FW: Nat.Geo. TV Misleads Public About Crop Circles

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-07-04 00:58:52

Attachments :   From: Earle Benezet [mailto:ebenezet@insightbb.c…] Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2009 11:03 PMTo: undisclosed-recipients:Subject: Nat.Geo. TV Misleads Public About Crop Circles Nancy Talbott wrote: Hi, guys…. Don’t know if you’ve heard about this latest or not…but I’d be grateful if you’d get  this notice around to your people: DANGER – NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TV MISLEADS PUBLIC ABOUT CROP CIRCLES by Nancy Talbott BLT Research Team Inc. www.bltresearch.com
June 5, 2009 Crop Circle in barley which appeared at New Farm, Wiltshire, England Photo:  Russell Stannard Every few years National Geographic TV decides to do another crop circle “documentary.”  Nancy Talbott, of the BLT Research Team Inc., was persuaded to participate in 2005 because she was told that Nat.Geo.TV wanted to make this show “all about crop circle science.”  She was therefore somewhat appalled to see–when the show aired–that Nat.Geo.TV had included only the briefest mention of just one of the points made in her 3-hour interview, totally ignoring all of the rest of the peer-reviewed facts available (www.bltresearch.com/…). In May, 2009 the London-based Zig Zag Productions film group (hired by National Geographic TV to shoot the new show) called Nancy, asking her to participate once again.  Because of the 2005 show’s total failure to honestly inform the public, at the very least about the peer-reviewed data available, Nancy asked for a written guarantee that she would be allowed to withdraw her interview and all graphics if she felt that the “final cut” misrepresented the data or was disrespectful to the scientists whose work had established them. Nat.Geo.TV crew filming hoaxers pretending to make a circle–inside an already existing formation. Photo:  Bert Janssen While waiting to hear if National Geographic TV would provide such a guarantee (they wouldn’t) several other long-term crop circle researchers were also being contacted by Zig Zag–and many of them began expressing their concerns.  Bert Janssen (www.cropcirclesandmo…) has now also written a letter, in which he includes photos he took of a film crew working for Nat. Geo. TV in 2004.  He clearly reveals hoaxers pretending to make a crop circle for the cameras–when, in fact, they are just moving around inside a formation which had already occurred a few days earlier. Several other crop circle researchers have also posted statements on their own web-sites. Below are links to both Nancy’s and Bert’s letters, as well as a link to an unknown “twitterer” who has picked up on the situation and who is encouraging concerned people to email the Nat.Geo.TV’s Executive VP in charge of “Content,” Mr. Sydney Suissa (his & other Nat.Geo.TV execs, names & email adds, at end of Nancy’s letter). If enough people do email Mr. Suissa–it might encourage Nat. Geo. to produce a real documentary, instead of the deceitful, superficial pap they’ve presented to the public in the past. Link to Nancy and Bert’s letters, in full: www.bltresearch.com/… Link to unknown twitterer’s page: www.ioitalia.net/CRO… Nancy Talbott BLT Research Team Inc. P.O. Box 400127 Cambridge, MA  02140  (USA) ph:  617/492-0415    web-site:  www.bltresearch.com Nancy Talbott BLT Research Team Inc. P.O. Box 400127 Cambridge, MA  02140  (USA) ph:  617/492-0415    web-site:  www.bltresearch.com

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