Re: Additional Info: Weather Modification Mistaken for UFO on Swedis

From: ibeoDesign

Date: 2009-05-13 22:12:08

Attachments : #ygrps-yiv-551480765 .ygrps-yiv-551480765ygrp-photo-title { CLEAR:both;FONT-SIZE:smaller;OVERFLOW:hidden;WIDTH:75px;HEIGHT:15px;TEXT-ALIGN:center;} #ygrps-yiv-551480765 DIV.ygrps-yiv-551480765ygrp-photo { BORDER-RIGHT:black 1px solid;BACKGROUND-POSITION:center 50%;BORDER-TOP:black 1px solid;BORDER-LEFT:black 1px solid;WIDTH:62px;BORDER-BOTTOM:black 1px solid;BACKGROUND-REPEAT:no-repeat;HEIGHT:62px;BACKGROUND-COLOR:white;} #ygrps-yiv-551480765 DIV.ygrps-yiv-551480765photo-title A { TEXT-DECORATION:none;} #ygrps-yiv-551480765 DIV.ygrps-yiv-551480765photo-title A:active { TEXT-DECORATION:none;} #ygrps-yiv-551480765 DIV.ygrps-yiv-551480765photo-title A:hover { TEXT-DECORATION:none;} #ygrps-yiv-551480765 DIV.ygrps-yiv-551480765photo-title A:visited { TEXT-DECORATION:none;} #ygrps-yiv-551480765 DIV.ygrps-yiv-551480765attach-table DIV.ygrps-yiv-551480765attach-row { CLEAR:both;} #ygrps-yiv-551480765 DIV.ygrps-yiv-551480765attach-table DIV.ygrps-yiv-551480765attach-row DIV { FLOAT:left;} #ygrps-yiv-551480765 P { CLEAR:both;PADDING-RIGHT:0px;PADDING-LEFT:0px;PADDING-BOTTOM:3px;OVERFLOW:hidden;PADDING-TOP:15px;} #ygrps-yiv-551480765 DIV.ygrps-yiv-551480765ygrp-file { WIDTH:30px;} #ygrps-yiv-551480765 DIV.ygrps-yiv-551480765attach-table DIV.ygrps-yiv-551480765attach-row DIV DIV A { TEXT-DECORATION:none;} #ygrps-yiv-551480765 DIV.ygrps-yiv-551480765attach-table DIV.ygrps-yiv-551480765attach-row DIV DIV SPAN { FONT-WEIGHT:normal;} #ygrps-yiv-551480765 DIV.ygrps-yiv-551480765ygrp-file-title { FONT-WEIGHT:bold;} Well, if that someone wrote exactly that I wouldn’t put too much faith in that persons judgement. What Swedish Radar images? Maybe these? Well, these are for sure VERY fake Swedish images.  😉   Ingis —– Original Message —– From: Andrew Johnson To: ad.johnson@ntlworld…. Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 10:12 AM Subject: [Cognoscence] Additional Info: Weather Modification Mistaken for UFO on Swedish Weather Map Someone wrote to me regarding the idea that the Swedish Radar image may be a fake – of course, this is always a possibility, and  I will send updated information if there is any later. However, I suspect the image could be genuine – because I have seen a fair few of these images – I attach a couple (animated GIFs) – and there are many more here:   www.radaranomalies.c…   and some here:…   and there are some more here too:…   We know that Wilhelm Reich experimented with “Cloud Busting” in the 1950’s and 1960’s – and we know what Hurricane Erin was closest to NYC on the morning on 9/11. I therefore regard these images as supporting evidence.        

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