New campaign to urge Londoners to report suspicious activity

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-03-25 21:04:18

Oops – Met Police can’t check evidence – and whoever typed and posted this clearly has no clue what the real agenda is. I wonder how many people can still think for themselves……   New campaign to urge Londoners to report suspicious activity Don’t rely on others. If you supect it report it. Londoners are being asked to trust their instincts and report suspicious behaviour to help combat terrorist activity. Just one piece of information could be vital in helping disrupt terrorist planning and, in turn, save lives. This national publicity campaign across England and Wales raises awareness of the Anti-Terrorist Hotline and gives the public examples of suspicious activity and behaviour. The public are encouraged to trust their instincts and report anything confidentially to the Anti-Terrorist Hotline, where specialist officers will take their call. This campaign utilises London specific media: radio and press, posters at tube and rail stations.As part of the national campaign there will also be national press and national commercial radio advertising, large outdoor posters and advertising on the rears of buses. To ensure the campaign reaches minority communities, there will also be advertising in minority media press titles. Press advertising will appear in national newspapers and on main commercial radio stations. In London, this includes the Evening Standard, Magic, Heart, Total LBC, Smooth and Capital FM. The press ads seek to raise awareness of some of the items/activities which may be needed by, or be of use to, terrorists. It asks the public to consider whether they have seen any activity connected with them which may have made them suspicious. Radio advertising has been devised to complement the press ads and reiterates how any piece of information could prove vital and asking the public to call the confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321. Read the press release for this campaign Counter Terrorism posters Please click on the posters below to view the full size visuals. Poster – “chemicals” [ PDF – 246 KB] Poster – “CCTV” [ PDF – 269 KB] Poster [ PDF – 523 KB] Postcard [ PDF – 148 KB] Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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