Sussex Police … who are they really?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-06-24 15:20:13…   Sussex Police … who are they really?  From Ray a TPUC researcher! Sussex Police … who are they really? So in order to send my notarised NOU/COR to the Chief Constable of Sussex, I first had to research who he was, this was easy as quick entry into google “Sussex Police Chief Constable” took me to their website… Don’t you just love the page name “thechief”, next he will be riding a big white horse with feathers in his helmet a whoopin and a hollerin before he scalps a few more innocent motorists! So looking down the left hand side of the page I saw an icon for “Sussex Police Authority”, now this really confused me because I know through Dunn & Bradstreet that Sussex Police is made up of EIGHT companies (1 Head Office and 7 Branches). So I clicked on the link for Sussex Police Authority (www.sussexpoliceauth….uk) and landed at the site for this organisation. I’ve been in the IT industry for 30 years and so immediately I was interested in who owned the domain name. Now, having registered thousands of domains in my time I know that there is a company called Nominet Ltd (also Nominet UK ltd at the same address) and these are the company appointed to issue and manage all .UK domain names in the UK, ergo any domain name ending in .uk should be registered through nominet. So a quick visit to and after entering “sussexpoliceauthorit….uk” I find that the owners of the domain have elected to hide their details (which is odd considering that domains are reserved for public departments in government). Whats more interesting is the following statement on that page:- Error for “sussexpoliceauthorit….uk”.     Nominet is not the registry for this domain name. WHAT?, so all of us out here are forced to register our .uk domains through the company appointed to be the issuing authority for domains in the UK and yet the government are not required to do so. Therefore the big question is how do you find out WHO owns a domain in this country, there has to be accountability in the use of the domain so who do we go to for a listing of the owners, if the government are exempt then WHY? IP: Location: Sunbury, United Kingdom Clearly we can see from the IP address and location listed in the entry that this domain points to a server located in Police HQ in Sunbury on Thames. So given that we know this is a Police domain then why are we not entitled to know the full details of the owners, what is there to hide? So then I moved my attention to the Sussex Police Authority, This is where it REALLY starts to get interesting:- I ran a search through duport on “Sussex Police” and left every other field alone – here are the results! Now whats interesting here is that the CHIEF CONSTABLE is a limited company too! Not only that ALL of these companies areshowing as “UC” companies! Now I have downloaded the accounts and two other documents from the Sussex Police Authority Ltd (UC4457612) from their site, namely:- accountsPublicRights.pdfaccountsCompletion_2008.pdfstatement_of_accounts_08.pdf All of which are attached here and the first two tell me that as a government elector, I have an entitlement to go and inspect the original accounts at Police headquarters and take copies should I so desire. Well as you can imagine, I am going to take them up on their kind offer. So we will see where that leads because I am VERY interested to see what they spend OUR money on and how they can be held accountable, possibly for malfeasance in a public office or malfeasance of public funds. And another interesting thread opens up … While we are here lets just have a quick look at that domain registry entry for     Domain name:     Registrant:        Peter Volatais     Registrant type:        Unknown     Registrant’s address:        The Charis Group Ltd.        1 Hagley Road        Edgbaston        Birmingham        B16 8TG        United Kingdom     Registrar:        Fasthosts Internet Ltd [Tag = FASTHOSTS]        URL:     Relevant dates:        Registered on: 23-Feb-1998        Renewal date:  23-Feb-2010        Last updated:  25-Jan-2008     Registration status:        Registered until renewal date.     Name servers: So, who are “The Charis Group Ltd” – some research required there I think! However, a quick google of “Peter Volatais” reveals an ALEXA link (ALEXA track all the various internet sites traffic volumes and other information – but this trail is REALLY interesting … So google “Peter Volatais” and then click the ALEXA link on page 2… Now take a look at the related sites – WOW you will notice that is connected (perhaps by registrant) to a load of other domains / sites. lets look at some of these: www.spycatcheronline… Hmm interesting that this domain should be connected to Peter Volatais by Seedpill & Alexa – is this another one of the Charis Group Ltd’s business – again more research required. Interesting to note that is supplying the M.O.D! Whats even more interesting is this … Run a google query with “The Charis Group Ltd” and second one down shows ALEXA’s link for this company.… Once on the site clicking the CONTACT link confirms its the same people that Peter Volatais is working for so we are on the correct track here. From the URL we can see that its tracking on so a quick double check on to confirm ……. Yep! Same people so we know that is undeniably linked to the duport site. However a visit to reveals a holding page that your kid brother could have made a better job of! OK so back to ALEXA and we now see near the top right it says … HALL CARAVAN PARK What the hell – so lets look into that then – a quick google on “old hall caravan park” reveals that there is a site called www.oldhallcaravanpa… but in this case the domain is registered to the website builders ( A quick search of the company number on duport confirms that the company is called Old Hall Caravan Park Ltd. its amazing what you can dig up online in an hour or so and I am sure that if the full reports were run on these companies – then links in terms of common shareholders and / or directors would be found. More of this to follow as I dig more of it up! But I encourage you all to go and use google,, alexa and other information sites out there to start to piece together this jigsaw – as John says – once we know who they are – its game over. Hmmm… So why are duport and companies house showing companies that are allegedly (according to the above) “unincorporated” – my understanding is that only companies that are “incorporated” are shown in Companies House and Duport. That doesn’t make any sense … Also – I was researching why and how the government control domains and it turns out that these are controlled by JANET (The JNT Association Ltd) based in Oxford, however they come under the Central Office of Information (COI) So go put COI into duport and see how many UC companies come up and many of them with DUPLICATE names. Something not right here at all! Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?  

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