Human-Alien Telepathic Connections Into An Extra-physical Substance/

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-09-25 20:00:27

www.checktheevidence…   Human-Alien Telepathic Connections Into An Extra-physical Substance/Medium   Dan Johnson September 23, 2009   “If you could read my mind, love, what a tale my thoughts could tell.”  So goes the opening lyric line of Gordon Lightfoot’s hit song: If You Could Read My Mind (Words and Music by Gordon Lightfoot).…   Perhaps “reading” a loved one’s mind would be a stretch for most of us.  Then again, maybe not.  I can’t tell you how many times we’re driving down the road and my wife starts talking about something I was just thinking about!  (Apparently there seems to be a good and bad aspect to “mind reading”.  More on that later.)  But seriously, we think we know that the human mind is  “quantum entangled” with other minds (1).  Also, we know that ESP testing conducted long ago has produced results that score beyond chance (2).  Apparently, when testing if two people are indeed on the same thought “page”, the results are favorable well beyond chance (1).  However, in terms of claiming we humans have a substantial telepathic nature…well, that might seem to be a stretch.  Perhaps the words of Dr. J.B. Rhine summed up this situation 63 years ago when he stated:   “There is something – how much, we do not know – definitely extra-physical about humans. There is an order of reality in human life not subject to the laws of time and space.” –  Dr. J.B. Rhine, August 25, 1946 (3).   If we were to ask Dr. Rhine to expand on this comment in 1946 he might have responded that the something is where the mind (not the brain) possesses properties not belonging to physics as we know it. And the exrtaphysical is the mind, not limited by time and space. It is a spiritual realm in nature, or a “soul” in mind concept, i.e. something non-physical. (Not that Rhine was claiming to prove what a soul is.) (3)  Now, how might we interpret Rhine’s comment today?  Here we might think in terms of not only physics, but also neuroscience and psychology (1).  The something is a brain/mind that is conscious due to the fact that it is a self-observing quantum object and resides within an entangled, non-local medium.  This brain/mind object is unique (in human terms) in its neuron interconnectivity and its short conduction (signal) delays (9).  The extra-physical is the non-local medium that supports connections that transcend ordinary boundaries of time and space (1).  (Note: Rhine’s “mind is extra-physical” comment keeps open the spiritual realm possibility, whereas the brain/mind perhaps less so.)   Rhine’s psi test results showed that humans do possess ESP beyond chance (actually way beyond chance), i.e. somehow, the laws of time and space do get bypassed.  So, is there definitely an extra-physical (non-physical substance) reality within (and beyond) our human brains?  Is the “how much, we do not know” a hint that the coupling of some non-physical substance – to our brain – is not necessarily that substantial?  Or is it just a hint that all living and non-living matter is embedded in an yet to be detected non-physical substance?  For example:  Ancient Hawaiian beliefs (The Huna System) refer to a “shadowy body substance” thought to be “stringy – threads” (due to entanglement?) and “sticky-vital force” (due to very weak electric attraction force?) (4).  Physicist John Hagelin has referred to it as possibly – “hidden sector matter” (gravitational in nature, thus extremely weak and difficult to detect?) (5).  It may even be related to “etherons” as modeled in Dr. Paul LaViolette’s Subquantum Kinetics, (a so-called open system, where the particles have self organizing abilities) (6).  Who knows, but if real, how this substance couples to living matter would be very important to understand.   It is interesting to note that, from the alien abduction phenomenon, we get quite a range of concepts as to what alien to human telepathic communication is like.  For example: 1) They never speak with their mouths. 2) They can “mind-scan” humans. (Apparently forcing and intercepting human mental images and thoughts?)  3) Alien mental impressions or images are received which the human brain has the ability to convert into word comprehension.  (Or do these impressions come along with an “attachment” for converting?)  4) A thought trading process is possible.  5) A knowing without knowing how you know.  6) The process is more substantive than human verbal communication (7).   I think an interesting question to ask at this point might be:  If humans have been shown to possess even a pseudo-telepathic nature, might aliens, with larger brains and advanced brain architecture – as related to their brain interconnectivity and short conduction delays – be much more efficient in telepathic communication?  In other words, having a different type of brain matter that can more efficiently couple to this, as yet, undetected extra-physical medium/substance?    It might seem possible that a large brain alien could connect more efficiently to the extra-physical medium/substance. And, if there is some extra-physical medium/substance concentration effect where the alien’s brain would have a greater “density” of the stuff  than the human, then perhaps there may be a relation, in terms of an imbalance in alien/ human connection abilities.   Another possibility is that aliens could have a very different type of brain matter which would be much more efficient in connecting to the extra-physical medium/substance. Indeed, according to Lloyd Pye, who is caretaker and researcher for the now famous Starchild Skull,  maintains the its brain matter would most certainly be very different than humans (8).  In a recent e-mail exchange with Lloyd, he made this very interesting comment to me:   “The Starchild has very different eyes, a very different brain, very different inner ears, and a greatly reduced neck.  No voice box?  Quite possibly, which points strongly toward telepathy”  – Lloyd Pye, September 14, 2009 (From my recent e-mail exchange with Lloyd Pye.)   Interestingly, there is a study that suggests the efficiency of human brain structural organization may be an important basis for intelligence (11).  Based on this theory, one might well imagine an even greater brain efficiency for large brain aliens regarding intelligence and connecting ability to the extra-physical medium/substance.  Perhaps some other interesting questions regarding the possibility of an imbalance of thought transfer efficiency – aliens vs. humans – might be:  Could the alien’s very different eyes “directly” see into and through this extra-physical medium/substance in some way?  A possible (crude?) analogy might be the use of fluoroscreens in x-ray radiology where the screen converts the x-ray image (not visible) into a visible image.  Could its very different inner ears listen into and through this extra-physical medium/substance?   Could it “speak” into and through this extra-physical medium/substance realm?  This is of course suggesting that the alien’s eyes, ears and “speaking” abilities are themselves  exrtaphysical. (This is somewhat similar to Huna System beliefs.)  But I agree that these strange anatomical sensory features might seem to suggest that this being did indeed communicate telepathically.   I would like to suggest a theory on how I think telepathy might work. (Don’t hold me to this! I’m just putting out some thoughts.)  Obviously the non-local aspect of the telepathic medium is necessary, so I keep that.  I think there might be something to the Huna System (although seemingly primitive) concept that the medium is some kind of substance – perhaps “etheric/etheron” in nature? – and that it couples to regular matter in some weak electrical way (the “sticky” shadowy body stuff?).  Finally, I like the concept that the brain is a self-observing quantum object.  Perhaps its ability to maintain itself for 100 years -withstanding disease – is trying to tell us something very deep about this self-observing ability.   The gist of the theory is this:  Human consciousness and efficient intelligence is possible because of a superposition/mixing of the physical brain with the extra-physical mind, whereby mixing is intended to mean variability is possible.  Therefore, mind to mind thought transfer is thus a phantom process where the entanglement is quantum brain > to a concentration of mind forming substance (extra-physical, no longer subject to time and space limits) > into the non-concentrated extra-physical medium/substance. The mind is naturally created by the brain. The brain does this by duplicating itself (in every aspect) with extra-physical medium substance.  It is a natural concentrating of the extra-physical medium/substance in and around itself.  Note: The body is believed to also duplicate itself – shadowy body substance – and may well be connected phantom limb pain (12).  Finally, the extra-physical mind also has a self-observing ability.  But what does it observe?  I believe it is observing things around us in an effort to keep the subconscious part of the brain informed of potential (hidden?) danger or other interesting information.  But there is apparently a shortcoming to this system – the information rarely gets immediately registered into the conscious part of the brain. (By brain architectural design?)  Here is why I think the above theory may have some merit…My fascination with telepathy started years ago when I was standing next to a window helping my wife with the dinner dishes. It seemed to me, thinking back, that I might have been receiving a subtle message about looking out the window.  Not even thinking or realizing why I would need to look out the window I did and there it was – a UFO!  I watched the UFO for a few seconds before it started to move and turn away from my location.  It was gone in just a matter of a few seconds.  (What I saw was a bright, yet soft, white light.  What was in the light I’ll never know.)  So I had to wonder if some part of me knew that object was out there and for some unknown reason, a thought (it seemed to be in the form of a question) registered into my consciousness to look out the window.  I swear this is a true story.  So anyway, there you have it!  For whatever it’s worth.   Getting back to the good and bad aspect of “mind reading” – would we want to be like them?  Is the concept of possessing a less substantial telepathic nature than aliens demeaning to humans?  On the one hand we have the belief – by some – that the secret ways of our species is way overdone and perhaps an “upgrade” to a more substantial telepathic nature could be of some help.  On the other hand, we have Dr. David Jacobs telling us that we would not want such an advanced telepathic society. (Check out his brief thoughts here: www.stopabductions.c…)    So in conclusion, we have reasons to suspect the existence of an extra-physical medium/substance that either couples to, or is in some way, an integral part of living matter and intelligence.  This modern concept was perhaps first “seeded” by Dr. Rhine.  We have, in the ancient Hawaiian belief, a “shadowy body substance” which not only connects living things, but also inorganic things.  It is a belief that this substance is stringy and sticky!  (Where would they get such notions?  Could it be some non-technical explanations by ETs who could not explain it to them in any other way?) Then, of course, we have modern hidden matter theories and even theories that our understanding of matter in the sub-quantum realm is seriously flawed – which, as I have stated, may be related to a Physics Truth Embargo (10).     How we, or aliens for that matter, exactly have telepathic abilities is unknown.  Perhaps a “ghost” creating ability, i.e. the extra-physical medium/substance nature of our Creator(s), in some way, still lives within aliens and humans?  How else is it that we could connect with beings whose telepathic abilities are alleged to be quite substantive?    References 1. See, Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experience in a Quantum Reality, Dean Radin, Paraview Pocket Books. (See chapter 13.) 2. See, Extra Sensory Perception, J. B. Rhine, Branden, 4th printing 1997. (See chapter 25 for summary.) 3. In the book: The Magic of Believing, Claude M. Bristol, Prentice Hall – (A reprint of an American Weekly magazine article, captioned, “Scientific Evidence Man Has a Soul”, by J.B. Rhine, dated August 25, 1946. Starts on page 176.) 4. See, The Secret Science Behind Miracles, by Max Freedom Long, Devorss, 1948,1952. (See Diagrammatic Representations of the Huna System on page 373.) 5. From: What the Bleep!? site, Hidden Sector Matter – A Universe of Thought? – An interview with physicist John Hagelin. Online at:… 6. See, Subquantum Kinetics, Paul A. LaViolette, Starlane Publications. (See Concluding Remarks to chapter 1, page 16. Also review part C. Philosophy and Metaphysics on page 266. Also see links in Ref. 10.) 7.  See The Threat: The Secret Agenda: What the aliens really want…and how they plan to get it, David M. Jacobs P.hD.,Simon and Schuster, 1998. 8.  See, Starchild Skull Essentials e-Book. Online site for help at: www.starchildproject… 9.  Why the Brain Is Segregated Into White and Grey Matter. Online at: The actual related paper can be read here:… 10. Is ET Disclosure More Important Than Exposing Our Physics Truth Embargo?,  Dan Johnson.  Online at: www.checktheevidence… 11. See paper: Brain Anatomical Network and Intelligence, online at:… See Rupert Sheldrake’s telepathy – phantom limb connection, online at:…     Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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