UK NHS force city fluoride increase

From: shivakrsna

Date: 2009-03-04 19:42:28

Isn’t that amazing some kids have got tooth decay !!! Instead of sending a dental health professional to the local schools at little cost to instruct the children to eat fewer sweets and brush their teeth correctly they are going to force all peaople including those with good teeth to consume a toixc poison !!!! Wow in the sixties and seventies tooth decay was far worse and yet there was little or no fluoride in our water supply . The exeception was Birmingham …. and Last year Manchester. Why ? Tooth decay. Well here is my suggestion. Birmingham’s adults who grew up in the sixties and seventies have lower I.Q.s . Due to Fluoride consumption The Gloabalist NWO were very happy with the results. So they compared it to the other test site Manchester where the Children did not consume Fluoride. Bingo. The adults who grew up Manchester in the sixties and seventies have Higher I.Q.s Panic Stations !! Now they are examining the test results and IQ’s of the other cities and are adding fluoride to those with the highest I.Q. scores . One by one our human rights are abused by this horrid bunch of New Labour…. notice New Labour…..thats precisely waht they are creating a New Labour force of labotomized half wits to serve them as slaves. Not one Detal Health professional has appeared on the news to suggest that all these kids need is a compulsory oral hygience course at their schools . Saving the Tax Payers millions of pounds. I think we should look at which companies are getting the contracts to supply the Fluoride and who owns them ….I am sure many corrupt officials would take extra money aka bribes especially when the credit cruch lie is unfolding. Lets think about the days when the people riot or even rebel…..just double or triple the ammount of Fluoride added and … are very sleepy sick and pacified population.

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