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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-05-12 09:52:16

Attachments : The Avebury Experience : Megalithic Power www.theaveburyexperi… Please forward The Avebury Experience Tours, courses and books on Earth Energies and Ley Lines Home Megalithic Power Earth Energies & Stonehenge Contact Us About Us Megalithic Power   For thousands of years Avebury’s landscape has been seen as a mysterious region. The land has a peculiar sanctity and mystical power that has attracted people for millennia. Authors, Maria Wheatley and Busty Taylor, are professional dowsers who wanted to prove beyond reasonable doubt – to sceptics and the archaeological community alike – that powerful lines of force and mysterious earth energy geometries exist. They believe they have succeeded.Strange signals recordedAccording to dowsers, standing stones emit a form of energy, which can be readily detected with a dowsing instrument. The source of this energy is believed to be generated by the earth, which is absorbed by the standing stone and emitted via five above ground ‘energy bands’ along the face of the stone. (See illustration below). Some people claim they can feel this energy as a tingling sensation when the palms of the hand are placed upon the stone’s ‘energy-band’. Megalithic Energy Bands Using highly sensitive electromagnetic detecting equipment, Maria Wheatley, Rodney Hale and Busty Taylor successfully located and recorded the strong electromagnetic signals which are emitted by the standing stones. Remarkably, these signals corresponded to the ‘energy bands’ that dowsers are familiar with. (See illustration right). We believe we are the first researchers who have recorded such a phenomenon, which proves that mysterious energies at sites such as Avebury exist. The authors also picked up strange magnetic frequencies which are associated with the ‘Mary’ earth energy line and they have discovered its frequency level. Intriguingly, at the centre of the southern stone circle, whilst recording the harmonic frequency level of the Mary and Michael energy lines, a powerful force blew their equipment and they suspect it was the earth energies causing the equipment to malfunction! Mysterious radiation levels at the Sanctuary, Avebury. Even stranger signals were recorded at the Sanctuary, which was once an integral part of the vast Avebury Stone Temple. The team investigated the stone circle for radiation levels. The results are startling as they reveal exceptional high levels of radiation at the exact centre of the monument. Curiously, outside of the stone circle the radiation levels fall dramatically. It’s as if you can step into and out of the radiation. Their findings are published in tier extraordinary book, Avebury, Sun, Moon and Earth. Only £4.99 Check out our shop for details.       Tours, Courses & Shop Home Dowsing Tours of Avebury Dowsing Courses Templar Tours About Your Guides Shop Links     © 2008 Maria Wheatley

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