This is a hastily composed response to another new article "9/11 Mind Swell" – which has recently garnered considerable attention round the internet in "calling for a new 9/11 inquiry". The author of this article is Joel S. Hirchshorn – listed as a specialist in Metallurgical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Environmental Education, Political Analysis, and Public Policy. Some time ago, Hirschorn and Barbara G Ellis wanted to present a Bill to Congress about "problems" with the official 9/11 story. 

However, this Bill did not mention Hurricane Erin being closest to NYC at 8am on 9/11 and it only mentioned Dr Wood’s research in passing (and it did not mention her federal law suit and challenges to NIST). People attacked the Bill for even mentioning a small amount of the evidence presented by Dr Wood! (See above link)

So, there is a history behind this new article, which involves Prof Jim Fetzer (his actions are documented in detail elsewhere on this site). Here is a brief summary:

1) Steve Jones (cold fusion cover-up-erer) and Jim Fetzer start Scholars for 911 truth in 2005
2) Jones leaves "Scholars" in 2007 in an engineered split and starts "911 Truth and Justice"
3) Fetzer continues with Kevin Barrett – sort of – but Barrett doesn’t agree that the WTC steel turned to dust (as Jones didn’t)
4) Fetzer gradually moves back to supporting Jones and marginalising Dr Judy Wood – once the Hutchison Effect and Erin studies are revealed.
5) Fetzer threatens Wood’s reputation over Hutchison Effect research.
6) 2009 – Hirschorn (author of the article) joins Fetzer as new "co-chair" of Scholars for 9/11 Truth.
7) "Mind Swell" – article calls for a "new investigation into 9/11" whilst completely ignoring the one completed by Dr Judy Wood – a specialist in Mechanics and Materials Science – who has put her evidence in a legal case.
8) Everyone again trashes the most important, comprehensive and explanatory research contained in the only independent 9/11 enquiry so far completed ((Which I saw on a site where the article was reposted). Hirchshorn and his "followers" cannot address or explain the evidence this enquiry describes.

Jim Fetzer discusses his support of the Bill which doesn’t mention existing legal action here:


Scholars for 9/11 Truth supports the efforts of Barbara Ellis, Joel Hirschorn, Warren Pease, and Bill Ball in submitting a draft bill  to Congress concerning the necessity for a reinvestigation of 9/11 in order to reform any building codes that could have been undermined.  An article about this may be found here .

This "mind swell" article has again attracted a great deal of attention – but it discusses nothing of real importance – and doesn’t even acknowledge legal action already taken! It just suggests SOMEONE ELSE should do something! Well, someone else did do something – and that started over 2 years ago.
It seems to be that, as a rule of thumb, if a 9/11 article doesn’t mention Hurricane Erin and it doesn’t mention John Hutchison (without ridicule and accusations of fraud), it’s a fairly safe bet it’s part of the cover up. (Why does Hirchshorn not mention the most important aspects of 9/11 research and action in his article?)



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