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Due to the ongoing promotion of the "Thermite Theory" of 9/11, I have created a new blog which should help people to free themselves of Thermite for good.
Please feel free to use the logo on your blog or website.
Also, I have created a YouTube video, details about which can be found below (it has also been posted on this blog.
On March 16, 2007 NIST logged the receipt of a Request for Correction (RFC) to their WTC reports by Dr. Judy Wood. This RFC sets out the evidence of 1 or more Directed Energy Weapons being used to destroy most or all of the WTC Complex.

On April 12 2007, NIST logged the receipt of a Request for Correction (RFC) to their WTC reports by Dr. Dr Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, and Richard Gage. This video shows how you can search their documents for the word "Thermite" and "Molten" and you will find their original RFC does not mention Thermite or Molten Metal.

Their RFC appeal *does* mention  Thermite, but NOT in the context of their research" and only as an arbitrary example of a hypothetical analogy.

There seems to be a global effort to convince people that Thermite played a significant role in the destruction of the WTC. If this was true, then why is this not stated, with evidence, in the RFC submitted to NIST?

The answer seems to be that the Thermite is an "alternative conspiracy theory" which has no real evidence to support it. The proponents probably did not put their research in the RFC because this in itself would have been fraud.

We are looking at documents which are over 2 years old, which shows how successful the operation to promote thermite has been.

You can access the documents on this page from these links:



Copies of "Jones et al" Documents:



Dr Judy Wood’s original RFC



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