FYI: Rael reveals ultimate message of Yahweh to Jews


Date: 2009-04-27 00:03:21

About an embassy for extraterrestrials To understand the meaning of “ultimate” you must read the message / the book “Intelligent Design”, here for download:… In short: It’s the wish of the Elohim that an embassy for the welcoming of the Elohim will be build in Israel as, among other reasons, this is the place where the first embassy, first and the second temple, was located. Therefore the Jewish people will be asked, and they have already been asked before. After the last request to allow the construction of the embassy on their territory, they will only have a few weeks to decide. One must understand that untill now there is supposed to be some protective support “from above” for Israel which will cease upon denial of the last request.… “Yahweh has given them new instructions. “They’re to start working toward Palestinian Zionism – a state where Muslims, Christians and Jews can live together in harmony with equal rights,” he said. “They must help prepare the construction of the Third Temple, the Embassy of the Elohim. And they must welcome my return as Yahweh’s son and Last Messenger of Our Creators, who will bring centuries of peace on Earth with their return.” “

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