FW: Reclaiming our birthright?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-03-15 11:35:04

  —–Original Message—–From: Veronica: Chapman [mailto:Tabitha@VeronicaChap…]Sent: 14 March 2009 21:23To: undisclosed-recipients:Subject: Reclaiming our birthright?Folks,From the Source

It has been decided by a few of us, to claim our Natural Birthrights Back. Recently a document came to us which gives notice to this effect. Nobody knows who wrote it but what it says I’m sure will resonate deeply with each and every one of us.We’ve decided to publish it. It’s a letter to Gordon Brown stating, not asking, or advising, but stating that we now claim our rights back and the reasons why. It’s intended that it be distributed and sent at random on a regular basis to Gordon Brown by as many people who wish to send it.It leaves the sender protected, as no personal address or signature is required. What it will do is create a belief in Gordon Brown’s mind that his worst fear is becoming a reality. That the people of this country will no longer accept being ruled and are gathering in like mind against the regime of lies, statutory rules and enslavement to which all have been subject.The sender need not do anything more than send it, as it’s intention is to create a belief. To let the Government know that it’s people are a voice far greater and far more powerful than any government and will now take back their rightful freedom.Read the letter for yourself and if you feel the words within you, simply download, print and send. Pass it to everyone you know and if they feel the same, they too will do the same.By repetition this letter will create a wave of fear in the Mind of the recipient. The same fear He gave us, only ten times worse.

From VeronicaPetitions, campaigns, demonstrations, hand-wringing, moping about it all are a waste of time, and exactly what ‘they’ want.It is (long past) time to get up off our bums and DISMISS THE LOT OF THEM.The Notice says “We know what to do”. WE DO. I, personally, would be perfectly happy to take on the hottest-shottest Lawyer and wipe the floor with him in a couple of minutes flat. This can be learned in a couple of hours study. It’s all down to using your Common Sense. It really is a piece of cake, because ‘they’ have left themselves wide open. (Exactly as the letter says)
We have evidence that ‘They don’t like it up ’em’.
We are also working on another letter that can be sent to each specific MP, “Services No Longer Required”You do NOT need to go around ‘breaking any so-called laws’. We have enough ‘cases’ in progress, and they are being stone-walled, stalemated, etc. to have the claimed effect.All you need to do is to support that effort by giving Gordon Brown & Co a large dose of the shits. And you can do that by sending this letter, and encouraging others to do it.Here it is: www.fmotl.com/Notice…
Download it. Read it. If you agree with it, then print & post it. Pass it on.
(If anyone has any current ‘legal difficulties, get in touch with me)Best,Veronica

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