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Date: 2009-05-22 20:54:31

Forwarded copy of latest UK Newsletter for those not on the auto list.Apols for any duplicates.David, UK–This is an e-mail from ‘Exopolitics United Kingdom: UK Node of the Global Network’ Message:    For a better layout and appropriate images –  view this online here or…. Hi All  There’s some confusion over what is taking place where events wise so this short newsletter should take care of that. After the success of the PRG’s 2009 X-Con event, a couple of UK conferences and a huge European event are following on this summer. It should be mentioned that Nick Pope got the main award this year in Washington. You can see some of the event online including the video of the Press Club event which took place after and was carried by CNN. No room for general news at the moment – please check the site regularly. There’s a lot of new media there recently and our locally broadcast but globally streamed Cosmic Trigger Radio sessions are doing well – interviews currently completed and waiting for the editing process include an informative chat with the creative drive behind the new John Searl Story DVD, author of Alien Mind: A Primer –  George LeBuono, an update from Nick Pope post X-Conference and a second chat with Alfred Webre on Exopolitics as a movement and a science. Also you can find an hour’s discussion with Roy Basnett of Liverpool’s City Talk FM here. Click the link by the logo on the left hand side or try this direct. If you have trouble with their media player check the UK site soon and I’ll try to get a copy up if I get time. [*] See comment at end A final push is needed for Gary McKinnon who is facing another legal groundhog day. Check this brief article for details on signing an urgent petition for him. Spain World Summit – July 2009 There’s still plenty of time to organise attending one of the biggest events in this field in contemporary history. The Exopolitics Global Summit in Spain has now confirmed and booked the flights of all listed speakers. These include a rare out-of-US appearance of Dr Steven Greer, a once in a lifetime chance of hearing Command Sgt Major Robert Dean talk and every major commentator in the Exopolitics and disclosure arena. For the actual speakers’ time schedule see here. If you want to come from the UK – you can make your own way or get in touch beforehand so we have an idea of who’s going. The event does occur on the same weekend as the annual Glastonbury Symposium but the Spain event won’t be repeated next year or the year after! We can offer some help with accommodation if you need cheaper rates than the main site has found. Flights we’ve been informed are easy to get and cheap if booked in the last few days or some times ahead. Some carriers are doing return flights for £40 at the moment, even at peak summer time. Entry cost for the weekend in 100 Euros. If you contact us we may be able to keep that price fixed if you can’t pay immediately but you must let us know – even if you are not firmly committed and need more time.   Leeds Exopolitics Expo   Exopolitics United Kingdom and the Uk Whole Truth Coalition are staging a cutting edge event on the 27th June at Leeds Met University. This event promises to present crucial knowledge and viewpoints you’ve never heard under the ‘meta’ framework of Exopolitics.   Over from the USA are Lloyd Pye with new data on his hybrid skull and also a run-down of his take on the only viable evolutionary story –  intervention theory. Having finished his latest historical book –  UFOs and the National Security State [1970s onwards] – Richard Dolan is also lined up to give a rare Uk presentation. For a full speaker line-up see this link.   For more info and tickets :   Lloyd Pye in Midlands- 25th June, Nottingham Masonic Hall As part of a short UK Tour, Lloyd Pye will be presenting a summary of his 10 years of research into an unusual skull which has been laboratory and DNA Tested. Why is the bone so much harder than human bone, but lighter in weight? Why does the skull have no sinuses? What did the DNA tests reveal? Come and look at the evidence – and ponder the secrets that this important and extraordinary 900-year-old enigma may hold. Lloyd will also discuss elements of intervention theory –  the idea that ET races have used earth as a genetic ‘safari-park’. Tickets via the contact form at Exopolitics UK or here.   Author, International Speaker and Researcher Lloyd Pye Beyond Knowledge 2 – Of Exopolitics and Eden – September 12th and 13th 2009 After the great sucess of the first BK event in Liverpool last year – we are bringing a second weekend event with a dual theme for September 12th and 13th 2009. From the USA the author of the ‘Alien Agenda’ and ‘Crossfire’ [on which oliver Stones JFK was based]  and overall conspriacy guru Jim Marrs will be flying over to cover the main talk on day 2. On the first day, the Exopolitics and Eden theme features Peter Robbins – co-author with Larry Warren of ‘Left at Eastgate’ –  who’ll be discussing William Reich and UFOs, Ex MoD employee Nick Pope will be presenting the latest UK news and we’re pleased to announce that Stephen Bassett will be giving a key talk on why disclosure is not just needed –  it’s imminent. Steve has yet to address a UK audience and as director of the PRG and Washington [Exopolitics] X-Con event he’s probably the best placed person to know what’s moving in the halls of the media and governments. Stephen’s grasp and delivery of the ET/UFO Disclosure arena tends to ensure those in the room never think about the topic in the same way again.   Expect a full update on this event in the next week including site and promo details. Light Relief? Up until this year I personally wasn’t big on the whole photographic orbs phenomenon. Like many I’d thought that there was something in it but most images people like to shout about were maybe dust and light reflections. However I’ve since heard the erudite academic Miceal Ledwith talk with Alfred Webre about this issue and he’s spent years looking into this. In addition whilst setting up for a talk named “Higher than the H-Bomb” in Liverpool recently someone caught an unmistakable orb formation hovering over the projector for the presentation. This seems to be no dust particle –  it’s huge [even as orbs go] and has a strange internal, cell-like appearance. See what you think.    One of the better orb formations seen to date – caught above the desk and projector during setting up for a recent exopolitics themed talk.   Finally Paola Harris has just published her new book on this area called “Exopolitics – All of the Above” –  which is a good title given the complexities of the issues at had I think. You can get a copy via the Authorhouse website. [*] – I’d just like to add that normally I find myself playing the role of playing down the odd banal conspiracy –  like phones being cut-off at semmingly significant moments but I can’t ignore the fact that during that live inteview the landline I was using [and had been before this for 2 years without a hitch] made some bizarre noises and cut off. They called me back on a mobile phone to finish and weirdly the phone remained dead until exactly 12 hours later. Next update in June, thanks –  davID, Exopolitics UK     This information should be forwarded to other email addresses and published on sites and blogs. No permission needed. You have received this newsletter from expressing interest via some method, to some degree, at some time or other. If you receive a duplicate or don’t want these infrequent communications – apologies; please add a filter to you incoming email or contact and ask to be removed. Produced by the Uk Exopolitics Initiative :: ExopoliticsUnitedKin… –  May 2009    

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