FW: Caller Bob and alleged IKE UFO film – Case Chronology and Comple

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-03-20 00:35:54

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There is a possibility that the whole case could be a hoax or some kind of misunderstanding. Although because of the strong claims, researcher has invested men power to follow the leads further.)   CHRONOLOGY:   On February 18 2009 on the internal list of UFO researchers, activist Larry Bryant has reported that recently on popular radio show „Coast to Coast“ he heard caller Bob who claimed that he (Bob) acquired 18 canisters of 16mm film that shows president Dwight Eisenhower, Howard Hughes and „people on stretchers there are not from this Earth“. Producer Tom Danhaiser from Coast to Coast quickly puts caller out of air to get more information and to make arrangement of possible access to film. Larry was not sure what the exact date of broadcast is so we started together to search for the episode. Finally, few days after and many attempts later I was able to locate the call in question and to extract the audio for other researchers. It happened on February 3 during open lines (4th hour) and the guest was Whitley Streiber at the time (audio clips available for download at the links later in this report). After we have successfully located the audio clip, Larry Bryant has written the transcript and filled few FOIA requests (to Eisenhower library, CIA, National Technical Information Service – U. S. Department of Commerce and GAO) based on the information that Bob has mentioned during the call. I am emphasizing once more – the credibility of caller Bob is still not substantiated! So far over 70 messages have been exchanged between researchers on internal mailing lists about this case.   The list of Larry Bryant’s FOIA request and updates are available at: ufoview.posterous.co…   POSSIBLE LOCATION OF CALLER BOB Before the caller Bob gets on air, host George Noory has stated: „Want of two more calls and that’s it. Fayetteville , North Carolina , east of the rookies, Bob, go ahead“.   And that means that Bob is located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Bob has stated that he works in the army and he “monitors satellite cameras”. Based on the Bob’s location of the call (Fayetteville) the possibility is that Bob probably works in Fort-Bragg. Several airborne units of the U.S. Army are stationed at Fort Bragg, notably the XVIII Airborne Corps HQ, the 82d Airborne Division, and the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC). During the exchange of many emails few possibilities have been mentioned. Bob maybe monitors world-wide weather data for shipping, air transport, and troop movements (possibly 18TH WEATHER SQ).      Download the following files at the following download links: Some contacts in Fort-Bragg.pdf www.adrive.com/publi… Phone Book of Fort-Bragg www.adrive.com/publi…   During the March 1st episode on Coast to Coast, George Noory informs Larry Bryant that Bob is currently in Europe . They are waiting for him to return to States so the film could be given to Coast to Coast team. If that happens, Norry says that the film will be uploaded on the Internet. Bob has allegedly stated to C2C people that he has only one condition – nobody should gain financially from this film.   Download the PDF file at the link below: „Possible connection with Europe.pdf www.adrive.com/publi… Possible reason why maybe Bob is currently in the Europe )   During the March 17 episode on Coast to Coast, George Noory says that caller Bob will soon return to Europe and around March 21st Bob will contact the Coast to Coast crew again. “If he has these film canisters, we’ll get them and we’ll get the ball rolling here”, says George.   The complete C2C set of audios with caller Bob and other references and updates can be downloaded at the links below:   February 3rd, 2009 – Eisenhower film Caller clip www.adrive.com/publi…   February 6th, 2009 – Eisenhower film Reference clip www.adrive.com/publi…   March 01st, 2009 – Eisenhower Film Update by George Noory www.adrive.com/publi…   March 01st, 2009 – Larry Bryant and George Noory on the Ike film and caller Bob www.adrive.com/publi…   Jerry Pippin Show on Caller Bob and Ike UFO Film: www.ufoshows2go.com/… www.ufoshows2go.com/… Grant Cameron on Veritas show about Caller Bob and Ike UFO Film (references around 176-179th minute):www.veritasshow.com/… 17th, 2009 – George Noory informs public that caller Bob will soon return from Europe and arrangements about film should be made around March   = TRANSCRIPT – TEXT OF C2C CALLER “BOB’S” ACCOUNT ON 3 FEB 09 = By Larry Bryant   [LWB Note:  at the last minute of the guest segment’s final hour, wherein guest Whitley Strieber and host Noory fielded listeners’ calls, a man named “Bob” (from east of the Rockies) gives this account.]   Hello, Mr. Noory.  I have a unique — unique– situation to volunteer.  I’m in the military, and I monitor satellite cameras. What I’ve got to tell you is based on UFOs — uh, very unique situation:  I have acquired eighteen canisters — reel-to-reel film, military film, based in the forties, early fifties.  Uh, I inherited it.   [Noory:  16-mil, black-and-white?]  They’re black-and-white; I had a [garbled] on the majority of them.  The cans show military insignia like eagles and stuff like that.   [Noory:  Have you looked at the film yet, Bob?]  I have looked at a few of them.  Uh, what I’ve seen so far scares me to death.   [Noory:  of what? — give us a quick glimpse.]  Uh, we gonna have to talk off the air at some point in time; it’s not . . .. [Noory, interrupting:  I’m gonna have you give Tom your phone number if that’s okay.]  What I’ve seen so far on the ones that I’ve looked at — well, back to the first one that I looked at showed President Eisenhower and, uh, the, uh, that eccentric guy, he, uh, that had the airplanes — what was his name? — the one who went into seclusion.   [Strieber:  Oh, Howard Hughes.]  Howard Hughes in a warehouse, looking around and, uh, people laying on stretchers (and they weren’t from this earth).  [Noory:  Oh, my gosh; all right, look . . ..] I want to stop there and . . ..  [Noory, interrupting:  Bob, I’m putting you on hold, we’re gonna get your phone number and we will talk at length.  Could be fascinating.  Whitley, my friend, stay in touch.  [Strieber:  thank you very much, George, as always . . …]   Sent and compiled by: Giuliano Marinkovic…………………………………………Researcher, Journalist & Co-writer of the TV show ‘On the Edge of Science’ – HTV (Croatian National Television)Column-Editor of the magazine ‘Light’Author and Host of the radio program ‘UFOradio International’ Gsm: +385-98-900-2649RSS Podcast Radio Feed: uforadio.podomatic.c…URL: www.uforadio.ne1.net          uforadio.podomatic.c… UIN: #66584465, Skype nick: UFORADIOPost address: Giuliano Marinkovic, Poste-Restante, 10000 Zagreb , Croatia , Europe  

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