , I would say to you that you should take whatever garbage is coming out of government officials with a grain of salt . Whetever Rudd says if probably BS .Rudd is NWO and so was little Johhny and so many others before . Australia is a NWO bastion and the people in charge will do anything necessary to keep the sheeple under control . ASIO is controlling everything there , judicial system , Universities , ABC , medical centres , Public Service etc. ect .Going back to the fires , my observation is that the weather in Australia is changingit is getting too hot inland and the rainfall has been bad for a long period . A spell of hot weather with over 40 degree centigrades is a bit unusual and also fires happen regularly in the outback . The government should come clean on the chemtrails, weather modification programmes ,the purpose of Pine Gap and other secret bases , UFO , MK Ultra experiment in Australia . But the odds are poor that anything of this will ever happen . The Non existent AL Qaeda did it . This is a more convenient scapegoat to scare the population and justify the draconian ” anti terror laws ” . Surfergirl Says: February 11th, 2009 at 1:23 pm Spookytoo right on. Yep, just like the England Bombings July 7, 2005 – 7/7/7 (2005 = 7). And for some reason, people don’t get the California fires were CLEARLY started by the use of chemtrail and HAARP technology. The heavy chemtrail activity here in southern Oregon for three days and nights was blatant. Heavy chemtrails and then the TOTALLY EERIE, super dark cloud that passed by EARLY that morning (9 am which is also TOTALLY UNUSUAL) headed south, into California, which then started the freenzy of massive lighting strikes in California, with zero, zip, nada, rain in the clouds coming down after the strikes. After heavy lighting strikes, normal is a heavy downfall of rain or hail. NO rain and no hail is abnormal. It is also BIZARRE. Still people do not connect the dots. ALL these floods and droughts make PERFECT sense if one understands HAARP and the use of electromagnetic aluminum,barium and other heavy metals used to move storms hundreds to thousands miles . How does it do this? HAARP is able to beam a billion watts of electricity into the atmosphere controlling the direction of the electromatic particles and moisture which attaches to them. This is how the high winds and DROUGHTS in one area can be created while high winds and FLOODS can be created in other areas, also destroying farms and homes. WHY are people not noticing the chemtrails? Have they drank to much fluoride in their water? Dr. Blaylock, MD says breathing in all this aluminum is not good. As we breath it in through the nose it goes RIGHT to the part of the brain that deals with short term memory. Dr. Blaylock said aluminum in this part of the brain is HIGHLY linked to Alzheimer’s. How many ways can they dumb us down and make us apathetic? MSG to anti-depressants to a dumbed down educational system to a system that has taken good care of us, putting us in a sense of trust, until now, has made most people unable to use their brains. Is there any hope for us? Walking around town last summer I asked 16 people I did not know a single question. I asked them if they knew the difference between chemtrails and contrails. What is super scary is that NOT ONE PERSON knew the difference. Four had noticed the “contrails” from the planes lasted longer, but that is all. One retired engineer said it was “new technology so planes did not run into each other”!!! Oh my gosh….all hope for saving humanity left me that day with his response. Still I ask all of you to educate yourself and all those you can. Never give up hope for that is what the ruthless Globalist want. Share Alex Jones’ website with all you can. He is the best. Surfergirl Says: February 11th, 2009 at 1:46 pm I apologize. I did not make clear chemtrails have been analyzed by people around the globe and have clearly been founded to have 4,000+ times the toxic level of aluminum, barium and other heavy metals in them. FACT: Moisture in the air then attaches to these particles and then HAARP is used – with its billion watts of electricity it is able to beam out – to then control the direction of the storms, the release of the mositure in the clouds or not, along with even the ability to make the temperature warmer or colder. In Oregon we have had the warmest January on record while the East is under record ice storms. Hmmmm…same latitude but one area record warmth and drought while the other is record cold. Hello? While this bizarre weather also happened last year along with the massive chemtrail activity, very few are connecting the dots. Our fruit crop was largely destroyed. Still few are connecting the dots OR the information that is blantantly out there about the use of HAARP and electromagnetic particles to control the weather. Please EDUCATE yourself. Google and youtube “chemtrails” and “HAARP” and educate yourself please. If weather modification (control) was not real WHY did the UN sanction the use of use it? something.suss Says: February 12th, 2009 at 3:11 am The Australian government has been discussing an economic stimulus plan… this is all happening while we hear the repeated phrase ‘financial crisis’ upon the news that the stimulus plan has hit a snag; that it has been opposed… Queensland is under water and VIC has burned to the ground… all within a good week or 2. how convenient… this appears to be well timed. looks like a lot of money HAS to be spent now… looks like an economic stimulus plan to me… ever hear of the term ‘problem reaction solution’? im sure those who saw zeitgeist addendum would be farmiliar with my direction here… Could this be the result of weather manipulation technology? EVEN if you dont beleive or dont care that this is a ‘conspiracy’… it doesnt matter anyway… the end result is the same. There is a push to have Australias economy ’stimulated’… whether we like it or not… When will we learn that the banking system and the Federal Reserve rely on corruption, the government just piggy backs on this.    

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