FW: NEW 911 whistleblower: What really happened to Flight 93

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-04-08 22:20:52

NEW 911 whistleblower: What really happened  to Flight 93 Unfortunately, this is not a very useful interview. With regard to 9/11, Proj Camelot only seem interested in anonymous Whistleblowers and they keep repeating Henry Deacon’s story about planes hitting the towers – which contradicts the laws of physics. They also ignore John Lear’s (not anonymous) testimony (which they recorded) about planes not being able to hit the towers which agrees with physics.   This interview adds little or nothing to our understanding of 9/11 (I listened to it and just corresponded with Ryan).   It was suggested to Project Camelot that they interview Dr Judy Wood – they weren’t interested.   —–Original Message—–From: Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy [mailto:support@projectcamel…]Sent: 08 April 2009 13:17To: Veronica Chapman; Andrew Johnson; Judy Wood; Morgan O Reynolds; jfetzer@d.umn.eduSubject: NEW 911 whistleblower: What really happened to Flight 93Importance: HighDear Friends:Project Camelot has an audio interview with a 911 whistleblower who was physically present in the room where the decision was taken to shoot down Flight 93.projectcamelot.org/e… interview was recorded in February, but we published it yesterday after the witness had given her consent. There’s also a full transcript lined to the page. The interview is some 40 mins long, plus an intro from myself.Please publish this widely in the 911 research community. No real surprises, but there are some interesting human twists to the story: the order to shoot the plane down does NOT appear to have been part of the inside job.I’m fully convinced this report is 100% authentic, and spent quite some time with the new witness who has come forward.With very best regards to all,Bill–Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy

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