Slightly OT but connected all the same.

From: Maggie

Date: 2009-06-11 12:02:00

I watched this on tv last night, & believe people should know this. People in the USA and UK are suffering from this, it has been used in firing in The Solway Firth, on the Scottish Borders in Dundrennan for over 25 years. They have got earthworms, etc. that glow in the dark, and it has been reported in “The Scotsman” newspaper about how people in Dundrennan have tried to get this stopped, how there are numerous cases of leukaemia in this area, how the Scottish Government have tried to stop the MOD doing these live firings, and the amount of shells lying in the water of the Solway. They refuse to be stopped. IT CONCERNS US ALL. www.consciousmediane… Links to The Scotsman efforts to stop this depleted uranium. Results *1 – 10 of about 158 from for depleted uranium.* ( *0.24* seconds) enhanced by Blocked image 1. SNP leader raises alarm over *depleted uranium* – News SNP leader raises alarm over *depleted uranium* – ALEX Salmond attacked Labour and the Conservatives yesterday over the firing of *depleted uranium* shells in *…*… – 51k 2. NUCLEAR TESTS: HISTORY OF COVER-UP CLAIMS – News 29 Dec 2001 * …* In January this year, the British government launched a new inquiry into the effects of *depleted uranium* following suggestions that *…*… – 49k 3. Humble mould could be the key to cleaning nuclear test zones *…* Locked into mineral form, the *depleted uranium* would be stopped from *…* Thousands of *depleted uranium* rounds have been fired into the Solway Firth over the *…*… – 53k 4. Iraq’s *uranium* legacy in focus – News 3 Feb 2009 *…* Whilst Toyoda’s photos are a harrowing portrait of the consequences of war, the connection to *depleted uranium* is purely speculative. *…*… – 52k 5. Every day’s a battle for sick troops – News 23 Nov 2004 *…* “We would be cleaning aircraft without full protective gear, without masks, and offloading shells which were tipped with *depleted uranium*. *…*… – 59k 6. Inquiry rules Gulf war syndrome is real – News 17 Nov 2004 *…* When the war began, he was exposed to a nightmare combination of toxins, gases, pesticides, nuclear radiation from *depleted uranium* and *…*… .jp – 53k 7. Going nuclear ‘could save billions’ – News 16 Oct 2006 *…* Much as I hate to agree with the greens, what will these countries do with all the *depleted uranium* left over from the refining process? *…*… – 66k 8. Facing up to Gulf War’s silent killer – News 20 Apr 2006 *…* Secondly, the allied forces were repeatedly exposed to radiation and toxic effects from *depleted uranium* used in heavy munitions. *…*… – 51k 9. Inquiry into first Gulf war illness opens – News 12 Jul 2004 *…* They were exposed to atmospheric pollution from burning oil wells and *depleted* *uranium* (DU) dust while decommissioning sites and vehicles *…*… – 51k 10. Blair says he thinks every day of his decision to invade Iraq * …* After we pulled off the twin towers stunt, we rained cruise missiles, cluster bombs, rolled in the tanks and *depleted uranium* onto defenseless civilians. *…*… – 94k Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Maggie *Do unto others as you would have done to you!!* Please check out the link below….. Maggie ———————————————————————— *Free Email by Sorch @ Get your email now @ *

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