WANTED: One Million Rebellious Britons

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-05-27 14:02:59

www.ukcolumn.org/200… WANTED: One Million Rebellious Britons Editor’s note: Can I ask everyone reading this to use the bookmarking links to the left of this article to help bring this to a wider audience. Many thanks. Reclaiming Our Sovereignty Once again, we have reached a crossroads in our history. We are confronted with an enemy that would destroy our nation and its people. We have some hard decisions to make – each of us, individually. Are you prepared to make them? The British Constitution Group’s call for Lawful Rebellion now moves up a notch and our campaign ‘Wanted – 1 million rebellious Britons’ has commenced, to be formally declared at our conference in London on the 13th June. If you share our ambition to take back control of our country, then we need your commitment and attendance at this conference, at which we will outline our strategy to build our campaign into a force to be reckoned with. There is a national mood for rebellion shared by patriots the length and breadth of the country. This must be harnessed under a single campaign with carefully defined objectives in order to win the war to claim back our sovereign right to govern ourselves. Make no mistake about it, this is a war. Fought by our enemies (within this country) with the weapons of lies, deceit, subterfuge and betrayal, their aim is to destroy the principle of the nation state, and replace it with regionalised global dictatorship. In order to win, we must be prepared to tell the truth about our plight to fellow Britons, the majority of whom exist in an awareness vacuum or a state of abstract denial. We cannot go to war without an army and ‘Wanted – 1 million rebellious Britons’ is the foundation to building that army. We know that millions of our fellow countrymen and women share our views but most have been rendered impotent, convinced that there is nothing that we (the majority) can do to challenge the authority of a duplicitous minority. Our task is to cajole, encourage, persuade, prod, push and insist that the nation rally to our cause and sign up to lawful rebellion as the only means by which we can now take back control of our country. An honest majority can impose their will, peacefully and lawfully,  on the dishonest minority – if they have the collective will to do so. It is our challenge, indeed our duty, to rally the nation around this cause. We need ordinary Britons in their masses to unite behind our campaign. We need to invoke our Constitution, restate our right to govern ourselves and educate a dumbed-down populous to the reality of their virtual enslavement – a harsh fact that few will recognise or are prepared to accept as true despite overwhelming evidence. We are over-regulated, over-taxed, spied on, burdened by bureaucracy and political correctness, to the extent that we are even told the words and phrases that we can and cannot utter. Thieves, muggers and drug dealers escape with meaningless cautions, whilst the law abiding majority are fined and harassed by a militia-like officialdom who themselves take orders from compliant and controlled strata of middle managers with an inflated sense of self-importance, hand-picked for their enthusiasm for social engineering and their busy-body mentality. These people must be challenged; made to realise that they are working to an agenda  of destruction, in which moral values are abandoned, families devalued and society fragmented and manipulated. Whilst we are all caught up and distracted in the chaos so inflicted, the way is clear for the power elites to build their edifice from which they can look down and control us. Each one of us should know and take heart that we are pushing back the tide of deceit. The elite’s plans are exposed – never before has the collective political establishment (the puppets of the elite) been so despised and distrusted. We know our enemies’ strengths and we know they are enormously powerful, but we also know their weaknesses. We know that ultimately our power once harnessed is much greater than theirs. Our power so harnessed is their greatest fear. Our power comes from our numbers and our ability to funnel these into a single campaign with the objective of taking back control. Our ability to harness this power comes from our preparedness to tell the truth about our predicament, to alert the wider public and fire their passion for freedom and true democracy. They know they are being conned by a dishonest and self-serving elite, they just need to know that there is a way in which they can be empowered. We must offer the direction and inspiration for others to follow. It is up to YOU to carry that message to the wider audience. Do you have the courage to do so? If you are willing to play a part in reclaiming our national sovereignty then you will need to grasp the truth of the situation, which is that the three main political parties are controlled by a global elite… whose agenda will not be disrupted one iota by elections, no matter who wins. The Brown, Cameron, Clegg show is just that… a play in which the actors create an illusion that they are in charge, but in reality it is the directors behind the scenes, hidden from our view, who are firmly in control and who will not be revealed to us until the final curtain falls – by which time it will be too late. We are calling for our Constitution to be reinstated and our laws to be upheld, but even these are useless in the face of tyranny and oppression – ultimately they require the people to stand up and defend them. Sign up to our pledge today. Become a First Point of Contact. Set up your local group. Organise your local community. Do it. Do it today. Help us turn this tide. We the British people have a right to govern ourselves, but that right can only be enforced by the people themselves. The British Constitution Group This post is tagged British Constitution Group, Lawful Rebellion, Sovereignty Columnists John Morton Mike Robinson Martin Edwards Sections Video Volunteer – actions speak louder then words! Associate Sites Common Purpose Exposed The British Constitution Group Explore Recent Hot Off The Press Echoes Of Germany   Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?www.drjudywood.com/    

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