Swine flu prompts changes to Mental Health Act

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-09-26 17:05:30

Picked up from:   www.theflucase.com/i…   Which linked to:   www.managementinprac… Swine flu prompts changes to Mental Health Act Wednesday 23rd September 2009 The government plans to rush through measures allowing people with suspected mental health issues to be quickly detained because of fears over staff shortages in any forthcoming swine flu outbreak, it has been revealed.The temporary changes to the Mental Health Act, as laid out in an unusually short consultation lasting just one month, would mean it would only take one doctor, rather than two, to have a person sectioned and put on medication without their consent.The measures could have a serious effect on the thousands of patients with psychiatric issues who currently live outside state care, meaning many could be detained against their will on the word of just one health professional.With very little information on the proposed changes published, many mental health experts have warned the government that they risk side-lining an already vulnerable community and have called on it to spell-out the full raft of changes proposed in the consultation.Department of HealthIs it right that swine flu should affect health regulations? Your comments (terms and conditions apply):”Absolutely not, especially if these authorities redefine ‘mental illness’ to include being opposed to the government’s official stories about the swine flu. When governments remove civil rights, and arbitrarily change laws so as to deny due process of law, we are automatically living under a dictatorship. Citizens of any nation which allow such nefarious backdoor assaults on their freedoms will have their indifference rewarded with tyranny” – Dee Nicholson, Canada”People of influence in the community should be providing leadership, not asking ‘the general public’ to provide THEM with the leadership they are NOT showing, asking for expressions of opinion on matters that are, or should be, self-evident” – Wayne Hall, Aigina, Greece”No. absolutely not. In the event of staff shortages, what we don’t need is less thorough assessment! Swine flu seems to be the ‘new terrorism’ allowing the state to impose ‘fear based’ measures that would otherwise seem unthinkable” – Christian Thompson, Yorkshire   Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?www.drjudywood.com/    

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