FW: FTC, FDA threaten Dr. Andrew Weil with criminal arrest over immu

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-10-23 08:52:26

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If a doctor (or a friend) tries to push a flu vaccine on you, ask them this one simple question: “Do you think there have been any placebo-controlled studies that prove flu vaccines actually work?” Your doctor will, of course, say, “Sure there are. There must be.” You then answer, “I’ll bet you my flu shot against your hundred dollars that you can’t cite even one such study.” After a few days of being scoffed at while they try to dig up a study that doesn’t exist, you’ll walk away $100 richer. (Remember, the study has to be a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial on the efficacy of the flu shot. Such studies have never been done!)

In their latest example of tyranny and intimidation, the FTC and FDA have teamed up to threaten Dr. Andrew Weil with criminal arrest and prosecution over his true statements about an immune boosting formula containing astragalus (an herb that can help protect you against the swine flu).   The FTC, it seems, cannot tolerate true statements about botany. Read more details about the terrorizing of Dr. Weil here: www.naturalnews.com/…     Dr. Weil, by the way, is right about astragalus. Here’s a large collection of supporting statements about astragalus and the flu from a variety of health experts: www.naturalnews.com/…     Also today, Evelyn Pringle turns in another take-no-prisoners article detailing the morbid profit motive behind today’s vaccine push: www.naturalnews.com/…     (more below…)

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