Unusual Chemtrail Spotted in Borrowash – 01 May 2009

On Friday 1st May, 2009, I was looking out of our Kitchen Window where I witnessed this strange Chemtrail phenomenon. A kind of "unchemtrail"!!

I took the series of photographs (with date/time stamps as below, although I think my camera was set for GMT and so is 1 hr behind actual time). The series covered about 12 minutes

You can download a zip of all the top-res images (36MB) here:


The sky also seemed to show parallel cloud lines, then within them some kind of "ribbing".

Of course, we know what the Skeptics will probably say, however, here are some words from someone that wrote to me:

Just seen your "unchemtrail" photo of 1/5/2009. I briefly had a commercial pilot’s license once upon a time, and there’s a lot of weather and cloud theory in the exams (never became a pilot – ran out of money). Chemtrails definitely exist – just seen those satellite photos on your video and Nexus Magazine had an article a few years ago by an aircraft mechanic who had seen the aircraft modifications first hand. But most of the convincing photos seem to come from America or countries with a lot of American military airbases – for obvious reasons – to avoid being traced you need to use unmarked aircraft, but unmarked aircraft can’t land at civilian airports. Yes, there are American military bases in this country, but this is a small and crowded island so they are all fairly close to towns, and people get used to particular types of aircraft coming in and out of particular bases – bloody plane spotters !

Planes come in all different sizes. Generally its only big jets that fly high enough and produce enough water vapour to produce a clear contrail, but smaller turbofans produce smaller, thinner contrails and the little prop-driven ones I flew never produced a contrail. You also have to bear in mind that a climbing aircraft burns tons of fuel whilst a descending one uses virtually none – aircraft actually glide in to land, and only keep their engines running in case they’re suddenly needed. So your photo looks to me like a small/medium turbofan descending through a large old contrail. As it passed through the original contrail, it has been dispersed by the aircraft’s wake vortices. I have seen an even stranger effect where the setting sun cast a shadow of a contrail on to a very thin layer of haze, producing what appeared to be a dark contrail and a light one running exactly parallel. You get some even weirder effects once you’re airborne – can’t recommend flying lessons highly enough – its as interesting for what you see and learn about weather/atmosphere as for actually flying the planes. I need to pick up a current aeronautical chart of Northern England so we can have a look at the airways around Borrowash – the big jets have to navigate by flying over ground-based radio beacons called VORs, so if you’re near one of those or under a busy airway, you will get a lot of intersecting contrails (above a VOR) or parallel contrails (along an airway). Incidentally you must have a look at Joe Viall’s website – he believed that the Lockerby bomb was triggered by the radio signal from the VOR north of Glasgow. (Vials died "suddenly" a couple of years ago and his website, with some really exceptional work is getting hacked to bits – it needs someone with your computer skills to retrieve what’s left).

 Please don’t think I’m being dismissive – I’m not. The trouble is as soon as you let something through that’s not watertight, the real disinfo agents can use it to discredit you.

I would add to this that this does mean that the contrail must have persisted long enough for the 2nd plane to travel through it, which is a question I would ask here, but still I found the way this trail pattern persisted and then merged into the surrounding cloud to be somewhat unusual.

2009-05-01 11-21-43 Un-Chemtrail (1) (Large).JPG

2009-05-01 11-21-45 Un-Chemtrail (2) (Large).JPG

2009-05-01 11-22-28 Un-Chemtrail (3) (Large).JPG

2009-05-01 11-22-30 Un-Chemtrail (4) (Large).JPG

2009-05-01 11-23-06 Un-Chemtrail (5) (Large).JPG

2009-05-01 11-23-08 Un-Chemtrail (6) (Large).JPG

2009-05-01 11-23-15 Un-Chemtrail (7) (Large).JPG

2009-05-01 11-23-18 Un-Chemtrail (8) (Large).JPG

2009-05-01 11-23-26 Un-Chemtrail (9) (Large).JPG

2009-05-01 11-23-32 Un-Chemtrail (10) (Large).JPG

2009-05-01 11-23-54 Un-Chemtrail (11) (Large).JPG

2009-05-01 11-23-59 Un-Chemtrail (12) (Large).JPG

2009-05-01 11-24-01 Un-Chemtrail (13) (Large).JPG

2009-05-01 11-24-24 Un-Chemtrail (14) (Large).JPG

2009-05-01 11-24-32 Un-Chemtrail (15) (Large).JPG

2009-05-01 11-26-30 Un-Chemtrail (16) (Large).JPG

2009-05-01 11-26-39 Un-Chemtrail (17) (Large).JPG

2009-05-01 11-32-41 Un-Chemtrail (18) (Large).JPG

2009-05-01 11-32-56 Un-Chemtrail (19) (Large).JPG


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