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Attachments :   leiferlingsson.wordp…   Something seismic happening by Leif Erlingsson2009-05-13 Tell Light Abdel-Masih Wazir is a Mesopotamian, with his ancestors capacity to think big.  His father, a Br. gen. and a conservative protestant who explained Genesis for Mr. Wazir, is much to be honored for this.  What did Annis Wazir do when he realized what the ancient mounds of Iraq meant?  Abdel-Masih Wazir to Leif Erlingsson, 2009-05-13: “Now the thing is that, what this great fellow, this great — Iraq’s first Christian general Annis Wazir realized — that what was happening with the archaeological exposé in Iraq would at the same time — the more that was proven in Iraq about an untold story will prove indirectly and directly that the told story of the Old Testament is a lie.  Because Mesopotamia is of a much older and untold history, that has come to life.  That put the Old Testament to lie.  I.e., if you can prove 7000 years back through material builds of some dried mud, why can’t they prove the history of something that’s only 3500 years old.  The so-called ‘Holy Land’, things like ‘The Temple of Solomon’, since they were built of stone…
And that’s when the discussion happened between Annis Jbbr Wazir — that Christian Iraqi general — with his wife’s most famous uncle on her mother side, Andres Ashoou, a leading judge in Iraq of Assyrian background.  When they wanted Annis to intervene with the authorities and with the royal family to limit or stop archaeological digs.  And he made it clear that for him as a Christian he is not threatened by that.  But he understood that Andres and his father-in-law, my grandfather, were threatened because they were all Freemasons.
“ Leaving ‘Babylon’, did the jews create their own stories of grandeur based on what they left, not on what they came to, similar to how common folk often name their children after royal children? The Faking Of History Abdel-Masih Wazir explaining Freemasonry, The Old Testament and The Faking Of History to Leif Erlingsson 2009-05-13: “If the rubble can tell an untold story and history 10 000 years old in Mesopotamia,
how come the told story of the Bible has not been proved yet?
Is it so that the entire story is just a fabrication.
— From the Ark of the Covenant to the Art of Casuistry.
You need fools to fool others, through the reconstruction of what never was.
Freemasonry is an organization through which we protestants are recruited as slaves to construct ‘The Temple of Solomon’.
“ And dear readers, note that Abdel-Masih Wazir — who’s English is excellent — notice how he is using the word construct, though Mr. Wazir is well aware of the fact that Freemasonry recruits people to say that they are built on the concept of the ‘reconstruction’ of ‘The Temple of Solomon’…  I.e. according to Abdel-Masih Wazir, ‘The Temple Of Solomon’ is but another historical fake. “They have been using symbols to cover their tracks.“ Who Cares? Anyone basing legitimacy on the Torah or the Temple.  Especially when ‘God’ through these instruments granted special privilege and rights.  RETROACTIVE guilt for what was originally entitlement — now vanished entitlement replaced by guilt; the entitled turned thief, the righteous turned murderer, etc.  The more done under assumed entitlement, the bigger the fall.  Psychological problems.  Loss of contact with reality.  Suicidal behavior; ‘nothing matters’.  When mighty men loose it, that matters.  Unless you are suicidal yourself. It’s happening When I talk with Abdel-Masih Wazir, I realize that there is something seismic happening.  The Age of Knowledge is coming.  Think lots of criss-cross intersecting lines between Freemasonry, Sweden/Rolf Ekéus, Abdel-Masih Wazir, Israel, Temple.  And I would on my own add, the awakening public.  In the middle of all the criss-cross intersecting lines — BANG!!!  (If you imagined yourself already to be in the age of knowledge, then the propaganda got you.  The last 5000 years, we’ve been under hierarchical authoritarian control.  Which is antithetical to the freedom required for The Age of Knowledge.) Israel in it’s present form cannot continue in the face of all this.  It has lost it, lost touch with reality.  In it’s suicidal behavior it can however cause quite a lot of grief and mess in it’s fall.  So let’s help not to prolong it.  And let’s help to expose it’s henchmen in all countries for what they are, so they have no more power over us! The art of authentic forgery “Criminal case 482/04, the State of Israel v. Oded Golan and others, lays out the details of one of the biggest forgery scandals ever in the history of archaeology.  According to the indictment, those miseld by Golan, a well-known Tel Aviv antiquities collector, included renowned experts who were ready to confirm the authenticity of the many and controversial findings he supposedly discovered, such as the Jehoash Tablet inscription and an ossuary that supposedly held the bones of James, the brother of Jesus.  . . .  When Haaretz reported over five years ago on the discovery of the Jehoash inscription, the archaeology world was shaken.  The inscription, some 10 lines in length, was etched onto a black stone tablet in ancient script.  It described the renovation conducted by Judean king Jehoash in the First Temple, as described in 2 Kings 12.
There were immediately doubts about the authenticity of the tablet, and two committees of experts set up by the IAA confirmed the suspicions, concluding that the inscription was indeed a forgery.  At the end of 2004, antiquities collector Oded Golan was put on trial.  He was accused, along with others, of forging the inscription, as well as fabricating and attempting to sell many other fake antiquities.  These included the James Ossuary (supposedly the bone box of Jesus’ brother); ancient pottery with inscriptions; a stone menorah attributed by some to the high priest in the Second Temple; a tiny ivory pomegranate, with an inscription, that was thought to be the only existing artifact that had been used in the First Temple, and which was displayed for many years at the Israel Museum.  Also determined to be a forgery was a quartz platter with an inscription in an ancient Egyptian language, which ostensibly showed that the ancient city of Megiddo was conquered by a commander of King Shishak.  The inscription presumed to solve the question occupying many scholars regarding the identity of the destroyer of Megiddo.
“   (Haaretz – Israel News, “The art of authentic forgery” by Nadav Shragai, Last update – 23:08 14/04/2008,….) Around 95% of the supposed archaeology of the ‘Holy Land’ appears to be forgery, and the remaining doesn’t prove the Chosen People story. How Abdel-Masih Wazir and I met My qualification for expounding the perspectives of Abdel-Masih Wazir is an ongoing dialogue since 2006-11-18, preceeded by and overlapped by my much more intense ongoing dialogue with Mikael Wälivaara from 2006-05-10 and right up to Mikael’s death at 2008-04-01.  Mikael Wälivaara and Abdel-Masih Wazir of course goes back to the 1970’s. I met Abdel-Masih Wazir the first time at a big debate at Socialistic forum in ABF Stockholm, Sweden, 2006-11-18, where also Åsa Linderborg and I think also Erik Wijk was present.  I spontaneously approached Abdel-Masih following him asking the panel a powerful and accusative question that stunned everyone present to silence, namely why the Swedish silence about the lies of Rolf Ekéus that even AFTER the Iraq war led to Sweden sending at least two military intelligence officers in the guise of journalists to occupied Iraq.  (I.e. was it so that Sweden is now drinking it’s own bath water after having forced others to drink it?  Discussing this event, Mr. Wazir mentions his points:  Is it a matter of – Swedish racism towards Arab’s, – Swedish faking of competence, i.e. stupidity, and – Swedish dishonesty?)  There was people in the panel who knew what Mr. Wazir was talking about, but the response that he got was just awkward silence.  Afterwards he was however approached by Åsa Linderborg, and also by myself — while everyone else made a wide berth to him.  I did at the time not know his name or that he knew my friend Mikael Wälivaara.  I only knew that he had a powerful spirit, and that I wanted to have contact.  (While most other’s were running to the other end of the room, and as I perceived it in others with whom I talked to later, shutting off their minds from his message.) Please note that I am not revealing bad stuff about my country that wasn’t already internationally recognized.  The American journalist Alexander Cockburn wrote about Rolf Ekéus role in 2003, published in Swedish in Aftonbladet Kultur, 2003-08-07, as “Låt oss inte glömma Rolf Ekéus” (’Let us not forget Rolf Ekéus‘).  As long as we expose those like Ekéus who are hiding behind the Swedish brand, it’s not Sweden but the thusly exposed fools that are revealed as bad fruit.  Abdel-Masih Wazir:  “Only idiots follow idiots,” or what Mr. Wazir calls “Flakkaptener”; Hurray Henry’s!  Mr. Wazir likes to create Swedish terms, so he calls these “Hurray Henry’s” “Flakkaptener”.  A Swede will understand, even though it is not (yet) in the dictionary. Unfortunately, Swedes like Rolf Ekéus, Carl Bildt, Göran Persson, Jan Eliasson and others have played key roles in legitimizing the modern wars.  Interview a bunch of random Swedes and they’ll never have heard about this.  Nor will those random Swedes know that they have been lied to about the reasons for the wars.  They have simply never been exposed to the real rationale, and therefore their current support for the wars are based on war-propaganda and doesn’t mean anything more than that they have been had.  That they are victims of desinformation — a form of ‘Mind Control’. [For what is right above, honour Abdel-Masih Wazir.  For what is wrong, blame me.] Leif Erlingsson2009-05-13

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