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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-12-01 23:51:35

Attachments : As usual, not a word on Gary’s intent, his confession, nor what he found.   Congratulations to the world’s on a comprehensive evolution of the story into something it never was. Congratulations on their complicity in the cover up of advanced technology and lack of effort to prevent abuse of human rights.   The agenda doesn’t take “no” for answer…   Remember folks, all people who go poking round and looking through open doors who don’t have big money or powerful friends to protect will be morally, socially and spiritually crushed. From: Sent: 01 December 2009 01:49To: Andrew JohnsonSubject: Latest on Gary Andrew, This is a piece from the Daily Telegraph   www.telegraph.co.uk/…   Gary McKinnon ‘will not survive the grave toll of extradition’, says ‘Natwest Three’ mother The mother of one of the “NatWest Three” bankers has warned that Gary McKinnon, a computer programmer wanted on hacking charges “will not survive the grave toll of extradition” to America later this month.   By Christopher Hope, Whitehall EditorPublished: 4:25PM GMT 30 Nov 2009 Gary McKinnon with his mother Janis Sharp. Friend and family say he is ‘suicidal’. Photo: Facundo Arrizabalaga The news came as Mr McKinnon’s team made a last ditch attempt to prolong the legal process in Britain, by asking for an extra two weeks to challenge a decision by Alan Johnson to ignore fresh medical evidence about Mr McKinnon’s autism. Trish Godman MSP, the mother of Gary Mulgrew – one of three British bankers who was extradited to the US to face fraud charges in 2006, said: “I know only too well what Britons extradited to the US have to face.   Related Articles McKinnon case ‘fast-tracked to stop Tories reversing it’ Gary McKinnon extradition: timeline on how the fight unfolded Gary McKinnon’s mother attacks ‘barbaric’ decision Gary McKinnon and the special relationship The special relationship: they ask, we give “Everything I know about Gary McKinnon, and the particular vulnerability his Asperger’s gives him, tells me he will not survive the grave toll of extradition. I am deeply disappointed that my Westminster colleagues failed to intervene to halt Gary’s extradition. “Governments should stand up for the most vulnerable of their citizens. In this case compassion should prevail. It cannot be beyond the realms of possibility to try him in the UK.” Last Thursday Mr Johnson, the Home Secretary, told Mr McKinnon’s family that he would not block the extradition to America on medical grounds. Mr McKinnon is to answer charges of hacking into US military computers. Mr McKinnon’s legal team has until Wednesday this week to launch a Judicial Review of Mr Johnson’s decision. Today, his solicitor Karen Todner said she was seeking a two week extension of this deadline until December 17. Normally such cases can take three months to be heard. Mr McKinnon’s mother Janis Sharp has suggested that Mr Johnson was keen to “expedite” the extradition to ensure that the legal process was not dragging on if the Conservatives took office. Mr McKinnon also has 14 days to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. If both legal bids fail, Mr McKinnon will be extradited to America before Christmas. Mr McKinnon’s friends, family and supporters are increasingly worried about that Mr McKinnon will not survive a long wait for a trial in America. David Burrowes, the shadow Justice minister and Mr McKinnon’s MP, said he would be tabling an urgent question in the Commons on Tuesday to ask why medical evidence suggesting Mr McKinnon was “suicidal” was ignored. Mr McKinnon, 43, from Wood Green, north London, is wanted on charges of hacking into Nasa and Pentagon computers from his flat in north London. He has claimed that he was looking for reports of UFO sightings. Today an ailing former industry boss Ian Norris started his second bid at the highest court in the land to avoid extradition to the US. Mr Norris, the retired chief executive of Morgan Crucible, had already won a ruling from the Law Lords last year that blocked his removal to the US on price-fixing charges. But the US government pursued him over related charges of obstructing justice and was successful in the lower UK courts. Jonathan Sumption QC, representing him before a panel of nine Justices of the new Supreme Court, said today that it would not serve the interests of preventing crime to extradite “a sick, retired man of 66 whose wife suffers from a severe depressive episode, so that he may face a subsidiary charge of obstructing a United States investigation of price-fixing”. He said the “main stuffing” of the case against Mr Norris had been knocked out by the previous decision of the House of Lords in his case. The effect of extradition would be a “disproportionate interference” with the right to a private and family life for Mr Norris and his wife under the European Convention on Human Rights, said Mr Sumption. He said Mr Norris and his wife, Sheila, 65, have been together for 50 years and are both in poor health. [blob] Two British men jailed for manslaughter as passengers in a car involved in a fatal accident in Cyprus are expected to be extradited to Cyprus early on Tuesday morning. Michael Binnington, 23, and Luke Atkinson, 24, of Witham, Essex, have been asked to report to Belgravia Police Station in central London from where they face removal to serve their three-year sentences on the island. The pair were initially acquitted of all charges, before the Supreme Court of Cyprus overturned the acquittals and found them guilty of manslaughter and grievous bodily harm. Karen Todner, their solicitor said: “These two boys were in the back seat of a motor vehicle involved in an incident in Cyprus. “It is quite astonishing that two boys, who have been found not guilty in the court in which they were tried, have now been sentenced in their absence to three years imprisonment. “This case highlights the urgent review required of our Extradition treaty. The courts and the government need to look urgently to review these laws to protect the rights of our citizens.”  

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