Global “Media Flu” Pandemic Worsens

By May Kit-Allup (Timbuctoo)

July 17 2009 – Worldwide – Observers are concerned that a rampant virulent infection has taken hold of almost all media outlets all over the world.

Prof Ed Woodburners of the Institute of Propaganda Studies has said "We have been working for years to shape the media to report what needs reporting, but even we have been surprised at how this ‘media flu’ has taken hold."

Dr Joseph Gerbils of the University of Misrepresentation has challenged what many are stating as fact, "We question whether there is really such a thing as ‘media flu’ at all – we actually think that what we’re seeing is a result of corporate policies being implemented behind everyone’s backs – the outcome being something which looks like one illness but is actually another. What is really happening is that powerful corporate groups – such as those controlling the energy, military, pharmaceutical and financial sectors are dictating what news media output should be."

Symptoms of media flu include hysterical front page headlines, not naming people involved in stories being reported, purposeful exaggeration of certain features of a story (the desire caused by virus is very strong). More serious symptoms include failure to report important facts, such as legal action taken by some media figures to expose the media flu for what it really is.

A person in the street said "This media flu is very real – I’ve really noticed it since they’ve been going on and on and on about this swine flu trash – trying to scare us into getting vaccinated or take tamiflu or some such thing."

Many are worried that there is no cure for media flu. Alternative media figures, largely unaffected by media flu, are nevertheless worried about the rampant infection. An anonymous alternative media spokesperson (who cannot be named because that might allow people to actually check out the validity of the story more easily) said, "There seems to be no cure for media flu – all those who question the nature and cause of this infection are censored, ridiculed or ostracised. Now that media flu really has taken hold, there is no justification that the news media has a reason to exist. I think the presence of media flu explains the trend seen in print news media in recent years – they now give away free magazines, vouchers and DVDs of movies –  and they seem to have to use other gimmicks to get people to buy them – they have basically given up reporting or investigating the most important news stories."

Mr Tom Markson of the British Brainwashing Corporation said, “We are being very careful that any Media Flu infection does not inhibit our usual activities – we will be making sure that we always report child abuse stories, CO2-based climate change stories, cancer and health scare stories (especially when celebrities are involved), credit crunch stories and the like. We will continue to make sure that any important and valid information – which challenges assumptions we make and gives people real hope that a different world could be had – goes unreported. After all, we have to protect the interests of the relatively small but very powerful group of people who tell us what to do.”

Mr. Ru Pertmurdoch, owner of the International  News Company said "We are not worried about the media flu. We don’t see a risk of infection because our reporting is always as fair and balanced as possible. We always report the facts so we’re immune from infection."

Dr Ly Mei Pantzoff, an independent consultant for the World Media Health Organisation (WMHO), has said "Media Flu could be a mutation – it seems to have started as an ordinary Microsoft Word-borne macro virus sent out in a mass mailing from Nigeria. Rumours are that it originated on a computer in the offices of a branch of International News Corporation, but the media have not reported this. But like a lot of stuff the media report as fact, this story has not been verified."

Pantzoff continues, "To protect against further infection from and mutation of Media Flu, we are proposing that all media personnel across the world are vaccinated. We have no idea if the vaccine is safe, but we are guessing that it will be better if everyone is vaccinated rather than not. Our guesses, in the past, really and honestly, have been pretty good. so we are saying ‘just trust us cos we know’. To everyone else, we’re just saying ‘get used to the idea of being vaccinated’ against media flu.”

Pantzoff also says – “We think this has mutated from an electronic to a biological (human) virus. We are therefore proposing, to stop further mutations that all computer hard drives in the world are completely wiped – just as a basic precaution.”

With or without forced vaccination, media flu remains a growing problem. The result is that many globally important news stories such as the real cause of the destruction of the WTC, the reality of free energy,  the "chemtrail" phenomenon, large scale weather modification and simple, non-toxic, effective treatments for cancer and other illness are never reported or studied by media personnel. Instead, the media flu causes infected media figures to ridicule, misquote, misrepresent or even censor and cover up these stories – which are of global importance.

A possible strategy for defeating the media flu infection could be the age old expression "starve a fever". Dr I.M. Sensible of the TFYG (Think for Yourself Group)  has said "With media flu being rampant and already causing more problems than most people are aware of (i.e. most of the world’s problems), it makes sense for everyone to stop buying newspapers, stop watching TV and radio news. In a bold move, we are suggesting that advertisers withdraw their support from all media outlets who have been infected by the flu. Without a co-ordinated approach, the media flu will get worse and it will be to the detriment of all of us. This more natural approach of the public boycotting the media will be cheaper, safer and ultimately much more effective than forced vaccination of the media."

Further developments in the situation are awaited – but expect them to be reported in ways designed to scare you rather than help you make an informed choice.

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