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How about letting the people decide. Oh, and by the way – For the benefit of the research challenged medical reporters – since vaccines are claimed to be so safe, why can’t the vaccine manufacturers get liability insurance for their vaccines?    Just a thought   In a message dated 8/8/2009 3:24:36 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, ad.johnson@ntlworld…. writes:   Here is a thread of correspondence  with regard to mandatory vaccination – which includes points from Jane Burgermeister and others. I think it boils down to “who will enforce mandatory vaccination” and “who will decide when they think it is necessary”? These questions cannot easily be answered, it seems. Penny is right. We must declare some victory on this Dr Fauci statement publicly made on CSPAN, America’s largest government run congressional TV news channel.Penny as for the “UN Human Rights Covenants”, yes we still have the task of picking those out, holding them up to show how foolish and unconstitutional they are, and having them amended. That can be done with civil lawsuits like the one I filed in federal court. We do have a powerful victory as of yesterday, and it is a good one.On August 7, 2009 Dr. Fauci, director of the NIAID, publicly stated “‘THERE WILL BE NO FORCED FLU VACCINATIONS”This is a strong victory, gaining momentum in the people’s favor 🙂 🙂 :)The preliminary injunction I filed in US District court also seeks to order the federal govt to make sure a person who refuses the flu vaccine is not discriminated against or denied any services or similar. See, thats one way the forced vaccinations have been occurring, by telling people “Well you aren’t forced to take the vaccine, but if you refuse it then you cannot attend school” or something similar.The injunction I presented to the court, if ruled on favorably, will prevent this from happening. :)This preliminary injunction can be seen here www.safetyla prelim-injunctio n.htmlTimLawsuit ========= ===Federal Rules of Civil . rules/frcp/ On Sat, Aug 8, 2009 at 7:15 AM, Penny Bright wrote: 8 August 2009   Hi folks!   Before we all start falling out – which will bring great comfort to those whom we are fighting VERY EFFECTIVELY – here’s a couple of points to consider:   1) The criminal charges filed by Jane against Baxter and WHO etc, have helped to spark and inspire an international fightback which we are all part of.   2) The work done by the US legal team against forced vaccinations, and the information which has been getting out to people via the blogs and websites, has significantly helped to increase public knowledge and understanding and POLITICAL PRESSURE which now has effectively forced   ‘HHS secretary, several other high ranking US govt officials and Dr. Fauci, director of the NIAID, come out to say there will be no forced flu vaccinations’ .   3) That in itself, in my considered opinion, does represent a significant breakthrough in the ‘court of public opinion’.   4) US proceedings are filed and are not being withdrawn.  That is the ‘backup’.   5) What must be of GREAT concern to BIG PHARMA and their political agents is the massive international groundswell that is building, exposing their huge conflicts of interest and a medical system which is based on making HUGE $$$$$$$$$$$ out of keeping people sick.   Not to mention exposing the links between global corporate capital (of which BIG PHARMA are a significant sector) the role of the WHO and UN etc.   MY RECOMMENDATIONS:   1) We all take a moment to give ourselves and each other  big cyberhugs and pats on the back for the work and results that have been achieved to date, and reflect on how far the international fightback has progressed in such a short period of time.   IT’S BEEN HISTORY-MAKING STUFF!   CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!   GREAT WORK!   🙂   2) HOWEVER!   Despite the SIGNIFICANT breakthroughs which have been achieved – it is definitely not over.   The legal relationship between international bodies, such as the WHO, with  International Health Regulations 2005, and domestic law in individual nation states is something that I am still not clear on.   I know that with International UN Human Rights Covenants etc, they have to be incorporated within NZ domestic legislation.   a) I suggest we do some more research and investigation on that point.   At the moment – there is a significant difference of opinion between Jane and Tim on this issue.   Let’s all take a deep breath here folks, and ‘seek truth from FACTS’ .   HOW CAN WE BEST GET THIS ‘LEGAL POINT’ ON THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN INTERNATIONAL WHO ‘HEALTH REGULATIONS’ AND INDIVIDUAL NATION STATE’S DOMESTIC LEGISLATION SORTED?   ANY IDEAS?   Remember! We ARE winning folks!   On that cheery note!   Take care everyone.   Planet-saving can be a FULL-ON stressful time 🙂   Don’t forget to make some time to EAT and SLEEP!   xxxx   Penny           On Sat, Aug 8, 2009 at 8:38 PM, Legal Team wrote: I don’t think Jane understands the law, at least here in America.Firstly, anyone here can give their opinions about what they think. It is when a judge makes a ruling, that is what decides everything.We can contact anyone to ask them what they feel is the legal basis of forced vaccinations, and that’s their opinion.It when a judge rules which decides itIf the International Health Regulations of 2005 and the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act are clearly unconstitutional, then they are not considered “as law” here in America. They are considered obscure little agreements by some , while other people may think they are legally binding. This would be decided in court. On Sat, Aug 8, 2009 at 4:23 AM, jane burgermeister wrote: Tim Vawter has misrepresented in this email the legal basis of forced vaccinations.   His assertions that the WHO organisation does not have the power to enforce vaccinations is wrong. They do through the International Health Regulations 2005. The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act also allows forced vaccinations.   He also falsely suggests that a comment on CSPAN has the force of law or a legislative change. It does not. A comment by a politician has no binding character at all and cannot be interpreted as anything but a comment. To suggest otherwise is incorrect.       On Sat, Aug 8, 2009 at 9:12 AM, Legal Team wrote: On late Friday night Aug 7, 2009 into early Sat morning I was watching CSPAN, America’s large congressional TV channel, and I saw HHS secretary, several other high ranking US govt officials and Dr. Fauci, director of the NIAID, come out to say there will be no forced flu vaccinations :)I saw it with my own eyes. :)THERE WILL BE NO FORCED FLU VACCINATIONS :)Over the next few days, expect to see video clips posted all over and the mainstream media showing NIAID Director Fauci emphatically stating to the public there will be no forced flu vaccinations. WE HAVE VICTORY !  THE PEACE ACTIVISTS HAVE WON !        The federal govt, of course, will now be pressured to reiterate this powerful statement. It will likely do so by having a good number of additional high ranking Washington officials repeat this same beautiful statement on TV during the next few days “there will be no forced flu vaccinations” .How forced flu vaccinations were to be initiatedApparently, how the UN’s World Health Organization works, is it spreads the somewhat false message that there will be forced vaccinations through the major TV networks, who then eagerly repeat it to the public. Kind of like buttering up the American people to accept forced vaccinations if they do come, and buttering up the federal govt to go along with it.As far as I can tell, the “forced flu vaccinations” aspect of the law isn’t actually a law. It’s within an agreement President Bush signed with the UN that allows the UN’s World Health Organization to assume control over various parts of America’s govt if a serious flu pandemic occurs. And, to require forced flu vaccinations to the entire American public.The UN’s WHO, in its apparent mad rush to try to assume control over key aspects of the US govt, went ahead and issued a level 6 Influenza Pandemic weeks ago when there was absolutely no factual evidence that either the swine or bird flu had spread anywhere . Apparently the UN hoped the American govt would follow suit with the protocols George Bush had signed onto. That didn’t happen. Not after 72 kilos of live flu virus wrongfully sent out for use in European vaccines (which could have initiated a real flu pandemic) were discovered by the authorities. What helped raise public awareness to this was when esteemed investigative journalists like Jane Burgermeister went on the airwaves alerting people that not only was there no real flu pandemic, but where live flu virus was, was where the WHO and the vaccine makers had negligently released it to the public. I think we all owe Jane our thanks in helping force the federal govt to back down from any possible future plans to force flu vaccinations on the people. Paypal donations to help with Jane’s work can be made to Jane at jmburgermeister@ . Additional pressure may also have been put on the federal govt when a lawsuit being filed by Tim Vawter in federal court (civil #09-3803). www.safetyla  That lawsuit is staying in court because it is seeking additional helpful changes like banning thimerosal mercury from all vaccines, banning GMO foods as unconstitutional, and more. Another step Mr. Vawter will take will be to submit an Order to deem President Bush’s agreement with the UN (that apparently might allow forced vaccinations) to be deemed unconstitutional. Paypal donations to help Mr. Vawter’s continuing federal lawsuit work can be made to Tim at VaccineLawsuit@ gmail.comIt looks like the problem has been solved !  At least the problem of the govt forcing flu vaccinations on anyone. Stay tuned for more of Jane and Tim’s work in forcing the govt to obey the will of the people !  Perhaps we should give Jane the nickname “Arwen”.  VICTORY !THERE WILL BE NO FORCED FLU VACCINATIONS :)THE PEACE ACTIVISTS HAVE WON !

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