The Curious Tale of Stephen Mark and his (working) Free Energy Devic

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-05-31 00:09:25

This video is extremely interesting:…   Reading the revelations, however, of one of the people involved in this project does illustrate how the “underworld” seems to suck in and swallow much of the good will and skill that is clearly present in the Free Energy Arena.…   Device is Real; Steven Mark wasn’t On March 16, 2008, Jack Durban wrote: A little background on who I am and why I remained silent for over a decade. I have been an avid inventor and product developer since I was a kid. I was drawing detailed engines and mechanisms by age 9 and just had a knack for looking at a product and finding faults in the design. In school I spent all my time drawing machines and basic circuits. I worked on my first patent in High school and it issued in 1977. Since then I have developed over 200 products that cover several industries. I currently hold 21 patents that have issued or are pending published applications. As a product developer I have prepared dozens of patents for clients and read thousands of patents during searches over a quarter century now. I have seen it all when it comes to technology and I have an open mind which is rare in my field. I have designed and worked on alternative health devices like the RIFE machines and even worked with Barry Lynes the author of “The Cancer cure that worked”. I designed the world’s first Brainwave analyzer to measure correlates of I.Q. with Dr. John Ertl a brilliant PhD in Cybernetics. I am putting this out there to say that I have always entered into any design or design evaluation task with eyes wide open and no preconceptions. The reason why I didn’t come forward sooner was due to an NDA I signed back in ’96. As one who makes a living working with invention, patents and is a caretaker of others intellectual property, I have to be very careful in discussing anything of a sensitive nature. Although all NDA’s have to expire by a certain date, I waited an extra 8 years just in case Steven ever surfaced again. I have seen several so called free energy devices, and all without exception were failures. Not all were fraudulent. Some were just not well understood by their creators as not meeting the requirements of producing over unity power or work. When I was approached by M.M. to work with Steven Marks, I wasn’t overly excited after years of seeing these all crash and burn, but I was again all ears. When I saw the devices work and was able to rotate the units 90 degrees without loss of output power, I felt a chill go over me like seeing a ghost. You see I know Tesla’s works as he is one of my heroes like Edison and others. I fully understood the impact of being able to rotate the device without performance depredation. The gyroscopic sensation felt when moving the device made it clear to me instantly that the coils displaced about the perimeter of the device were switching in a quadrature fashion like stators in a motor yet there were no mechanical devices in the unit. It became clear that there was a lot of current flowing from winding to winding. The device worked and the video is real. It was shot at a mansion that Steven rented in Lemon Heights California. Steven’s face does not appear in the first videos but I did notice that he does appear in the one on youtube that shows potential investors. He always wore an all black suit and shoes even when doing basic lab work. It was part of the facade. The sad thing is that Steven was a bit of a hustler. He received millions from several investors, and never delivered the end product. Steven spent wildly on a lavish lifestyle. The seemingly sophisticated test equipment one sees in the videos was in fact a collection of audio and video gear. It was all purchased for audio development on Steven’s so called 3D audio theater system that was shown at CES in 1996 or 97. I have no doubt that Steven was not the true inventor of this device, as he was not technically savvy enough for such a feat. His only technical background was working on televisions and cars. He claimed to be an expert in Rolls Royce repair and he did own an older model but it wasn’t anything outstanding. I met Steven in 1996 when my company was hired by Mercury Marilla, Steven’s boyfriend at the time, to replicate the device’s capabilities by any means possible. At First I thought he was trying to find out if there was another quick way to produce the same result with an alternative approach, but I later realized he was likely looking for a second design that he could pawn off on investors so he could retain the original design. There were many, many investors pouring in money like there was no tomorrow in the hopes of getting their hands on what appeared to be the holy grail of free energy. There was a reason beyond the endless supply of investment dollars that kept the technology from ever being delivered, and that was the fact that the device only ran for so long before it shut down due to overheating, which averaged 20 minutes or so after it was activated. He was very frustrated with the thermal issues, but every time I came up with a solution he would say he would check it out, but nothing ever came of the remedies. He would never allow me to take the unit apart or do any dissecting at all. The design was quite simple. There were two sets of windings arranged in a fashion that very closely resemble the Tesla patent 381,970 circa 1888. There were two large chokes and polypropylene caps that appeared to be an output smoothing function. My Instincts told me that the choke and cap pair was a tuned tank, but knowing how little electronics knowledge Steven had, I could not see him being capable of doing any tank tuning, and there was no grid dip gear around. I’ll be releasing more information as I get time. Oh one little side note among many in this interesting moment in time was Steven’s use of a magnet to activate the device. This was just a ruse. The magnet, a cheap Radio Shack magnet at that was deployed only as a means of closing a simple Reed switch that closed the primary circuit. Steven thought this would throw off those who viewed live demos, as he was well aware that many potential investors were bringing their top engineers with them. I am thinking about writing a screenplay on this, as there is much, much more to the story, including sex, crimes and misdemeanors. I have been sitting on this story for over a decade now. Coming Forward After All This Time On March 15, 2008, Jack Durban wrote: Hello Sterling, The post was at… simontay78.wordpress… A purely random pick after days with little sleep. For some odd reason I just thought it was time to tell the story that few have ever heard. Perhaps it was seeing all the pretenders making up stuff about the man and the machine only to profit themselves from the legacy. I did secretly release some secrets to Keely net a few years ago and they agreed to keep my name a secret. Now after 11 years I no longer am concerned about breeching anyone’s confidence. NDA’s only last so long! I hope you have an open mind as the technology did indeed work. As one who was often hired to debunk so called over unity devices I was very fortunate to play with the device and work on a couple projects with Steven both power and audio related. I should tell you in advance that I have a pretty good idea as to how it worked but I do not know enough to build it without spending some serious time in the lab which. Post-Interview Comment On March 20, 2008, Jack Durban wrote: I would like to add the following… This was part of an email of 20 March 08, between myself and one of the respected elders in the movement to reproduce the SM Device. This email is redacted and only shows one question of many and my position on Steven Mark to clarify my motives in this matter. > “I think that you offered some sound inspiration but i > did not see how knocking him technically helps as > there may come a time when he will be more forth > coming” Let’s examine this situation. 1. If there ever was a man deserving of some knocking it is Steven Mark. I understand that you guys are walking on egg shells with this guy with the hopes that he will someday reveal the final formula; but there is little reason to believe beyond hope and despair that he ever will reveal the final answer. 2. Megalomaniacs like Steven need an audience to feed their narcissistic appetite. To give anyone the final keys to making the device work would be cutting the umbilical cord to his adoring fans. All he could gain from such an act is a thank you. Remember, Steven knows how to make these already. If he wanted to help you or anyone else he could have without hesitation long ago. 3. There are several others doing this and are well beyond where Steven is. Once he realizes this watch how quickly he comes forward to help when his obsolescence becomes a self realization and his fan base loses interest. The reason I came forth yesterday was to tell the truth about what I experienced while working with Steven Mark. Contrary to some of the less than friendly posts regarding my inability to shed any light any light on the technology beyond what is already known, I never represented that I possessed or would reveal anything of a technical nature that would further any development underway. If I had I certainly would have finished the device myself. What was a payoff? None for myself. Most of the feedback I received publicly was negative. The only payoff I can hope for is that if a guy like Steven Mark, a hustler and tinkerer with less than extraordinary intellect was able to reproduce this free energy device there is hope for others to replicate this device also as many others have to date. I apologize for offending those who are still drinking the Steven Mark Koolaid but I don’t think most of you know of or appreciate the trail of shattered dreams and victims left in this mans’ wake. All the Best, Jack Durban Contact Jack DurbanCalifornia, USA Yahoo Msgr: “vorelco” email: Comments See Discussion page – list of questions for Jack, additional correspondence. Steven Mark´s associate Jack Durban comes forward with more info! ( forum; March 17, 2008) See also Videos:Jack Durban:Steven Marks TPU Directory:Steve Marks Toroid Generator Directory:Solid State Generators PowerPedia:Solid State Generator Directory:Electromagnetic Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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