Re: Interesting but Disturbing Documentary on UK Animal Mutilations


Date: 2009-06-02 14:49:50

1. Think about that “Pixie Dust” which is produced from mucosa of pork bladder is able to regrow a human fingertip. Obviously the removed animal parts are preferably parts rich in mucosa. 2. If you read  page 34 of Rael’s book “Intelligent Design – Message from the Designers ”  (downloadable for free:… ) : “The creators were unable to eat in the open air because of their pressurized suits, but if necessary, using a scientific technique, they could feed themselves by extracting the essentials of these offerings using a flexible tube or cane. The process radiates flames, which made people at the time think sacrifices to God were being made.” I assume this method of providing nutrition through an astronaut suit would apply not only for the early Elohim creators. At 13:51 02.06.2009, you wrote: This is well edited and is a very straightforward presentation, though it contains some disturbing images.   Like the Chemtrail issue (are the 2 related?) we see an almost identical pattern of run-around and denial – although the evidence here is even more tangible than that of Chemtrails.     Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then… www.checktheevidence… What happened on 9/11?    

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