FW: London Conference – Parliament On Trial – 31st Oct 2009

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-09-19 21:42:21

 From: jrgwalker@aol.com [mailto:jrgwalker@aol.com] Sent: 19 September 2009 18:23Subject: London Conference This is a half page advert that a British Constitution Group supporter has paid for in Private Eye in the first week in October.  Putting our politicians on trial is the theme.  One for our diaries.    

Parliament On Trial

The silent majority can stay silent no longer!

Saturday, 31st October 2009 Friend’s House, 177 Euston Road, London The British Constitution Group will make the case: ✔ that Treason has been committed by successive governments since the 1970s ✔ that our Constitution, our institutions and the very fabric of our nation have been deliberately dismantled ✔ that the collective political establishment is not working in the interests of the British people ✔ that these acts have been unconstitutional, unlawful, and represent crimes of treason and sedition ✔ that greed, corruption and deviancy have been the driving force behind this betrayal

We will name names.

We invite you as ordinary, decent people to bear witness to the evidence we present, and invite you to act as jury to decide whether or not our case is made, and if it is, join us in instigating a police investigation into those responsible. Tickets £15 (£13 for members) Book online at:


Tel: 0151 601 4694 

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