UK Chemtrail Photos – taken Feb 1999

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-02-21 20:42:29

www.checktheevidence…   UK Chemtrail Photos – Taken 28 Feb 1999         Feb 20th 2009 I had my brother visiting over the last couple of days and was looking through old photos. I found these 2 photos – taken Feb 28 1999, with the 1st digital camera I bought – a Kodak DC20 Camera (only about 180Kpixel resolution) These were taken only a few months after we moved into this house, where we have lived for 10 years. I have no memory of taking them, or even of reviewing them in the past – it came as a complete surprise to find them in my DC20 photo collection from that time. I had no idea about Chemtrails at that time – not that I recall anyway. I have one photo from Egypt taken in 1997, which appears to show a chemtrail, but these are the 2nd earliest I have found in my own collection, though I guess there are older photos available on the web. A) Feb 28 1999 – Borrowash, UK – Kodak DC 20 Camera B) Feb 28 1999 – Borrowash, UK – Kodak DC 20 Camera  

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