FW: Scientists proclaim climate change is natural

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-05-29 09:38:03

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The symposium, ignored by the lying mainstream media, was held at Monash University and convened by Emeritus Professor Lance Endersbee. Several scientists identified hard evidence that severe cooling is the biggest climate challenge that we face—and its cause is entirely natural. Professor Lance Endersbee, former Pro-Vice Chancellor of Monash University, clearly pointed out that for thousands of years human civilisation has endured natural climate variation much greater than any climate change in the last century. When warm climate prevailed civilisation flourished such as in Ancient Greece, whereas cold climate led to crop failure and mass migration of people escaping the bitter cold, for example during the Dark Ages. David Archibald, an expert in solar cycles identified the actual climate problem we face: “You haven’t seen any sign of the end of Solar Cycle 23 yet and the cooling over Solar Cycle 24 as a consequence may be as much as 2.8 degrees centigrade. We are due for a de Vries cycle cooling eventevery two hundred and ten years, and actually even a Bond event because the last one of those was in the Dark Ages. And severe cooling over the next twenty years is now a certainty.” William Kininmonth, former head of the Bureau of Meteorology’s National Climate Centre pointed out that even if atmospheric carbon dioxide were to hypothetically double [an impossibility with forecast emissions and natural cooling—ed.], this would only provide 0.6 degrees centigrade of a warming effect—a small value when compared to the several degrees of historical natural climate change. Professor Robert Carter blasted our government’s insane ETS proposal, identifying that it would cost average Australian families $3000 per year. And the climate outcome—an immeasurable temperature reduction of one ten thousandth of one degree! As Professor Carter said, “Not one newspaper in this country will publish those figures. Why not? Because the taxpayers—the second they knew that this was the cost benefit equation, they would completely reject this nonsense.” Citizens Electoral Council leader Craig Isherwood today applauded the courage of the scientists to continue speaking out against superstitious fraud dressed as “science”, and called on the Rudd government to cease and desist from its threat to destroy the Australian economy: “Make no mistake, Rudd’s ETS is not a mere political ploy to trigger a double dissolution; it will smash agriculture, manufacturing, and energy generation, and trigger a population dissolution,” he said. “It will collapse the world into a new Dark Age—I call upon thinking people everywhere to join the fight against it.” Click here to read more about the fraud of global warming.   Click here to receive a free literature pack on climate science and free energy. Click here to join the CEC as a member.  Click here to refer others to receive regular email updates from the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia.     We hope you found this message useful. As a registered political party‚ the CEC receives e-mail addresses from various sources‚ which it does not pass on to any other organisation. If you would prefer not to receive further e-mails of this nature at your e-mail address terrybrennan@aapt.ne…‚ click here to be removed. If the link does not work‚ copy the following into the address field in your browser: http://cecaust.com.au/remove/?s=terrybrennan@aapt.ne… Authorised: Robert Barwick‚ 595 Sydney Rd‚ Coburg‚ Vic 3058  

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