Evidence for Life After Death?

Two geographical coincidences that suggest a possible mechanism for the transmission of influence from other dimensions to this one.

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Updated with additional Section – 23rd May 2010

Using genealogical records and co-ordinates taken from Google Earth, I have discovered the following 2 coincidences:


The symmetrical arrangement around the Greenwich Meridian of the longitudes of my mother’s home in 1937 and that of Miss "X" in 1911, to an accuracy of 15 yards over a distance of many tens of miles



An exact alignment between a church spire, the nearby home of Miss "X" in 1901 and the home about 1/2mile away, of my mother and myself in 1975.




The reason for my having found these two incredibly unlikely coincidences is detailed below and it has made me wonder whether it is possible that at certain times, the conscious and subconscious mind can be effected, in ways that are not recognised by mainstream science.

It is the life changing effect on me of the events associated with these apparent coincidences or synchronicities, as well as the minuscule probability that they could have been due to chance, that makes me feel certain, that they indicate that I was subjected to some form of other worldly influence.

The sequence of events describing my experience began in early 1975, when I found myself unexpectedly unemployed.

At the time, I was living at the family home and decided to take some time off before seeking further employment.

I spent the next 3 weeks at home mostly on my own, practising a very simple kind of meditation whilst clearing out clutter from under the stairs, a job that I would have normally found very stressful.

As a result of this meditative practise, I managed to finish the job without the usual build up of stress and I was left feeling unusually relaxed and carefree.

Shortly afterwards, by way of a change, I went for a drive, but I only got a short distance from home, before deciding to park up.

It was a beautiful sunny day, cold but with a clear blue sky and I was put in mind of my first skiing holiday, 8 years previously in Austria, where I had had the time of my life.

With one exception which was unsuccessful, I had never tried to go back, because I couldn’t envisage my being likely to repeat the experience, it having been so unexpected.

No sooner had I remembered the holiday, I made the decision to go back there.

This left me feeling on top of the world, not dissimilar to how I had felt on the holiday and the opposite of how I normally felt.

Within about 4 or 5 weeks I was back at the resort, a small village called Brand in the Austrian Tyrol, having earned sufficient money in the mean time, to pay for the holiday without incurring any debt.

Whilst at the hotel where I was staying, I was seated at a table with about 1/2 a dozen other people.

Sitting next to me was a lady who, by the end of the week, I was completely enamoured by.

I have to say though that she gave me no real encouragement, just the sort of friendliness that might be shown on holiday, towards someone at the same table, who was on their own.

She was married, but her husband wasn’t with her and for whatever reason, at the end of the holiday I was totally at a loss as to what to say to her and ended up saying nothing, at least not what I needed to in order to settle my mind.

This had an immediate and devastating effect on me, as I didn’t really know for certain whether I would ever see her again.

In order to find a way of solving the dilemma that I had created, I needed to think clearly, but I was unable to do so.

Consequently all my efforts to find an answer failed, resulting in a long decline in my state of mind and a loss of focus on what was important.

This led to a series of events that left me feeling completely deflated and hopeless, so that when the opportunity arose for me to see her again, I felt unable to do so and at a complete loss as to how to come to terms with my situation.

I felt that I had completely ruined what should have been, in some way or other, a new start in my life, as I had made other plans as well as the holiday, but now they seemed pointless.

Although I did eventually make contact with her – more than once – it was because I needed to, not because I thought it would ever come to anything, I knew that it wouldn’t.

I felt like a dead man walking, on the road to nowhere.

Even after 30 years, I was still fixated on what had happened and it was never very far from my mind.

And so it was that one day, whilst musing on the whole business for, who knows maybe the ten thousandth time, a thought occurred to me.

Knowing that the lady’s mother lived in a village many miles west of London and that my mother and possibly my father (I had photos of him there), had lived in a place many miles east of it and for no reason other than I could, I decided to check the two locations on a map.

I was very surprised to see that they looked to be about the same distance from London and on checking more carefully, I was absolutely amazed to find that the longitudes of the two locations were almost the same distance from the Greenwich Meridian (GM) or 0 degrees of longitude.

Over a distance of many tens of miles between them, what had been my mother’s home in 1937 was only 140 yards further east of the GM, than the lady’s mother’s home was west of it!

I thought this to be quite an astonishing coincidence and my instinct was that, because I had stumbled upon this apparent coincidence as a result of having been fixated for 30 years on what had been a life changing experience, then perhaps it was not just a coincidence and that there may have been some connection between our families in the past.

I therefore started to think along these lines, but it was a very long time before I made any further progress towards an understanding of my discovery.

A couple of years later I found a genealogical website, that was posted by an individual who turned out to be related to the lady that I had met in Austria.

Her name did not appear on it, but I was able to trace her by using other genealogical records.

My mother’s family and that of the lady had both been in the east end of London in the 19th century, but extensive research turned up nothing, so as a last resort, I decided to trawl through every single entry in the genealogical records of the UK, that had the same surname as that of the lady I had met in Austria.

This mammoth task involved thousands of records, and although I held out no great hope, I persevered and quite unexpectedly it paid off, when one particular record caught my eye.

It was of a female, who had been registered as living in the same London borough as me.

I found the address that she had lived at and suddenly realised, that it was just over the road from where I had parked up and had the feeling of euphoria, when making the decision to revisit the skiing resort in Austria.

There was a church nearby and knowing that they are sometimes aligned with others, I instinctively ran my eye from the church to the house where the female had been registered and seeing that this pointed in the general direction of my home in 1975, I decided to check exactly where it went.

To my complete and utter amazement, I discovered that when extended the line went straight through the house where I had been living!

Taking coordinates from Google Earth, I calculated that a line drawn from the centre of the church spire to the hallway of my home in 1975, passed within three feet of the centre of the house where the female had been registered!

I took this as some sort of confirmation that my instinct was right, about the symmetry of the two locations around the GM mentioned previously, even more so because the female in the alignment that I had just discovered, had a Christian name that seemed familiar.

On checking the genealogical web site that I mentioned previously, I discovered that in fact she was a first cousin twice removed of the lady I had met in Austria and that she had died more than 3 years before my decision to go back there.


Fantastic though these coincidences were, nothing could have prepared me for what I was to find next.

I had read on the genealogical web site about another ancestor of the lady I had met in Austria, who had run a business in the village where the lady’s mother lived.

This ancestor turned out to be the brother of the deceased cousin registered in the house in the alignment.

On checking where his business and home had been, I found that it was some distance west of the lady’s mother’s home making me wonder whether this address would form an even more accurate symmetry around the GM with that of my mother’s previous home.

It turned out that I was right, as using the longitude of the centre of the new location and that of the centre of my mother’s home in 1937, I found that the mid point between the two fell within an astonishing 10-15 yards of the GM!


So now I knew that when I had made my life changing decision in 1975 to revisit the village in Austria for a holiday, I had been parked up in my car across the road from a house, where in 1901 lived the deceased first cousin twice removed of the lady that I had met and become enamoured by on that holiday!

Furthermore this same house was in an EXACT alignment with a nearby church spire and the hallway of my mother’s and my home, where I had meditated for 3 weeks prior to making my life changing decision!

Also the business and home address in the early 20th century of the brother of the deceased cousin in the alignment, had the same longitude west of the GM as did my mothers home in 1937 east of it, to an accuracy of one second of longitude over many tens of miles between them!

(Also the 1911 census shows the deceased cousin in the alignment as living at her brother’s address.)

I now believed that these mind boggling coincidences constituted exceptionally strong circumstantial evidence, that in a previous time, there may well have been some sort of connection between my family and that of the lady that I had met in Austria, and furthermore that a meeting between us may have been engineered by persons who were deceased.

I now endeavoured to estimate the probability, that the two documented coincidences that I had discovered, were due to chance.

As the coincidences are connected, the total probability that they are both due to chance is the probability of the alignment multiplied by the probability for the symmetry around the GM.

My estimation of the probability that the mid point of 2 randomly selected longitudes one east and the other west of London, will fall within 15 yards either side of the Greenwich Meridian (GM) is as follows.

Assume that the distance from the GM to the east coast is 30 miles.

Assume that the first longitudes can fall anywhere within this distance East of the GM and that the second can fall anywhere within this distance West of the GM.

(This is because originally I knew that one location was somewhere between London and the east coast and the other was West of London)

For the mid point between the two longitudes to fall within 15 yards either side of the GM, the second longitude must fall within one particular 60 yard slot within the 30 miles West of the GM.

30 miles = 30×1760 = 52,800yards

therefore there are 52,800/60 = 880 slots within which the second longitude can fall, but only one will give a mid point within 15 yards of the GM.

Consequently the estimated probability that it will fall within the right one is 1 in 880

If, for the sake of argument, this probability was the same for the other coincidence, then the total probability that they would both be due to chance would be 880 x 880, which runs into hundreds of thousands to one against!

Of course this is not very accurate, as I am unable to estimate the probability for the second coicidence, but it is clear that, as the coincidences are linked to each other, the probability of them both being due to chance, is incredibly small.

Taking this into consideration, along with:

i) the three weeks of meditation in the hallway of my home, the like of which I had never experienced before nor done so since,

ii) the fact that I made my euphoric decision directly after the meditation and also just across from the church and house in the alignment,

iii) the fact that it had such a profound effect on me at the time, regardless of how I managed to foul up.

I believe that the probability that all of these facts are just a matter of chance is virtually ZERO.

For this reason I think that another explanation is more likely and this is the possibility, that I experienced some form of communication or influence from a deceased person or persons, who needed to utilise the geographical locations mentioned in the alignment and the symmetrical arrangement around the GM, in order for them to achieve this.

Firstly in order to explain why I believe the alignment was required, I need to posit a concept that is not recognised by mainstream science, namely earth energy.

Earth energy is usually associated with ley lines, which are considered to be the straight pathways taken by this energy along the surface of the earth.

Where two ley lines cross, it could be that the energy radiates out in all directions, and that churches and similar places are positioned at these points in order to utilise this phenomenon.

The energy itself is I believe of a psychic nature, influencing the consciousness of anyone experiencing it.

Also, if as suggested by quantum theory, everything consists of vibrating energy fields that only collapse into observable particles when observed, then perhaps as a result of observations made whilst alive, a memory of these fields is retained even after death, which provides a means of accessing and effecting them.

So if the earth energy emanated from the church spire and travelled in a straight line to the house, I believe that it could have been used by the deceased cousin who had lived there, by her memory of the vibrating energy fields of the house giving her access to that location.

The energy now modified as a carrier for whatever influence she chose send to me, could have then continued on to my home, presumably to help me to meditate long enough to attain a state of mind, which was capable of detecting the information that she intended me to receive.

This in turn could then have enabled her to direct me to the spot opposite the church in order to receive the idea to return to the resort in Austria, thereby meeting with her relative.

Furthermore, whereas the idea that made me drive to the spot near the church and house required only sufficient power to make me subconsciously aware of it, as I had no idea where I was going to park up, the idea about returning to the resort in Austria could have needed tuning and amplification, in order to provide extra power to drive it into my conscious mind.

The requirement for tuning or filtering out unwanted signals, I believe explains the need for the symmetrical arrangement around the Greenwich Meridian described earlier, which could have achieved this by creating, within a circuit of vibrating energy fields, a phenomenon called resonance.

(The circuit of vibrating energy fields would have included those of the two locations equidistant from the GM, as well as myself and those of whoever was involved in arranging the meeting between myself and the lady and her family that I met in Austria).

Resonance is what causes a wine glass to shatter, when a note of a frequency equal to that at which the glass naturally vibrates, is played at a high enough volume in the proximity of the glass.

This happens because, at the natural frequency of the glass, vibrations transmitted by the sound are magnified as the glass resonates, creating stresses within it, that it cannot withstand.

Resonance also occurs in an alternating electrical circuit, when the frequency of the alternating current equals that of the natural frequency of vibration of the circuit.

This is a consequence of two opposing properties of an electrical circuit, (capacitance and inductance) that are frequency dependant.

One increases with frequency, whilst the other decreases, resulting in them cancelling out at the natural frequency of the circuit, causing resonance.

This then produces a maximum potential difference or electrical pressure drop, enabling detection of that frequency.

Put simply it means that by twiddling the knob on the radio, you change the natural or resonant frequency of the tuning circuit, until it matches that of the station of your choice, which then, after amplification, comes through loud and clear.

So what has this to do with amplifying psychic energy?

Well, if the moment that I had the idea to return to the resort occurred at about noon GMT, which is quite possible, then the rays from the Sun would have been making the same angle to my mother’s former home east of the GM and the cousin’s brother’s home & business west of it, but from opposite directions.

This is due to the curvature of the earth, the fact that rays from the sun are very nearly parallel when they reach the earth and that both locations are the same distance from the Greenwich Meridian.


Simultaneous activation of these two locations (vibrating energy fields) by the Sun’s rays striking them at equal but opposite angles, could have balanced out their two opposing properties and produced resonance within the vibrating energy fields circuit, that they were part of.

An analogy can be drawn between this and the tuned electrical circuit described above, which produces resonance as a result of the balancing of it’s two opposing properties (capacitance and inductance).

This resonance of the circuit of vibrating energy fields would then have the effect of tuning in to the psychic signal sent by which ever ancestors were able to access the energy fields at the two locations that were symmetrical around the GM, ie. my mother, deceased father and the deceased cousin in the alignment and perhaps others.

An interesting consequence of this theory is that the Greenwich Meridian would appear to have been deliberately positioned for reasons related to earth forces and not for other purposes.

Furthermore amplification of the tuned signal could have been achieved by the fact that, the position of the Sun in the ecliptic (the apparent path taken by the Sun when viewed from the earth) at the time that I had my moment of euphoria, was near to or exactly opposite the position that it was in at my birth (it being nearly or exactly the opposite day of the year to my birthday.)

This particular configuration (similar to that between the Sun and a full moon) would have produced the maximum ‘voltage’ with which the idea could have been transmitted to me, giving me the best chance of detecting it as an actual idea in my conscious mind.

The particular day that I had the euphoric experience would therefore appear have been crucial for me to be able to detect the signal.

As for the reason for engineering a meeting across generations, I can only guess that it might have been an attempt to put my life on track, perhaps as a result of some karmic link that I have been unable so far to find.

My paternal grandfather did not marry until he was 26, so there was time for him to perhaps have other relationships before his marriage, which may have some bearing on the situation, he also died young aged 38.

Unfortunately but perhaps understandably, the lady that I met in Austria does not hold with my views regarding the meaning of the coincidences and does not wish to be contacted further.

Of course I respect her position absolutely and consequently, although I have all the evidence to substantiate my claims, I am unwilling to release it, as doing so would, at least in theory enable her to be traced.

Therefore my account of what happened to me will have to remain unsubstantiated, at least for the present.

I realise that the reader will feel a bit cheated by this, as they do not have the opportunity to check for themselves the validity or otherwise of the evidence, so I have shown it to Andrew Johnson who runs the web site www.checktheevidence.co.uk and asked him if he would kindly confirm that it is as I claim.

As to why I would want to publish this if I am unwilling to substantiate it, the reason is that if nothing else, it makes a contribution to knowledge and should provide material for discussion and perhaps further study, especially regarding possible mechanisms for transmission of information from the dimension occupied by deceased persons, to this one.

I am of course aware how controversial a lot of this is, so finally I would just say that even if this is not the correct interpretation of all of the evidence, and may need some correction, I still believe that the alignment and the symmetry around the GM, all of which, as I have said, is substantiated by genealogical records, proof of addresses and map co-ordinates, do actually mean something and are not just the result of chance.

Copyright (c) Ronald.P June 2009


Since writing this article, I now believe it to be a clear example of how I understand the "LAW OF ATTRACTION" to work.

This states that, "The essence of that which is like unto itself is drawn", or put simply "like attracts like".

As I understand it, when you ask for something, it is always given instantly in a vibrational sense and will manifest in your life by Law of Attraction, just as soon as you allow it to.

This asking can be either done deliberately, or by default, as happens when you are just experiencing the contrast of life.

The latter can produce in you a desire for what you don’t want, e.g. to be lonely, which defines at the same time, an equal but opposite desire for what you do want, e.g. to meet someone.

This desire for what you do want is registered in your non physical self, but as mentioned previously, before it can manifest in your physical reality it has to be "let in".

This is achieved by attending to how you feel, looking for thoughts that make you feel good.

As a result, these better thoughts produce higher frequency vibrations which have the effect of lowering your resistance to what you have asked for, therebye allowing Law of Attraction to bring it to you.

This is not for any reason other than that, this is an inclusive Universe, one that works along the lines of attraction.

I believe this lowering of resistance to what I wanted happened in my case, during the three weeks of avoiding negative thoughts, relaxing and generally feeling better than I normally did.

This good feeling meant that I was "going with the flow" and offering better (higher) vibrational thoughts and consequently, lowering my resistance to what I had been asking for subconsciously for some time.

This allowed the manifestation of the co-operative components that were required, in order to give me what I had been asking for.

I believe also that when I felt euphoric on deciding to return to the holiday resort, I was in what is termed the "Vortex".

The Vortex being the place where all co-operative components required to manifest your desires are gathered and which resulted in the meeting with the individual mentioned.

What happened subsequently however was a consequence of me returning to my habitually negative way of thinking, therebye lowering my vibrational offering and as a consequence being spat out of the Vortex.

Law of Attraction then brought me more and more negative thoughts, until the weight of negativity was overwhelming, engendering in me the ultimate negative thought that I had ruined everything and was consequently finished.

Had I been aware of Law of Attraction, then I might have been able to have avoided what happened.

If you find this interesting, then you can find out more about Law of Attraction for FREE on YOUTUBE.

For a simple introduction, you could watch the first 20 minutes of "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.



After that I would strongly advise you to watch some ABRAHAM-HICKS videos, which is where I have learnt what I know about LOA. e.g.



www.youtube.com/watc…  (very pleasant musical backing IMO)

I cannot recommend them highly enough.


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