Jim Folsom – Rife Machine Manufacturer – Jailed

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-06-17 19:26:57

Attachments : Jim Folsom Trial     James Folsom is well known, in the Rife world, as the manufacturer and distributor of the BioSolutions/Global Wellness Plus, Rife-type, bio-resonance instruments. He has been marketing this equipment since 1995 from San Diego after taking over the business from the Royal Rife Research Society.   Jim has hundreds of testimonials where his devices improved physical symptoms, and in many cases led to full remission and did not have any dissatisfied customers.   In April 2003, he has raided by the FDA as part of their “Operation Cure All”, which targeted various companies in the alternative health market at the time. A lot of equipment was confiscated at the time, but then Jim heard no more for several years. Then just before the statute of limitations would have taken effect, Jim was arrested and charged with many felony counts, including selling a class III medical instrument without a license. He stood by his principles, as he saw himself as not guilty for the following reasons. He did not need a license to sell the instrument because his equipment was Class 1 biofeedback device exempt. The instrument had been used for 70+ years, with no known harm or side effects. And the device should have been grandfathered in by the FDA, as Rife equipment had already been on the market before 1976. Jim saw this as an opportunity to clear the name of Royal Rife once and for all.   He was then offered two or three plea bargains, the last of which would have him plead guilty to a misdemeanor, pay a $250 fine, unsupervised probation for a year, and he would not be able to sell his devices.  Jim, knowing the capabilities of his devices, felt certain he could fight this charge and win. He had been running his business ethically and collecting testimonials for years and so he put together a good defense team.  He decided to go through with a jury trial.   Jim Folsom’s Trial, Feb 4-17, 2009   Jim was arrested for selling a class III medical instrument without FDA pre market approval/clearance. The charges that Jim thought he was being charged with and for which he built his case was:   Fraud against the government, Misbranding/Mislabeling/Adulteration and Fraud against customers (added by the prosecuting attorney and allowed by the judge a couple of days into the trial).   After 7 days of prosecution, he only had about 30 minutes of defense and then was very surprised to learn that he was found guilty of 26 felony charges (despite being told up to and during the trial it was only three), which allowed for a possible maximum sentence of 140 years in prison and $500,000.00 in fines. Being found guilty on 26 charges was a total surprise for both Jim and his attorneys.   Jim had stood on his principles for his innocence and to clear the Rife name. It was an impossible task. Jim was up against an endless supply of money through the FDA and an unjust system.   Since the trial, Jim’s defense attorneys had promised to present a motion for a new trial, but Jim is not aware of that happening. Jim also provided them with money at the end of the trial for the transcripts, but that money was not used for the intended purpose as of this writing. The transcripts are necessary to put together a motion for a new trial and it takes 30 days. Jim also mentioned he’s being pressured into signing a plea agreement.   The outcome of this could set a precedent for other rife-type device inventor/distributers, and things must be set right. There is a group working on getting Jim out of jail. He is in a detention center awaiting sentencing set for July 13, 2009 at 10:30am (not May 11 nor July 10th).   Appeal for Help An appeal has been started for those who wish to do what you can to help Jim. Those wishing to help are asked to do the following:   Fill the courtroom: Fill the courtroom on the sentencing date: July 13th, 10:30AM   Donate: It will cost upwards of $75,000 to put in an appeal, and Jim has exhausted his funds and needs help. Any bit will do. If you can only afford $5 or $10, that will still help! Jim’s brother David and his good friend Rob have started up a website for Jim including instructions on how to donate at www.jimfolsom.net     Write to Jim: Let’s inundate the facility with mail! Now is the time to show this humanitarian, friend, associate, etc., how much we care and that he truly is in our thoughts and prayers and not forgotten.   Write: Tell writers about this story! We need the media now. We need stories about what is happening to this innocent man and that Americans are being lied to about cures.   Blog. Write letters to the editor. The truth needs to be heard now!!!   Talk: Talk to your friends and family! Jim Folsom needs your/our help to avoid a prison sentence. One way is to politically get attention by many speaking out in the weeks ahead.   How Will This Affect Other Rife Manufacturers in the USA? The FDA claims this type of instrument is under its jurisdiction, regardless of the fact that they were used many years before the 1976 Act and should not require a license to distribute. This seems to be the background and big picture of this case. The big question is how this will affect others who sell instruments but are more careful not to make any statements regarding efficacy? It will cause major anxiety in those selling these devices.   Also (most likely as a result of the trial) just 45 days after trial, the FDA put out a press announcement “FDA to Review Medical Devices Marketed Prior to 1976” [10]   Most manufacturers of Rife equipment in the USA are now checking the information they are releasing on their websites.   For full details on this story, complete with links, addresses etc. please visit our new Rife Wiki: www.rifewiki.org/wik… Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?www.drjudywood.com/    

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