Gary McKinnon – The Elephant In The Living Room

If the quote from the Economist of August 6th 2009 by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson is accurate, that is; giving up Mr McKinnon would be “one of the most protoplasmic acts of self-abasement since Suez”, this then leads me to ask seriously, just who is our Government working for?  Clearly it seems it is not for ‘we the people’ who brought these very same people into power to serve you and I, us, the people, since it is refusing every reasonable argument and a now substantial representation from society, including several Lords, a Baroness, more than 100 MPs, the National Autistic Society, and many well known artists in the UK and the US as well as a large element of the public.  A 4,338 strong petition was delivered to Gordon Brown at No 10, by Trudie Styler, Sting’s wife, and mum Janis Sharp, and further support by a Daily Mail campaign on Gary’s behalf in July, further increased and informed the public interest yet more. The people are speaking!  Where indeed is, as Gary McKinnon’s Solicitor asks, the Government’s promise of “ample protection of individual’s rights”?  

When Alan Johnson, Home Secretary tells parliament that the current government will not respond to the calls for change in the U.S. favoured extradition treaty, who does he think he is representing?  We know very well, that it is absolutely within his power to enact amendments from the Police and Justice Act, which would allow Gary McKinnon to be tried in the UK. Gordon Brown needs to take a long look at what he is about to be party to…and if the Queen stands with Gary McKinnon on his application, whether the term including her in legal documents is solely for the purposes of antediluvian legal protocol or not, why isn’t Her Majesty, asked to comment publicly?  He is one of her subjects, and this is surely of interest.  Here is an overview from a previous article looking at the fine points of this so called Treaty. (Thanks to Ben Hayes of

The UK-US Extradition Treaty, as yet unratified in the US, is a one-sided, ‘Do as we want, or else,’ piece of legislation.  Clearly biased in favour of the US;

4      it  gives retrospective powers,

4      It is not required to provide evidence– claiming it has Constitutional protection, but as the UK doesn’t, we are ‘at liberty’ to FOREGO this important safeguard.

4      If it was a UK request, we would have to provide evidence.

4      Further, the US is not accountable to any European or International court, and has shown contempt for rulings in the past.

4      And any breach of human rights that might occur following extradition or ‘mutual legal assistance’ to the US would not be judicially reviewable!  (It beggars belief!)

4      there were ‘lapse of time limitations’ the treaty no longer includes this

4      Ne bis im idem – double jeopardy – where a person cannot be retried for the same offence whether convicted or acquitted, though this can be ignored where a trial took place in a 3rd state!

4      The new treaty, allows the Secretary of State to consent to “detention, trial or punishment” (rather than simply prosecution) of the extraditee for any offence, not just an extraditable offence, by waiving the principle of specialty. Article 18(1)(c) appears to allow for the possibility of the Secretary of State consenting to indefinite detention in Guantanamo Bay for an offence other than that which a person was extradited for once that person has been returned to the US. (This is a very worrying development – we should be aware of)

And if you are wondering how this piece of outrageous legislation got through our parliament, well it didn’t, not really, it was done through the auspices of Privy Counsel, with virtually no opportunity for parliamentary scrutiny – a back door.


In the interests of perspective let’s take a previous not dissimilar case of UK citizen Mathew Bevan, feted as "possibly the single biggest threat to world peace since Adolf Hitler" really?! He also hacked into sensitive US sites, similarly looking for evidence of UFO’s.  He was caught in 1995, demonstrating

beyond doubt that the national security computer system was in a sorry state and vulnerable. It seems there has been little change.  Except perhaps, as Mathew pointed out, huge budgets are obtained in the name of greater security, and clearly going somewhere else …and the public fear factor is given a nice tweaking in the upward direction.  At Woolwich Crown Court, Friday 21 November 1997 some 18 months later, the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) decided that it was no longer in the public interest to pursue this case. They offered ‘no evidence’ resulting in a full acquittal.  Can I ask – is it me?  Or do Mr McKinnon’s efforts pale into insignificance by comparison?  Why does the Director of Public Prosecution refuse to deal with the case here in the UK?

So just what is the reality behind this extraordinary, totally unreasonable and brutal stand taken by the U.S?  By now we all know that Gary McKinnon has admitted, absolutely, his crime, and the fact that he was hacking into the U.S. military computers at the Pentagon and Nasa, along with others (some from China) at the same time, which begs the question, where are the cases for these others then?  Could it be because of what Gary found and then proceeded to divulge in his quest for knowledge? 

The one key element that is elephantine is this debacle is the UFO factor no matter how uncomfortable it makes people feel and who’d prefer to play it down or preferably ignore it. Let’s face it, if the U.S. Government was open and honest about the UFO/ET issue, this crime could not have occurred, and as such I would go so far as to say they are co-conspirators here.

I believe, because I can draw no other logical conclusion, that Gary did actually did glean insight into areas relating to this intriguing subject and the U.S. will go to great lengths to keep this quiet, despite the overwhelming evidence gathered over decades, including whistleblower’s testimony relating to the reality of humanity’s ongoing relations over thousands of years with our interplanetary cousins. There are some great U.S. researchers stepping up to the plate, helping to reveal this truth, along with similar representation in the UK and other nations like Mexico. Oops there goes that elephant again…

Attending the July 25/26th 2009, European Exopolitical Summit in Barcelona, DavID Griffin of spoke about Gary’s case, which dovetailed neatly into his presentation demonstrating emerging evidence of an alternative and secret space programme, corroborated by an employee at the JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab) in the U.S. (   Amongst the raft of highly articulate and thought-provoking speakers who are amongst the modern day pioneers in research and the search for truth in these matters I must make mention of the venerable Bob Dean. His exemplary credentials include 41 years of federal service, ex U.S. military and much of it with a Cosmic Top Secret clearance, who in 1964, as Command Sergeant, based at SHAPE HQ, Paris, France had a life changing experience after reading a report, and hearing that WWIII nearly occurred 2nd February 02.00hrs, 1961 because of a formation of approximately 50 flying disc-shaped objects flying at very high altitudes and speeds under intelligent control. They came out of Russia, headed over the UK, and out beyond Norway with no one knowing who the heck they belonged to, and almost caused world war III.  A report to investigate this ‘too close for comfort’ situation was ordered by British Air Marshall Sir Thomas Geoffrey Pike, Deputy SACEUR (Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe). The report was entitled ‘An Assessment’ (as yet never made public), it concluded, in 1964, that there were four different extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth, but by Dean’s retirement from the military in 1976, he claims, the report stated that there were at least twelve. “Frankly, if these others, had wanted to wage war on humanity as we war with each other, our civilization would have been gone long ago, clearly, that is not their intention.  The UFO matter is simply the tiny, tiny tip of an iceberg which is so enormous that when the truth comes out, it’s going to change the whole world.”

As if this is not enough by way of evidence, Bob Dean went on to share with the summit audience several photographs, at least one taken by Neil Armstrong from inside the Apollo craft of other ‘definitely not ours’, spacecraft and one of them at least 5 miles long, and this also, by way of inference, flags up that other elephant, the alternative/free energy technology issue currently suppressed, that we have had since Nikola Tesla, and he died in 1943!  So Terrans, Humans, People of planet Earth, readers of the Daily Mail, the Economist, Boris Johnson, Alan Johnson, the U.S. Prosecutors, Gordon Brown, like it or not, this is a real as the hormones in the milk you have in your tea, the mercury in the vaccines, the pre-pathogenic red cells and barium found in the aerosol emissions of the planes that cause those huge expanding cloud forming trails. (Chemtrails).

Now if any of the above makes anyone think I am now losing my perspective, go research these areas yourself, educate yourself and then you can discuss it with the representatives who speak on your behalf, working for the very best for everyman/woman/child of course and see what they have to say.

Gary found relatively little compared to the above.  "I found a list of officers’ names, under the heading ‘Non-Terrestrial Officers’ I looked it up and it’s nowhere. I don’t think it means little green men. What I think it means is not Earth-based. What I saw made me believe that they have some kind of spaceship, off planet. It also contained information about ship-to-ship transfers, but I’ve never seen the names of these ships noted anywhere else.”  Gary believed that pensioners in the UK should not be dying of hypothermia, because they could not pay their fuel bills, and this was also a main contributing motivating factor in his 7 year trawl through the hallowed cyber halls of the Pentagon and NASA, to see where the golden egg of free energy technology lay.  The other thing he said he saw, towards the end of his hacking adventures – in the final days before the UK National Hi-Tech Crime Unit swooped he saw a photograph of a smooth, spherical object in a file at the Johnson Space Centre that "might have been a UFO but was probably a satellite".

And isn’t it interesting that the US authorities began  claiming there had been $5,000 done to each of the 97 computers accessed, where is the evidence of damage I ask, and fascinating that the Federal authorities do not get involved unless damage is, guess what? Yep $5,000, it would otherwise just be the jurisdiction of local police….and in the 2002 press conference the US Prosecutors stated there was “no involvement with terrorism, organised crime, for Intel Agency involvement and NO compromise of national security in the Gary McKinnon case”.  Is it me?   Oops there goes that elephant again!

I write as someone who has disability in the family (MS), a nephew with Aspergers, worked with Mencap for several years, worked as a Bereavement Counselor with the Hastings/St Leonards Hospice, and worked as a therapist in regression and stress management, coming from a media and complementary health care background with a serious interest in the Exopolitical field which briefly put is the study of the implications of diplomatic contact between human beings and extraterrestrials. Critical questions include what, if any, political framework might be established between the human race and extraterrestrials, and the process by which world governments inform the public of an extraterrestrial presence.

I write for the humanity in people to be exercised, even in our politicians, and as Terry Waite said for some ‘common sense’ (which seems rather uncommon) to prevail, and for Gary McKinnon to be treated as Mathew Bevan was, in all fairness and reasonableness, and for the revoking of this unreasonable Extradition Treaty.  Gary has already experienced seven years of incredible stress, and now, with knowledge of his Aspergers diagnosis, this must impact upon his case or be reviewed with this in mind, the evidence and case for disclosure of the so-called UFO issue is apposite and needs to be opened up for the sake of humanity’s development and well-being.    The elephant is growing fast!

Joanne Summerscales

2nd September 2009

2nd September 2009

Joanne Summerscales

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