Discussion of BBC Conspiracy FIles 7/7 Whitewash

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-07-07 11:58:35

  Below, but also more info here:   officialconfusion.co…   This is from Adrian Connock – creator of “Mind the Gap”   officialconfusion.co…   They chose the most speculative and least objective 7/7 documentary to focus on. There is no allowance for the questions that survivors such as Rachel North have raised with regard to MI5’s prior knowledge, and the audience is misled to believe that the victims are content with the official account, when many are not. After accepting the Luton to KC Thameslink train was cancelled there is no further scrutiny of the Home Office timeline and the many other inconsistencies it portrays. There is no thorough inspection of the reports that suggest MI5 may have been able to prevent the attacks. They fail to understand or examine the false potential of electronic evidence and the corruption within the cctv companies. Instead they focus on making fools out of those who questioned the authenticity of the Luton image and do not consider the cctv timeline contradictions. They accuse those questioning the official government account of ‘sowing dissent across Britain’ and did not give any credence to those people who are simply asking honest questions with no intention of stirring up dissent. After hearing a controversial view on the issue of the identification found at the bomb sites the audience was then provided a speculative opinion presented by the BBC are official and therefore correct. It is implied that anyone involved with questioning 7/7 is on a par with disingenuous types such as the producer of Ripple Effect. They do not scrutinise the links offered by the authorities with regard to terrorist training. They do not make clear that the officials admit there is still no available intelligence actually proving the men were involved in terrorism. They insinuate that those asking questions upset the victims of 7/7, but they did not reveal that the majority of those questioning the official account want the same thing many of the victims want – a full scale independent public inquiry. There is no analysis of the conflicting reports regarding the explosives used and the audience is not informed that there is still no official explanation. There is no investigation into the alleged bombers. No examination of false and misleading media stories. No questioning of evidence found at Alexandra Grove. No mention of the reputed links with Haroon Aswat or Al Muhajiroun. No wider context of terrorist infiltration, false flag attacks or police/intelligence corruption. As to be expected they purposely edit out prominent points in favour of less coherent arguments. They cunningly attempt to exonerate Tony Blair for his early finger pointing at the Islamic community and failed to examine the numerous other officials who immediately jumped on the hallmarks of radical Islam Al Qaeda band wagon. Netanyahu’s advisor denies there was any prior warning and the story is compared to the fabricated story of Jews being warned not to go to work on 9/11. However there is no mention that Mossad agents were arrested and implicated in the 9/11 attacks, nor is there mention of any of the significant evidence suggesting that Mossad once blew up the Israeli embassy in London for political ends. A large amount of emphasis is put on the unacceptable hatred aimed at those implicated in a conspiracy, but it is not made clear that the vast majority of people who have researched 7/7 are decent law abiding citizens who would never send such abuse. They are given intriguing access by Peter Power to the Visor Consultants’ exercise run on 7/7, but fail to highlight the basis for why many people were suspicious of coinciding exercises. Time is wasted on the more ridiculous allegations made in the Ripple Effect regarding the oddities of the Kingstar van and the Descent poster – no attempt is made to make clear that the vast majority of 7/7 researchers see these issues as simply odd coincidences. It is claimed that questioning 7/7 has caused division in British society and has served to alienate Muslims from the authorities, yet there is no acceptance that the most profound catalyst for Muslim alienation from the authorities has been the ongoing murder of millions of innocent Muslims by a UK led coalition conceived on a policy based on lies and fabrications from the high echelons of Western intelligence. There is no mention that there are no reliable witnesses on public record who claim to have seen the men on 7/7. Richard Jones is not questioned with regard to his numerous conflicting statements in the press. There is no mention of the bus cameras being out of operation and no attempt to investigate whether they had been tampered with. No mention that the witness reports regarding the explosions do not concur with the blast effects of peroxide based devices. They insinuate that there were only two survivor reports suggesting the blasts may have come from beneath the tube carriages, but in reality there were many more. There is no assessment of the distrust the government has sown through it’s inadequate and shoddy reporting on the events of 7/7. I could go on for pages, but I think you get the point. Character assassination is bread and butter for the Conpiracy Files ilk and yet again I sat and cringed for an hour as I watched messengers get shot down, whilst the little information they were allowed to present quietly slipped away with them. Although perhaps more perturbing than the character assassination attempts and the blatant omissions, was the insinuation that people like myself have created division in society and have promoted unjust suspicion of the authorities. This has never been my intention, and unlike other 7/7 documentaries I put my real name out with Mind The Gap because I have nothing to hide, and no fear of the authorities. I concur with the sentiments raised about 7/7: Ripple Effect by Julyseventh.co.uk. It is misleading and it should be known that I do in fact agree with many of the important issues raised by Conspiracy Files 7/7 with regard to the negative impact a documentary such as Ripple Effect can have. However I am appalled that the Conspiracy Files focused almost exclusively on this film and its wild speculations. I turned down the opportunity to be involved with this BBC documentary, as I have turned down other mainstream documentaries. After spending an hour with producer Tristan Quinn, it quickly became obvious what the intention of the programme was. His line of questioning was dominated by my personal motivations for making Mind the Gap and the majority of the information in the film, and on my website, appeared to be of little interest to him. Quinn repeatedly tried to entice myself and other 7/7 researchers into participating by claiming it was our best opportunity yet to voice our opinions. If it was not the Conspiracy Files I may have believed him, but I was fully aware of the Conspiracy Files prerogative and refused. I confronted Quinn with a video camera during the recording of the show and repeatedly asked him to put on record that his production would abide by the BBC’s editorial guidelines. He refused to confirm, and after viewing the show it is obvious that yet again the Conspiracy Files were granted a license above and beyond the normal BBC editorial guidelines. In my opinion Quinn had a prerequisite to fulfil and no doubt he’ll be getting a pat on the back for his work. People should note Quinn’s other productions include a profoundly bias pro-Israel Panorama programme. On review of the extensive secret recordings I made of Quinn and his team in action, it becomes absolutely clear that Quinn’s line of questioning was often insidious in nature and that a vast amount of pertinent information was omitted. Out of professional courtesy I am choosing not to release these recordings at this time. I would like to remind the BBC that I am still waiting for a simple acknowledgement regarding my last expose of BBC propaganda, namely 9/11 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy. Well over a million people have watched it, but not one BBC underling has been bothered to acknowledge my emails. Sad, but true. Adrian Connock 07.07.09   Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?www.drjudywood.com/    

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