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www.fromthewildernes… excerpt: A PROMIS IS A PROMIS, AND TIA ISN’T SPANISH FOR “AUNT”

In my opinion, some of the most stunning pages in Crossing The Rubicon are pages 152-174 in which Mike Ruppert discusses in detail what PROMIS software is capable of doing and in which he asks this question: What would you do if you possessed software that could think,understand every major language in the world, that provided peepholes into everyone else’s computer “dressing rooms,” that could insert data into computers without people’s knowledge, that could fill in blanks beyond human reasoning, and also predict what people would do ­ before they did it? You would probably use it wouldn’t you? But PROMIS is not a virus. It has to be installed as a program on the computer systems that you want to penetrate. Being as uniquely powerful as it is, this is usually not a problem. Once its power and advantages are demonstrated, most corporations, banks, or nations are eager to be a part of the “exclusive” club that has it. And, as is becoming increasingly confirmed by sources connected to this story, especially in the worldwide banking system, not having PROMIS ­ by whatever name it is offered ­ can exclude you from participating in the ever more complex world of money transfers and money laundering. As anexample, look at any of the symbols on the back of your ATM card. Picture your bank refusing to accept the software that made it possible to transfer funds from LA to St. Louis, or from St. Louis to Rome. PROMIS was stolen from its owner, Inslaw, Inc., by the U.S. government in 1982 and sold to over 40 countries. The capabilities of PROMIS are nothing less than mindboggling for the technically unsophisticated, and Elliot Richardson, former U.S. Attorney General and Inslaw counsel described the PROMIS scandal as “far worse than Watergate.” Even as the U.S. government was raking in hefty profits from the sale of PROMIS, it was not selling all of its technical superiority by any stretch of the imagination. Commenting on the capabilities of PROMIS, Mike Ruppert states that “Mated with artificial intelligence it is capable of analyzing not only an individual’s, but also a community’s entire life, in real time. It is also capable of issuing warnings when irregularities appear and of predicting future movements based upon past behavior.” 6 He asserts that not only is it almost certain that PROMIS was used in the execution of the 9/11 attacks but that its use, along with the Total Information Awareness Program will be instrumental in the conquest of the American people. Conservative Republican William Safire’s chilling remarks on civil liberties post-9/11 were quoted in Rubicon and elsewhere by Mike Ruppert as Safire railed against the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in his New York Times article, “You Are A Suspect.” ———— www.globalresearch.c… excerpt: Yet taking the thread of a burgeoning Israeli spy conspiracy further, in May 2000,  J. Michael Waller and Paul M. Rodriguez of Insight magazine (the sister publication of the ultra-right wing Washington Times, which is in turn owned by the Moonies) broke the story that the Israelis had possibly compromised U.S. government phone lines, giving them access to sensitive information.  Carl Cameron of Fox News followed this up on May 5, 2000 by reporting on the investigation into the Israeli-founded company AMDOCS, describing “an alleged penetration of U.S. government phone systems.”  This thread was also taken up by Gordon Thomas, the MI5 (British intelligence) connected editor of the website Globe-Intel.  Thomas, in his book, Gideon’s Spies, broached the subject of the Israeli infiltration of the Clinton White House by way of the Mega mole.   He also had alleged that the Mossad had a possible role in the death of Princess Diana; that the Mossad tapped Monica Lewinsky’s phone in order to pick up her conversations with President Clinton; and that the Israelis stole the sophisticated PROMIS software, which eventually ended up in the possession of Osama bin Laden.  Incidentally, Gordon Thomas holds himself out as a friend and intimate confidant of Mossad insiders.  We shall return to Thomas shortly, for he – like Brisard and Dasquie – has also played a significant part in lining up new alternate 9/11 suspects (most recently China, in his book Seeds of Fire).

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