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Date: 2009-07-22 23:25:30

Attachments :         Press Release For Immediate Distribution SPECIAL EDITION Vol. I No. 2 ZlandCommunication’s Lead Release on PRWeb Viewed by over 3,100 Topic: European Union and G8 Countries to hold Extraterrestrial Summit in Spain Toronto, Ontario , Canada July 22, 2009 – A ZlandCommunication’s press release on PRWeb has hit the world news market with shocking results. In just four hours the release was reviewed by over 3,100 news outlets, broadcasters and private viewers. The release topic concerns France, Spain, Germany, Canada, Denmark, the USA, the United Kingdom and Italy participating in the first European Exopolitics Summit on disclosing to the world the reality of the presence of extraterrestrials and how governments of the world have denied this information to its citizens. The Summit , sponsored by Exopolitics Spain to be held in Barcelona July 25 and 26 at the Hotel Meliá Stiges appears to be capturing the attention of international media as the Summit ’s organizers assemble irrefutable proof of extraterrestrial interaction before members of the press and registrants. Statistics on the press releases’ impact reveal 53% of press reviews are from North America, 15% from the UK , 10% in Canada , with the balance from Europe, Australia , Asia, South America and the Orient. International media can no longer ignore the international impact of this event and are strongly urged to contact the Summit ’s producer Pepon Jover. (See PRWeb release below for all contact details) [SPECIAL NOTE: NATO, the American military, the White House and US intelligence agencies are unquestionably concerned about former NATO Allied Commander Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean’s featured testimony-presentat ion that he was privy to the top secret document “An Assessment” that analyzed the impact of UFOs in Europe. These entities will undoubtedly be monitoring the Spanish Exopolitics Summit very closely due to the high security revelations Dean is due to make on the international stage this Saturday July 25 at 17:30 hrs.] Review the entire PRWeb release at and contact details on the Exopolitics Summit at: news. s/prweb/20090722 /bs_prweb/ prweb2660944 PDF Version NOTE: ZlandCommunications has direct access to Summit speakers and coordinators and will be following events leading up to the Summit and its progress. Canadian journalists wishing an exclusive on this story and its prolific potential are encouraged to contact ZlandCommunications using the contact details below. # # # ____________ ________ Contact Information: ZlandCommunications Toronto Ontario Canada 905-278-1238 zland@sympatico. ca ____________ ________ A News Service that takes you to the edge and beyond… Dell Deals: Treat yourself to a sweet deal on popular laptops!

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