The Starchild Enigma – Exploring the Evidence

The Starchild Skull held by
Lloyd Pye, Research Coordinator,
The Starchild Project – www.starchildproject… 

 The Starchild Enigma – Exploring the Evidence

by Author and International Speaker and Hominid Researcher Lloyd Pye

As part of a short UK Tour, Lloyd Pye presented a summary of his 10 years of research into an unusual skull which has been laboratory and DNA Tested. Why is the bone so much harder than human bone, but lighter in weight? Why does the skull have no sinuses? What did the DNA tests reveal? Come and look at the evidence – and ponder the secrets that this important and extraordinary 900-year-old enigma may hold.

There is a slight sound synch problem on these videos, which is not as noticeable on the DVD.

Summary Video:

Full Lecture

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 – Q & A


See: www.starchildproject…

Alternative Posting – Part 1


Alternative Posting – Part 2


Alternative Posting – Part 3 – Question & Answer


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