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Date: 2009-09-19 15:16:38

NB The corrections to errors are in red for ease of evaluation.   —–Original Message—– From: Andrew Johnson To: Andrew Johnson Sent: Sat, Sep 19, 2009 5:45 am Subject: [Cognoscence] FW: Starchild Article which was supposed to go in Daily Mail   Surprise, surprise! This article mentions UFO debunker David Clarke! Sociologist from Sheffield University! (Now an expert on DNA and biology etc…) DAILY MAIL ARTICLE BY DANNY PENMAN, PhD NOTE: Before proceeding here, please read Dr. Danny Penman’s article at: www.newsmons paranormal- unexplained/ is-the-starchild -skull-really- from-a-human- alien-hybrid. html This was scheduled to appear in England’s Daily Mail newspaper (6 million readers per day) on June 24, 2009, but after Dr. Penman submitted it, it was spiked. The Daily Mail has not yet provided a reason why this happened, but at least it is now available on the internet. Please feel free to share it. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Penman, a Ph.D. in biochemistry, is familiar with science, scientific terminology, and the scientific method for establishing credibility. He carried out an extensive analysis of the Starchild material before writing his article.=2 0 Even so, he made a handful of errors that in no way detract from the overall high quality of his work, but which show that even good researchers with the best intentions can initiate errors. Whether such errors are well-meant, as Dr. Penman’s surely were, or deliberately malicious, as the writings of hardcore skeptics tend to be, a great deal of absurd garbage about the Starchild has become rampant on the internet. Now when you find such garbage, please try to consider the sources. The corrections to errors are in red for ease of evaluation.   Is the Starchild Skull really from a human-alien hybrid? (It’s not “from” one, it IS one!) Written by Danny Penman   THE DARK and forbidding storm clouds had been building all afternoon. It hadn’t rained for months in this dusty corner of north west Mexico and the sky promised a deluge of biblical proportions. As the wind whipped at her skirt, young Maria made a momentous decision. She would take cover in the entrance tunnel of the old copper min e. Maria shivered as she remembered the stories of strange creatures that stalked the abandoned mines, but she had no choice. She needed shelter from the approaching storm. With a huge intake of breath to fortify her quailing spirit, Maria plunged into the tunnel. Before long, the outside world was no more than a pin-prick of light behind her. She fumbled in her pocket for a box of matches and struck one against the wall. For a few moments, the whole tunnel was bathed in an eerie phosphorescent glow. And then she saw a spine-chilling sight, a child’s skeletal hand was poking upwards from the dusty floor. She was horrified and mesmerised in equal measure. Maria crouched down and began brushing aside the thick layer of sand that covered the cave floor. She quickly unearthed a tiny boney arm, then a torso – and finally, a skull. A bizarrely misshapen skull that looked like that of an alien. The skull stared at her with huge blank eye-sockets that were at least three times bigger than normal. The almond-shaped head was huge and must have housed an enormous brain. Equally strange were the tiny holes where the ears, nose and mouth should have been. Maria could only imagine what the creature had looked like when it was alive. But one thing was certain, it clearly wasn’t human. [I’ll cover the opening sequence in one go. First, no evidence of any kind suggests this scenario happened. However, it is a logical place to start. I begin my book about it, “The Starchild Skull,” with a much more extensive, but overall rather similar, opening sequence. With that said, let me also add that the Starchild’s eye sockets were definitely not “three times bigger” than normal, as described in the paragraph immediately above. If anything they are slightly smaller than normal and of a radically different shape than normal human eye sockets. Let me further add that when the skull was found in the early 1930s, “Maria” would not assume (nor would anyone else) that a misshapen skull was an “alien.” Aliens in the UFO sense were not known in 1930. Describing it this way is for dramatic effect, and I give Dr. Penman full credit for that, but it is not factually accurate. Lastly, it is impossible to say, as in the final paragraph above, what the nose and mouth would have looked like. We know the ear holes are externally normal from a size perspective, though they are placed lower and more forward than normal. And the inner ears are, for reasons we d on’t yet understand, twice the size of normal human inner ears.] Maria’s discovery of the skull, which only came to light ten years ago, has sparked one of the strangest mysteries of modern times. It has raised the hackles of UFO conspiracy theorists and academics alike. All are asking the same question. Is the ‘Starchild Skull’ from an alien or merely the remains of a cruelly deformed child? Lloyd Pye, an archeological researcher from Florida, has spent the past decade investigating the skull’s secrets and is currently on a lecture tour of the UK [This was written in mid-June of 2009, when I was indeed on a lecture tour of Europe, which included three stops in the UK in late June. This is why the Daily Mail agreed to publish the article on the 24th, so it could provide some push for my lectures in Nottingham and Leeds.] to explain his remarkable findings. Lloyd has become convinced that the Starchild Skull is from an alien creature known as a ‘Grey’. The Greys are the archetypal aliens that featured in such films as Close Encounters and the X-Files. UFO researchers say they are about the same size as a seven-year-old human child but have an enormous almond shaped head with piercing black eyes. They lack ears and tongues and=2 0communicate via telepathy. The Greys are variously described as being cruel and cunning, or wise and compassionate.   “Anyone with an understanding of basic human anatomy and that of the Greys would make the same staggering connection,” says Lloyd Pye. “They have no choice.” “There are at least two dozen major physiological differences between this skull and that of a human. We’ve done genetic tests on the skull. The creature’s father was not human although his mother certainly was. My hunch is that the creature was a human-alien hybrid.” In the face of such an outlandish claim, one’s first reaction is to dismiss it as pure hokum. But could the Starchild Skull really be that of an alien? Lloyd’s theory is gathering a surprising amount of support from scientists and doctors. Dr Ted Robinson, a Canadian craniofacial surgeon who trained at the Mount Vernon Centre for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Middlesex, says that Lloyd Pye may indeed be correct. Dr Robinson spent twelve months studying the skull using some of the most powerful scientific tests available and probed its secrets using the latest brain scanning techniques. “Thi s skull is unique,” says Dr Robinson. “It’s not the skull of a deformed child. This is my area of expertise and I can state categorically that this skull’s shape is not the result of a human abnormality. I have also sought out the expertise of leading neurologists, paediatricians and surgeons. Every one has agreed with me. It’s not a deformed human skull. It is something else entirely. “The Starchild Skull is a total enigma. Maybe it is the skull of an alien. I simply don’t know.” Despite a decade of intensive efforts, scientists have been unable to find evidence to either confirm or refute Lloyd’s claims. At every turn, the Starchild Skull thwarts their best efforts. It’s almost as if it’s mocking them from the grave. It is clear that the creature died at least 900 years ago. That’s interesting but hardly earth-shattering. What is strange, though, is its remarkable degree of preservation. It seems to be largely untouched by time. American and Canadian researchers have now discovered why. The skull is not made from normal bone but from an unknown material that is far stronger and lighter. “The material is ridiculously strong,” says Dr Jason Eshleman, Senior Research Director of Trace Genetics in Davis, California. “It’s like nothing I’ve ever come across before. It’s entirely natural but half the weight of bone and twice as strong. It’s very odd.” To make matters even more intriguing, the skull appears to be reinforced with tough red fibres [Dr. Penman is confused between the red residue found in the Starchild’s cancellous holes, and the extremely resilient fibers (U.S. spelling) found woven through the actual matrix of the bone. Neither the fibers nor the residue are known in any other animal on earth.] from another unknown material. These have never been seen before in any earthly creature. Researchers have also discovered numerous inexplicable details in the Starchild Skull that are not found in humans or in any of our closest ape relatives. “You can’t find any part of the skull that’s the same as the human equivalent,” says Lloyd. “We’ve documented 24 distinct physical differences between the Starchild skull and that of a typical human. Everything from its overall shape to the dimensions of the skull, inner ear, eye sockets and neck are completely different.” This evidence is, no doubt, very interesting and suggestive but it hardly proves that the Starchild is an alien.20 Lloyd does, however, have an ace up his sleeve that leaves even me grasping for an explanation. Several years ago Lloyd commissioned a series of genetic paternity tests on the skull from one of the most respected scientists in the field. Dr Jason Eshleman, of Trace Genetics, is renowned for his ability to extract and analyse the DNA from bodies that are thousands of years old. If you give him a 5,000 year old chip of tooth or bone, the chances are he’ll be able to give you a complete genetic run-down of the person it came from. If you’re lucky, he’ll be able to tell you the colour of his hair and eyes too. Dr Eshleman spent months studying the skull and came to a startling conclusion: the Starchild had a human mother but there was no trace of an earthly father. This could be because his tests were not sensitive enough to detect the father’s genes – which is unlikely – or he did not have a human father. Because of the startling implications of these results, Dr Eshleman ran his tests six times. And every time he produced the same result. “If dad was a normal human, one of those six attempts would have proven it,” says Lloyd. “Only one stark conclusion can be drawn. Dad was not a human.” Of course, sceptics will say there is another conclusion to be drawn: that Lloyd is a well-meaning eccentric who has lost contact with reality. But those who have worked with him say this is wrong. “Lloyd is clearly not nuts,” says Dr Eshleman. “He has been perfectly responsible in the way that he has researched and analysed the skull. Make of the results what you will.” So what are we to make of them? I have spent many years exploring South America and I must confess that Lloyd’s findings agree with legends that extraterrestrials periodically visit the region. Indeed, wherever you travel in south and central America, there are myths concerning a race of aliens who descended to earth and taught the native Indians the skills necessary to build an advanced civilisation. These legends were popularised in Erich Von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods. In this, you will recall, he claimed that extraterrestrials helped build the magnificent temples and pyramids of south and central America. The ‘star-people’ also taught the indigenous tribes highly advanced mathematics. This allowed them to calculate solar eclipses with unprecedented accuracy and to produce a calendar that was only surpassed by ours in the 20th century. Ancient south American tribes also worshipped Gods that resembled extraterrestrials. I have seen an ancient stone carving in Tiwanacu, Bolivia, that appears to depict an astronaut in a spacesuit ascending into space inside a rocket. The parallels are startling and have to be seen to be believed. Of course, a single carving can be dismissed as a fluke but there are numerous similar examples across the Americas. Some even depict what can only be described as ‘Grey-type’ aliens wearing space suits.  There has even been speculation that the famous Nazca Lines in Peru, which can only be seen from the air, are actually landing strips for alien spacecraft. Whilst I have my doubts, it has to be admitted that these lines are remarkably similar to NASA’s emergency landing fields carved into the desert for its fleet of space shuttles. But most intriguing of all are the legends told by the Indians of the Copper Canyon region of Mexico, where the Starchild Skull was discovered. The area is alive with myths concerning a race of ‘star-people’ who periodically arrive in spaceships to impregnate the women of the area. These extraterrestrials then return eight years later to carry off the resulting children. [This information comes from the “Star Being” legends chronicled by, among others, Dr. Paula G unn Allen, a recently deceased emeritus professor from UCLA. The Star Beings would return for the hybrids, it is said, at any time after they were 5, 6, 7, or 8.] To this day, many of the women are petrified of having their children abducted by aliens – or their daughters impregnated by them.  But many respected investigators are far from convinced. Dr David Clarke, a UFO researcher at Sheffield Hallam University, says: “I don’t believe that there’s any credible evidence that there’s been any contact between humans and extraterrestrials let alone interbreeding. “Stories like this are interesting but also quite demeaning to us as a species. They claim that all of the amazing achievements made by our ancestors in the fields of engineering, astronomy, mathematics and navigation came from aliens. They say that aliens gave us the technology to build Stonehenge and the pyramids and the knowledge to navigate primitive ships across the world’s oceans. I think that does humanity a great disservice.” Whilst this attitude is undoubtedly a reasonable one, it’s also worth bearing in mind the words of Sherlock Holmes: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”   [If you are interested in examining a FREE sample of the new eBook detailing evidence supporting the Starchild as a human-alien hybrid, click on: www.starchildprojec ebook.htm #ygrps-yiv-675362622 #ygrps-yiv-675362622AOLMsgPart_3_e97b1b70-b580-4586-bbba-5987a18d3ebe #ygrps-yiv-675362622ygrp-mkp{border:1px solid #d8d8d8;font-family:Arial;margin:14px 0px;padding:0px 14px;}#ygrps-yiv-675362622 #ygrps-yiv-675362622AOLMsgPart_3_e97b1b70-b580-4586-bbba-5987a18d3ebe #ygrps-yiv-675362622ygrp-mkp hr{border:1px solid #d8d8d8;}#ygrps-yiv-675362622 #ygrps-yiv-675362622AOLMsgPart_3_e97b1b70-b580-4586-bbba-5987a18d3ebe #ygrps-yiv-675362622ygrp-mkp 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