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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-08-19 09:38:19

  From: Kathy Roberts [mailto:weerkhr@pacbell.net] Sent: 19 August 2009 06:38To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;Subject: Evolution Revisited  http://www..africancrisis.co.za/Article.php?ID=57341& The Bizarre discoveries of 21st Century science – Evolution & the Universe – The Secret Engine of all LifeDate Posted: Monday 17-Aug-2009 I’ve been watching documentaries on various channels from Discovery to BBC, History & National Geographic and here are some bizarre, yet completely crucial concepts that scientists are discovering and thinking of which in many ways challenge even their own previous ideas. EVOLUTIONIn a BBC, 4 series program about the Earth, one documentary was about volcanoes and their power. Then came a startling mention of the possible roles that volcanoes may have played in the evolution of life on Earth.Apparently, according to the fossil record, for most of Earth’s “life span” so far… the most advanced form of life on earth is a type of bacteria that gathers together in the form of a “stromatalite” which lives in the sea. These can be found living off the coast of Australia. According to scientists… and this is the truly shocking part, until 600 million years ago (and remember the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old)… stromatalites were the most advanced form of life on Earth!!! (I hope I have the spelling correct for stromatalite). Now remember that evolutionary theory calls for a steady growth in life as it evolves slowly from one form to another. Instead, what scientists are discovering is something quite bizarre. There is no steady evolution of life. Instead, according to scientists life’s moves are wild and bizarre.Scientists discovered, in the Karoo desert in South Africa strange formations. They discovered that in the Karoo, which was former sea bed, “drop stones”. These are stones which suddenly fell, from nowhere on to the seabed. They theorise that these stones were deposited by glaciers which existed at the equator 600 million years ago. There is a theory called, “Snowball earth”, where scientists theorise that the earth at one point was actually completely covered in ice and glaciers, but then volcanic activity caused heat and caused more carbon dioxide to be unleashed into the atmosphere thereby starting a big melt. That was 600 million years ago. Then… when this started, suddenly LIFE took off on earth. Shortly thereafter in the pre-cambrian period, there were all sorts of strange giant life forms like trilobites. These appeared, roughly within about 100 million years (maybe less) of the big thaw. So how did life go from stromatalites which existed for say 3 billion years to suddenly having moving, animal life forms? More bizarre is that within about 250 million years we find dinosaurs – and whole new massive species of bizarre life forms living in the sea, walking on land and flying through the air! Thereafter, after they disappeared, mammals ruled, and here we are. So… from trilobites to modern life is a mere 600 million years!!! Previously, evolutionists argued that we had 4.5 billion years of steady evolution. Now we see the real evolution happened on a massive and wild scale during a mere 600 million years – during which brand new life forms appeared and disappeared and were replaced by other strange life forms… all in very short spaces of time. So go and chew the cud on that.THE SECRET ENGINE OF ALL LIFE.I have a theory of my own that I’ve been toying with as I watch documentary after documentary about evolution, and life. Let me tell you what I’m thinking. I think there is some sort of common, underlying theme to all of life. I’m thinking that life = in all its forms might “evolve” but it “evolves” not by random mutation as scientists speculate but because EVOLUTION IS ACTUALLY BUILT INTO ALL LIFE FORMS TO BEGIN WITH. In other words… I think: All life, in all its forms, is pre-designed… and it is pre-designed, even prior to its appearance on Earth. I also think that life “never evolved on Earth”. I think that life is universal and that when life reaches planets that life already has all the features for so-called “evolution” built into it so that life merely reacts, in a pre-planned way to whatever conditions may exist on a planet. My point is:-1) Life did not originate on Earth – it originated somewhere else in the universe and is probably universal.2) Life does not “evolve” by accident and random mutation – it “evolves” by design which is built into it already.Let me digress and explain my logic and how I arrived at this conclusion. I like writing software and playing with software and I especially like software that is “intelligent”. For years I’ve experimented with writing what you might call an “interpreter”. This is software, which reads some parameters and then behaves according to the parameters. I’ve built software which, for example, draws and designs screens dynamically. One computer program can draw an infinite variety of screens. But at any one time, it only draws the screen which is has to draw based on parameters it read, either out of a text file or a database it read. You could argue that my interpreter/engine has all possibilities of screens built into it. It is built to be flexible. It reads text file A and builds a screen in accordance to the instructiosn in A. All its subsequent behaviour is based on the parameters sitting in file A. Then it reads file B, and draws a totally different screen and has totally different validation rules and update rules based on what is in B. And so forth. So one computer program could take on 10 million different forms. It then hit me, that my parameter files are like DNA. Each parameter file is like a “coded message”, a unique “instruction set” which is interpreted. What is common however, is that my “engine” decides what to build and how to behave based on the “instruction set” it reads at that time. My “engine” therefore “mutates” or “evolves” according to the “DNA” it is reading at that time. Scientists will tell you that DNA is the pattern and this pattern is interpreted by “life”. In your DNA is the colour of your eyes, and in your DNA is your height and many other things. Your DNA is the blueprint for you. So here is my first question: If DNA is the blueprint for you – THEN WHERE IS THE INTERPRETER? WHERE IS THE ACTUAL ENGINE THAT BUILDS YOU? DNA is not the engine – DNA is the PLAN. But there must be something in your body which is IMPLEMENTING THE PLAN. What is it? Where is it? Somewhere, in all of life… must be an ENGINE. That engine …. must be common to all life. Since DNA is common to all life, it follows that all life must share ONE ENGINE (or variations of an engine – but perhaps there is only one engine). I say this because if you look carefully at all animals, you will see repeating themes. Many animals have a mouth… many have hearts that operate in a similar or almost similar manner. Look at bones, at blood, etc. Animals come in common, yet different variations. A bird can have a beak, but so can the duck-billed platypus. The DNA between a monkey and a human is 99% similar. The DNA between a worm and a human is perhaps 30% similar and so on. The common link in all life is DNA. So if DNA is the plan… then there must be an interpreter which takes the plan and implements that plan. The interpreter/engine must know how to read the plan and how to direct the plan. That interpreter/engine must be common to all life. It must exist inside every single life form on the plan. It must exist inside you and it must exist inside me. But what is it? Why has nobody found it or looked for it? Unless the interpreter is itself inside the DNA issuing the instructions?Somehow… somewhere… there is one common bond between all forms of life. If that is the case, then we should be able to recreate trilobites and dinosaurs and mammoths… simply by messing with DNA. We don’t even need to have the actual DNA. If we knew how DNA worked… we could create life forms that: did exist… and we could create life forms that have never existed… Think about that. Hidden in our DNA might be a gazillion possible life forms… 99.999% of which never have and never will live on earth. Yet… the plans for them can exist, if we know how to manipulate DNA. So… imagine this: Scientists are now talking of simple life forms existing on: Mars, moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Scientists are now quite convinced that simple life forms already exist on bacteria.I seem to recall that when men went to the moon that they recovered part of a proble that had been desposited on the moon, 2 years earlier. When they recovered bits of this probe they discovered to their amazement bacteria that had been on this probe and had survived 2 years on the moon!!! (Go check NASA racords, I’m sure you’ll find this is properly documented – I’m not making this up).If some forms of Earth life can survive on the airless moon for 2 years… and if bits of bacteria and simple life are found all over the solar system – which scientists now think is highly likely (and remember the whole business about the piece of rock from Antarctica which might contain fossilized remains of life from Mars?)… then… the entire solar system, and probably the universe has got living bacteria that can live in all sorts of places.How do you know that sitting inside its DNA aren’t plans for forms of life which can live in all sorts of different atmospheres, etc? All that is needed is a trigger. Does life come to planets from space and once on them, does it EVOLVE according to built-in instructions which exist INSIDE IT ALREADY? Think about that. There may be more intelligent design in the universe than you can imagine.THE UNIVERSE. Now let’s discuss the universe. I saw some fascinating programs about the very long term life of the universe. Scientists talk about The Big Bang creating everything 13 billion years ago and the universe will expand… but maybe it will fall back in on itself destroying everything and starting all over again… OR… it will expand forever and eventually everything will die a cold death.Some scientists were saying that if the universe started with a big bang then the law of gravity dictates that the rate of expansion should slow down. Problem: They say that scientists have recently discovered that for some unexplained reason, the universe is moving apart AT AN ACCELERATING PACE. Nobody knows why… they suspect some kind of unknown repulsive force exists.So they foresee a time when galaxies move so far apart that eventually when we look in the sky all we will see is the milky way because all other galaxies (the trillions we currently can see) would be too far away to see. Just hold on a second there. Let me rewind. I repeat… other galaxies will be so far away that we can’t detect their light and therefore we can’t see them. Hold on! How do you know that is not the case – RIGHT NOW! Consider: Astronomers note that at the “edge of the universe” as far as they can possibly see, they see lots of bright pulsars. But woa… can’t you see a pulsar because the pulsar is extraordinarily bright? If so… couldn’t it be a figment of our imagination that the edge of the universe is populated by pulsars? Could it be that there are galaxies right there… but they’re too dim to see? Therefore: Is the “edge of the universe” where we think it is… or is the universe massively larger than we think but we can’t detect the faint objects… ergo… we think there is empty space? So could it be that the universe is already much larger than we think simply because we can’t SEE what is at those tremendous distance??? I have always been skeptical about Black Holes, but haven’t read enough to decide whether I believe they exist, but scientists are pretty convinced they exist. But let’s say they exist. Scientists are convinced that Black Holes are sucking matter into them… and that they can eventually swallow whole galaxies. So these black holes suck more matter into them thereby becoming even stronger and swallowing even more matter into them. Inside these physically small black holes may exist the matter that makes up several galaxies! As the universe expands endlessly… scientists say a new thing could happen: Eventually the black holes have no matter to swallow. Then… there will come a time when the matter moving into a black hole is less than the matter EVAPORATING OUT OF IT! They say that no matter the size of a black hole, that individual particles may attain speeds and means to escape from it. So over periods of time far larger than billions of years – we’re talking awesome time spans – a black hole might slowly evaporate away… Then at some point, a black hole goes into “reverse”. When it loses enough matter by evaporation, it will eventually EXPLODE… and all the remaining matter inside it will come out. So in the emptiness of space, old black holes will once more disgorge all the matter they accumulated over incredible periods of time. Remember, matter is never destroyed. The scientists never touched on this but it made me wonder: If black holes destroy galaxies (while other galaxies fly off into infinity)… won’t the matter be disgorged and won’t entire galaxies be recreated eventually? I must say, I’m starting to think that maybe the universe will exist forever and that there is universal or galactic “weather” of some kind that operates on time scales that make 13 billion years appear like a drop in the ocean. Methinks everything is far more complex than we ever believed and that does not surprise me at all. The Big Bang may be far too simplistic and the Evolution of life far too improbable and simplistic as well. The universe might just be a well-oiled machine operating on a scale beyond all human comprehension.A friend of mine was debating with me Quantum mechanics and whether matter really has a form or whether it is composed largely of empty space. I said to him that my mind had been made up on that “matter” a long time ago. Matter must be composed largely of empty space. You get particles like neutrinos which can travel right through the entire earth without once bumping into one other atom. I have always suspected that gravity is some kind of similar force, where gravity is a type of force which passes through most matter, most of the time and only rarely imparts some kind of momentum to matter. I never was interested in chemistry, but these days, I look on chemistry and atoms as the truly wonder science. Somewhere down there, in absolute minute detail things happen that are too bizarre for words – beyond magic. I suspect that at an atomic level and at a cosmological level the more sophisticated we become the more complexity we will find. The Universe, I believe, will turn out to be more complex than humanity can imagine or conceive of. Its ultimate complexity will be so awe-inspiring that we will just sit here in utter amazement wondering how the hell this all came into being and where it will go because we will sit here still, with unresolved questions still being no nearer to understanding the mystery of the universe and everything in it. I am convinced that 1,000 years from now, the big answers will have eluded us as totally as they elude us now. All we will have found in the interim is never-ending complexity. The complexity will be logarithmic. When we discover something new we’ll discover more complexity in the thing we discovered. When we solve that we will move to a new level of complexity and so forth. We will be no nearer to answering the big questions 1,000 years from now. All that will happen is we will simply be AWED and STUNNED by this bizarre universe we live in.Posted By: JanAfricanCrisis WebmasterAuthor of: Government by Deception No virus found in this incoming message.Checked by AVG – www.avg.comVersion: 8.5.409 / Virus Database: 270.13.58/2306 – Release Date: 08/18/09 18:05:00

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