GOLDMAN SACHS’ SECRET BETS mortgages were not being properly reviewe


Date: 2009-11-01 17:28:25

November 1, 2009 GOLDMAN SACHS’ SECRET BETS McClatchy’s Greg Gordon reports that Goldman knew that mortgages were not being properly reviewed…     Did Goldman know because they wee major perpetrators of the CDO securities fraud. Goldman bet against CDO mortgage securities then when AIG insurance contracts were selling at 10 cents on the dollar Goldman sent their man in as dollar-a-year-president of AIG. bought up as many CDO mortgage securities insurance contracts as they could. The three-peat for Goldman was to have the new government owned AIG  president  who had over a billion dollars in Goldman stock  pay Goldman back on their 10 cents on the dollar AIG insurance contracts.with 100 cents on the dollar.    

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