FW: Newscenter Update: Hubble Opens New Eyes on the Universe

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-09-09 17:55:23

Inbox Astronomy – Hubble Opens New Eyes on the Universe   From: owner-astronomy@stsc… [mailto:owner-astronomy@stsc…] On Behalf Of Inbox AstronomySent: 09 September 2009 16:03To: astronomy@stsci.eduSubject: Newscenter Update: Hubble Opens New Eyes on the Universe   September 9, 2009     Hubble Opens New Eyes on the Universe Get larger image formats Find the entire Hubble News archive, image galleries, and much more at hubblesite.org   NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope is back in business, ready to uncover new worlds, peer ever deeper into space, and even map the invisible backbone of the universe. The first snapshots from the refurbished Hubble showcase the 19-year-old telescope’s new vision. Topping the list of exciting new views are colorful multi-wavelength pictures of far-flung galaxies, a densely packed star cluster, an eerie “pillar of creation,” and a “butterfly” nebula. With its new imaging camera, Hubble can view galaxies, star clusters, and other objects across a wide swath of the electromagnetic spectrum, from ultraviolet to near-infrared light. A new spectrograph slices across billions of light-years to map the filamentary structure of the universe and trace the distribution of elements that are fundamental to life. The telescope’s new instruments also are more sensitive to light and can observe in ways that are significantly more efficient and require less observing time than previous generations of Hubble instruments. NASA astronauts installed the new instruments during the space shuttle servicing mission in May 2009. Besides adding the instruments, the astronauts also completed a dizzying list of other chores that included performing unprecedented repairs on two other science instruments. Kids can read a junior version of this story in the Star Witness, a science newspaper available on our sister site, Amazing Space. See the full release, including: Complete Text More Images Video Related Links And more! This news release and its supporting materials are permanently archived at: hubblesite.org/news/… You are receiving this email because you are subscribed to the Inbox Astronomy mailing list, which sends notices in HTML whenever there is a new Hubble Space Telescope image, product, or news update. If you would like to unsubscribe or change your email preferences, please go to: hubblesite.org/newsc… No virus found in this incoming message.Checked by AVG – www.avg.comVersion: 8.5.409 / Virus Database: 270.13.75/2340 – Release Date: 09/08/09 20:45:00

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