Codex Alimentarius will be implemented in the U.S. on 12/31/09


Date: 2009-03-16 12:30:59


Codex AlimentariusPosted by mcintosh.sue on Feb 17 2009, 08:49 PM Filed under: organic food, health freedom, supplements, vitamins, codex alimentarius, codex    2/17/09       The Codex Alimentarius is a CORPORATE list of ALL substances which will be legal to put in our mouths after it is implemented in the U.S. on 12/31/09.     All vitamins, supplements, organic foods, clean water, raw milk, etc., will be ILLEGAL in the U.S. and in the North American Union (planned fusion of U.S. with Canada and Mexico) after the end of this calendar year.     This is why the news media is trying to terrify Americans about food–the recent peanut butter-Salmonella thing, the spinach and tomato things last year, and more to come.  “They” are laying the groundwork to implement radiation of ALL FOOD sold in the U.S.–“problem-reaction-solution.” (     This is why, all of a sudden, vitamins and minerals “do nothing” for you.      This is the face of the New World Order (NWO), folks, and we need to do everything in our power to upset their plans and say a fierce, loud, NO! to the Codex Alimentarius.  What you read or hear about it tries to sell it as a “food safety” measure.  What they are really doing is trying to wipe out all natural food stores, organic food sources, all vitamins/minerals/supplements not currently made by the pharmaceutical industry so that the industry can take over the manufacture and sale of all these things.  As usual, it’s all about profits for the rich. Please–(1)research the sites below and tell everyone you know; (2) sign the citizens’ petition at that site and read about the codex and genetically modified and nanotechnologically modified foods, and (3) email or call your federal and state congressional representatives, educate them, and demand they vote NO to the codex, NO to food irradiation, NO to food modification.  Eat certified organic food and drink water with no additives!  We demand the freedoms of choosing our food!                                       www.healthfreedomusa……                                            Sue McIntosh, M.D.                                            www.evolutionorensla…          CommentsNo Comments About  mcintosh.sue Sue McIntosh, M.D., is a retired pediatric hematologist/oncologist who has been studying “how the world really works” for the past decade. She teaches transformation skills (“Old School” to “New Society”) for the current chaos, spirituality, healing methods and basic ki gong. She produces the “Crazy Lady” show on local access TV.

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