Weird Messages encoded in slides of the Daily Telegraph’s “Blackjack

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-06-21 19:02:15

Someone sent me  a YouTube message about this and I found the following videos:…   Call to MI5:……   Basically, in the images, there are some long number sequences   Part 4, Slide 15:…   74686973206973206E6F742073696D706C7920656E7465727461696E6D656E74   If you go to www.string-functions…  and paste in that number sequence it reveals:   this is not simply entertainment Part 4, Slide 17 (Now deleted for the set in the link above, but archived qon  the telegraph’s site here:…)   54686973206973207468652066696E616C207761726E696E67206F6E20746869732073697465202D20616C6C2066757274686572207761726E696E67732077696C6C20626520676976656E206F6E206A61636B626C61636B31322E696E666F2E2042657761726520417264656E742053656E7472792E20426520616C65727420666F722053656D69732062656172696E67207468652073756E2069636F6E2E204E6F7420616C6C206665646572616C20617574686F7269746965732061726520696E766F6C766564 If you go to www.string-functions…  and paste in that number sequence it reveals:   This is the final warning on this site – all further warnings will be given on Beware Ardent Sentry. Be alert for Semis bearing the sun icon. Not all federal authorities are involved? The video linked above shows this as having a clock counting down, but this has now been removed.…   I don’t know what the meaning of all this is – if it’s some kind of prank, then I find it very unusal that it should be found “embedded” in the website of a UK National Newspaper – perhaps it is simply another Psy-Op directed at those who are savvy enough to notice the hdden numbers (which weren’t that hidden in Slide 17!).   All very odd   Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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